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10 Big Forehead Hairstyles For Dark Skin Girls

Last updated Jun 12, 2024

Do you have the same problem as other non-retro-American girls? You have a big forehead and you haven't found a hairstyle that suits you. There are two factors that can cause a big forehead: genetic factors or hair loss and receding hairline due to excessive hair tension during hair styling. Anyway, a big forehead also has a different beauty, as long as you find the right hairstyle large forehead can also make you look the most beautiful! Here are the recommended Big forehead hairstyles for dark skin girls.

1. High ponytail

A high ponytail is a hairstyle often chosen by many girls, you can choose to do different ponytails in different ways. not only is it as simple as tying your hair on top of your head, but for girls with a big forehead, you can make a lot of adjustments in the subtleties. You can divide your hair into two parts, one for the top of your head and the other around the ponytail, and then use a clip to hold it in place.

Also, the ponytail, but half up half down hairstyle Ariana is loved for many years, because this hairstyle bonding, half up half down has become Ariana's signature hairstyle. Unlike the high ponytail, the half up half down hairstyle has a more inclusive look.

 Half of the hair is used to tie up on top of the head, the remaining hair draped over the shoulders, the ponytail can be freely shaken at the same time, the lower part of the hair and make up for the high ponytail this hairstyle the lower part of the empty feeling. And for the big forehead girls, appropriate in front of the forehead to leave some partial bangs, really will be beautiful!

3. Afro with bangs

Afro with bangs is the most natural hairstyle for dark-skinned girls and it is also the most suitable hairstyle for you. You will find that curly hair is very accommodating to face shapes and big foreheads. For those of you with long faces and wide foreheads, we know you sometimes want to completely cover your forehead, and Afro with bangs can help you achieve that. It can even make you look complete without a big forehead, if your native hair is not enough you can choose to buy an afro curly wig, so you do not have to worry about the slow growth of hair without an afro with bangs effect!

4. L-part crochet

The L-part crochet is just as ethnic as the afro with bangs and is a unique and attractive style for darker-skinned girls. The L-part crochet is a great way to wrap your face, and the braids can visually take away the contrast of the big forehead. What's more, L-part crochet can last for a long time and is a low-maintenance hairstyle. For girls with thinning hair, L-part crochet is also very suitable for you, your hair will look shiny and full in the sunlight.

5. Wigs

We know that many girls, including celebrities, choose wigs, and wigs can indeed be a valuable tool to help you cover up your big forehead. wigs come in a variety of types, and almost any hairstyle you want can be achieved through wigs. With wigs, you are free to cut and change your look, and many people even make wigs an integral part of their lives. But if it is worn every day, it is recommended that you choose a better quality, human hair wig. UNice HD lace body wave wig allows you to have a native hair general wig experience, it is now on sale, so you may wish to take a look.

6. Box braids

Box braids are undoubtedly the most popular hairstyle among the dark-skinned community. And it's no wonder! Why? These braids are perfect for rocking a variety of vibrant hair colors while protecting the natural strands and allowing anyone to sport a long mane with a snap of the fingers. Keep the braids loose to hide the sides of a large forehead.

7. Bob with bangs

This natural hair and large forehead look are elegant and classy! Cut those bouncy curls into a short, rounded bob with the sides pulled back, and add an asymmetrical fringe in the front. Finish with some chic earrings and you'll find people rallying around you.

8. Curtain bangs

Compared to normal bangs, curtain bangs have a better function to modify the shape of the face and offer a variety of styling possibilities. For people with big foreheads, the face shape is elongated from forehead to chin, but what we need is bangs to weaken the long face shape, cut a longer or shorter curtain bangs to soften the cheekbones and echo the overall features. Long-face shapes are best suited for curtain bangs because overly prominent or rigid features will be slowly softened by curtain bangs.

9. Bottleneck bangs

Bottleneck bangs are well understood because it is like a glass bottle of Coca-Cola with a narrow mouth and a gradually widening body. The bangs are very narrow at the top of the head, gradually getting wider at the neck and shoulders, and finally, the bangs shrink back. The bangs will finally shrink back perfectly. bottleneck bangs have a small part of short and thin bangs in the middle, short bangs and side bangs make your eyes the brightest part of your face. This is also a more suitable hairstyle for a big forehead

10. Classic Afro

When it comes to natural curly hairstyles for big foreheads, what could be more natural than taking your hair in its raw form and leaving it untouched? Cut a short round head and pick the hair with a pick to produce a voluminous black cloud sitting on your head. Very classy!

Above is a summary of the best hairstyles for a big forehead for you, no need to worry about a big forehead anymore, choose the right hairstyle big forehead will be beautiful too!

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