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Everything You Need to Know About Curtain Bangs

Last updated Jun 21, 2024

Now curtain bangs are making a comeback. As a stylish and easy way to transform your look, they can be adapted to suit any hair length, texture, or face shape. But you may ask yourself: “Should I get curtain bangs?”. Today, we will tell you everything about curtain bangs in this blog to help you make a decision.

What Are Curtain Bangs?


Curtain bangs, also called fringe bangs, are a type of low-maintenance and versatile bangs. As a 70s-inspired fringe, curtain bangs are often parted from the middle part, cut shorter on the inside and become gradually longer outside, which can frame your face on both sides and give you that effortlessly cool, French-girl vibe.

Should I Get Curtain Bangs?

Although curtain bangs are an attractive and charmful hairstyles. But there are still some people who hesitate “ should I get curtain bangs?”. In order to help you make a better decision, firstly learn the advantages of curtain bangs.

1. They can suit any face shape Curtain bangs can suit any face shape.

After all, long, sweeping, or textured bangs immediately refresh the look of someone without them having to commit to a full chop or add layers. There is no doubt that it’s a fun, non-committal way to change up your style.

2. Curtain bangs can frame your face shape.

Curtain bangs can perfectly hide big foreheads and are very good for showing beautiful cheekbones. Even though you have a round face, the curtain bangs can add dimension to your face. More importantly, even if you have a strong jawline, it can also help soften it a bit.


I think curtain bangs do suit all face shapes and frame your face shape, though the trickier face to ‘frame’ with bangs would probably be a round face. For instance, long, sweeping bangs can narrow a broad face or help create more of a diamond shape, while shorter bangs that pinch in at the temples can contour and create more defined cheekbones.

3. They’re low maintenance.

Although the already-textured cut and shape often grow out easier than a short, or blunt fringe – which relies on precision and length to keep their style intact, you can get away with leaving curtain-style bangs longer between trims (because of their effortless look). In order to keep them in shape, I recommend you have a trim every 5-6 weeks.

Worry about curtain bangs getting greasy? No worries. Just a quick five-minute dip in the hand basin with shampoo, will freshen them up and help you save much time. After using a blow-dryer to blast your bangs dry with a brush, you’ll get the perfect, bouncy bangs.

How To Style Curtain Bangs

Just like other hairstyles, curtain bangs do require some styling. It is simple and quick.

Thing You Will Need:

1. Heat Protectant;

2. A Round Brush;

3. A Blow-dryer;

4. Roller;

Step One

Spray your curtain bangs with a heat protectant evenly, which not only protects from heat but also adds shine and softness.

Step Two

Hook your curtain bangs forward on your round brush, and twist up and elevate as your dryer hits your hair directly. Then roll your brush forward, blow the sides forward and roll the brush back for the flip on the sides.

Step Three

Use a round brush and the concentrator nozzle on your hairdryer to curl each side of your bangs outwards and then blow dry the roots to add volume and bounce.

Step Four

Place a roller under each side of your bangs, clip it into place, and allow the hair to cool. When the hair cools, remove the rollers and position your bangs as you like.

Step Five

Once you’re finished styling, you can use some lightweight oil to set it in place.

Twelve Ways To Style Curtain Bangs In 2024

In fact, there are so many ways to wear curtain bangs. May it be hard for you to choose which look to go for. If you want to have a bold try, check out the following different hairstyles with curtain bangs for some inspiration.

1. Long Curtain Bangs


Looking for trendy ways to jazz up your long hair without cutting your long hair short? Cut curtain bangs long hair. Long hair curtain bangs suit all sorts of different hair lengths and textures, and they can be parted in the center or on the side.

Don’t forget to ask your stylist for the right-length face-framing to draw attention to your face shapes, such as a beautiful chin line or cheekbones.

2. Curtain Bangs With Straight Hair


If you have straight hair, you can easily achieve the long curtain bangs straight hairstyle. It is especially a great option for those people who want an easy, fuss-free style. Just part your hair in the center and cut the fringe straight across. Certainly, you can part them to one side or keep them center-parted. You can also pin back one or both sides for a change.

3. Curtain Bangs With Curly Hair


Yes! Curtain bangs can look great on curly hair. Curly-haired women should attempt curtain bangs – both medium and long hair lengths work great. And curly hair curtain bangs are fabulously versatile and you can style your hair in a number of ways.

4. Curtain Bangs Short Hair


Short hair can also rock the curtain bangs look. If you have a shorter style, you might want to go for a softer, more wispy fringe rather than a heavy, blunt bang. Short hair curtain bangs will help frame your face and add some softness to your look.

Parting your bangs to one side is a great way to show off your short hair and create a trendy, stylish look. Some examples of short haircuts that would look great with curtain bangs include the bob, the pixie cut, and the lob.

5. Curtain Bangs With Layers


If you want to add curtain bangs without making a big change to your current style, try layered hair with curtain bangs. Adding layers to your haircut is a great way to add movement and style, which will give you that soft, wispy fringe that frames the face. You can part your bangs in the middle or on one side to style it according to your preference.

6. Soft Curtain Bangs


Do you want a more subtle and soft look? Now go for curtain bangs that are shorter in length. If you have fine hair, it will be perfect since it will give your hair some volume and body.

Or you can choose to part the fringe in the middle, thus framing your face nicely. You can wear them wispy and feathery or styled with a more dramatic side part and pinned back, too.

7. Curtain Bangs 70s


This 70s style is suitable to give your look a retro feel and can be styled in various ways. For a full, voluminous look, nothing is better than teasing your hair at the roots before styling. You can also use a curling iron to add waves for a softer effect.

For a more laid-back vibe, simply pin your bangs in the middle and let them fall naturally. In a word, no matter how you style them, 70s curtain bangs always look cool and effortlessly chic. 

8. Curtain Bangs Side Part


A side part is a great way to style your curtain bangs and can give you a more polished look. Side part curtain bangs are especially good if your hair is straight as it helps to create volume and depth.

To achieve this style, part your hair on the desired side and then clip the top section out of the way. Take the bottom section of hair and start to tease it at the roots with a comb. Once you have some volume, brush the bangs over to the side and secure them in place with a hair clip. Finally, keep in mind to style the top section of your hair how you want it.

9. Curtain Bangs For Wavy Hair


Though curly fringe is on-trend now, curtain bangs are easier to create with straight and wavy hair. For instance, this 2C wavy hair type pairs a few defined curls with straighter hair on top. The coarse texture makes the bangs stay in place and frame your face. You even do not need a perfect hairdo for wavy hair to make it look beautiful.

10. Curtain Bangs With A Center Part


Center-part hairstyles are all the rage now and there is no denying that shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs is most appealing. It is ideal for concealing a high forehead and creating volume on top. Not to mention that soft, tousled waves give the just-out-of-the-bed look and add tenderness to your style.

A low-key middle part is incredibly versatile and can work well with curtain bangs. It doesn’t fall in your face or obscure your vision, but still wants some wispy hairs strands around your face.

11. Wispy Curtain Bangs


Do you want to get thicker hair? Why not consider styling some curtain bangs to make thin hair look thicker? Believe it or not, wispy curtain bangs and long hair can give volume and texture to the front.

12. Curtain Bangs Medium Hair


If you have medium-length hair, why not consider using some curtain bangs with medium hair to add glamour to your style? They are perfect for framing the face and can be styled in many different ways. For example, you can part them in the middle or on the side, and you can wear them sleek and straight or tousled and wavy, which can make your hair look thicker and fuller. It is an excellent idea to add some subtle highlights for an extra-glamourous touch.

How To Cut Curtain Bangs

If you want to know how to cut your own curtain bangs, check out this curtain bangs tutorial.

Step 1

Starting from dry hair, use a brush to part your hair in the middle.

Step 2

Use a comb to create a triangular section at the front of your hair and tie the rest of your hair back.


Step 3

Use hairdressing scissors to cut diagonally, making your fringe shorter in the center and longer at the sides.

Step 4

Cut the ends vertically to remove bulk and add texture.

If you are interested in it, watch the following video to learn how to cut curtain bangs on an HD lace closure wig.

FAQs About Curtain Bangs

1. Are curtain bangs high maintenance?

No, they aren’t. Actually, curtain bangs are super low-maintenance. After all, they can flow into your hair naturally so that you can style them however you want. Unlike straight-across styles and blunt bangs, you won’t need to visit the salon every few weeks for a trim.

2. Can I Pull Off Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs are flattering on most people, just be sure to take your face shape into consideration. The main factors to bear in mind include your face shape and the size of your forehead. Depending on whether your forehead is longer or shorter, you can play around with different lengths and positioning to flatter your face best.

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