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What Is a 2x6 Closure and How to Do a Quick Weave with It?

Last updated Mar 22, 2024

2x6 closures have become increasingly popular recently, particularly among hair extension enthusiasts and those looking for a natural-looking finish to their hairstyle. A 2x6 HD lace closure is a type of hairpiece used to create a natural-looking scalp area by covering the top of the head and blending with the natural hair. In this article, we will explore what is a 2x6 closure and how to install it.

2x6 HD lace closure

What Is a 2x6 Closure?

A 2x6 closure is a type of hairpiece often used with hair bundles to create a natural-looking hairstyle. The closure is an essential component of many hair extension styles, which are designed to cover the top of the head and blend in with the natural hair, providing a seamless transition between the added hair and the natural hair. The dimensions of a 2x6 closure hd lace are 2 inches by 6 inches. Compared with other sizes, 2x6 HD lace closure is cheaper because it uses the smallest lace area.

2x6 hd lace closure

Video to Show How to Install a 2x6 Lace Closure

Here is a video tutorial to help you install a 2x6 lace closure. Below this, you will find a more detailed text version of the tutorial.


Wash and condition your hair thoroughly to ensure it is clean and free of any product build-up. Comb your hair and braid it for easy sew-in.

Put on Wig Cap

After braiding, put on the invisible wig cap. Here is a bald cap method for your reference if you are new to wigs.

Put on Lace Closure

Place the 2x6 closure on your head, adjust the position until you are satisfied, and make sure it covers the desired area. Then use a weaving needle and thread to fix the closure to the wig cap to prevent it from slipping.

Make Quick Weave

Trim excess lace and secure hair bundles to the wig cap. You can choose the number of hair bundles according to your hair volume needs.

Trim and Style

For final styling, trim excess lace and melt lace with styling mousse. You can choose to apply heat tools or other styling methods to create a chic hairstyle.

Try Iconic Kim K Hair with 2x6 Closures

Kim K natural Hair

Many people associate 2x6 HD closure with Kim K's hair because 2x6 closure is very suitable for creating Kim K’s classic look. Fashion icon Kim Kardashian's signature straight hair features a deep middle part. If you want to try Kim's classic style, then choosing a 2x6 lace closure is very suitable.

The unique middle part of the 2x6 closure extends back 6 inches, and the natural middle part allows straight and stylish hair to flow down the sides naturally. This is definitely the most classic Kim K hairstyle.

Pros and Cons of 2x6 Lace Closure

2x6 closure with bundles

Pros of 2x6 Closure

Classic Part Style: The narrow lace area of the 2x6 hd lace closure is very suitable for creating a center-parted look, and can also be installed sideways to create a side part hairstyle.

Lower Price: Compared with 4x4 closure and 5x5 closure, the price of 2x6 lace closure is lower.

Natural Look: 2x6 HD lace closure provides a realistic scalp look, allowing hair extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Protect Natural Hair: By wearing a 2x6 closure, you can protect your natural hair from damage caused by excessive heat styling, chemical treatments, and daily care.

Easy to Maintain: Compared with other closure types, 2x6 closure lace has a small area and is easy to care for.

Cons of 2x6 Closure

Limited Coverage: The 2x6 lace closure may not fully cover the entire area of the head, especially for people with larger foreheads or wider hairlines.

Limited Styling: Because the lace area is small, it is not convenient to do side part or deep side part hairstyles.

Extra Cost Added: To match the 2x6 invisible HD lace closure, you may need to apply more hair bundles to complete the hairstyle.

How Long Do 2x6 Closures Last?

The lifespan of a 2x6 hd closure can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the closure, maintenance routine, and how it is worn. On average, a well-maintained 2x6 closure can last anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. However, with proper care and attention, some people have been able to extend the lifespan of their closures up to 12 weeks or longer.

UNice 6x4.5 Lace Closure Wig Recommendation

As mentioned above, the 2x6 invisible HD lace closure may have some limitations. If you are new to wigs, a wig is more convenient to wear than a lace closure. Usually, when purchasing a lace closure, you also need to purchase hair bundles, and their combined price may be about the same as a UNice wig.

Below I will recommend several affordable 6x4.5 lace closure wigs for you. The lace area of these wigs is larger than that of the 2x6 lace closure, allowing them to style more hairstyles.

Using a 2x6 closure often requires sew-in, so it needs to be replaced after each installation. UNice's 6x4.5 lace closure wigs require no glue and can be easily put on and go, which can be reused.


The above is the relevant information for the 2x6 closure. Additional options for lace closures, wigs, and hair bundles in various textures and colors are also available on our website. Choose UNice hair, your journey to charming and exquisite hair will begin from now on!

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