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Air Wig VS Lace Wig: Which One Worth My Money?

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The launch of any new product is always accompanied by doubts, and the air wig is no exception. After reading a lot about the new Unice air wig and its advantages, you may need some of the most pertinent opinions and comments. So compared to lace wigs, air wig is really as good as said? Is it really worth my money to buy it? Please take your doubts and let's discuss air wig vs lace wig.

1. Lace wigs

To fully compare the similarities and differences between different types of wigs, we need to take evidence from many aspects, everything has its two sides, let's look at everything about lace wigs.

1.1 Pros of Lace wigs

Choice of variety: In the past, we have come into contact with a very large number of types of wigs, but also a variety of colors to choose from. Want to be a more convenient and fast wig, you can choose a headband wig, from unpacking to wearing a wig out five minutes can be easily done. In short, there is a wide variety of options to choose from.

Affordable prices: Price is also a feature of lace wigs worth mentioning, except for full lace wigs, other types of wigs are easy to accept the price, they are about 100 U.S. dollars, and of course, the price will be adjusted to change according to your needs for length and density.

1.2 Cons of lace wigs

Not breathable: lace wig cap (in addition to a full lace wig) is usually used as the elastic cap or woven cap, the characteristics of these two hair caps are affordable but breathable is not good. Especially in hot weather or region, not used to taking off the wig to sleep girls will not have breathable wig caps and feel stuffy, not breathable, which leads to the scalp can not breathe breeding bacteria and affect the health of the scalp.
Inflexible: Many girls have complained that the wigs they bought and their head circumference simply do not fit. The Head is too big, simply can not wear wigs; the head is too small, any wig is easy to lose; want to adjust the position of the wig but find it very difficult .... These are lace wigs that are not flexible enough to reflect the problems that many girls want to buy wigs discourage.

2. What kind of wigs do women need?

So what kind of wigs do women really need? We may wish to consider the two aspects of health and convenience. Nowadays, we are more and more concerned about our own health, scalp and hair are also the most concern about women in recent years, want to keep a beautiful and versatile style but can be on top of this to keep the scalp healthy, women need healthier wigs. From the perspective of bringing convenience to life, we are more in pursuit of a fast and efficient pace of life, in the chores of life to save time to save, and try to avoid trouble and trivial. Women need to wear more convenient and quick, easier to adjust the wig.

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3. Air wig

Since its inception, Unice has been with you for decades, and we have been paying close attention to the needs of each and every customer as we continue to move forward. We want to bring every customer good quality, good looking and healthier wigs. After investigating and studying the real needs of a large number of customers, we officially launched a new series of air wigs, a new and upgraded wearing experience, to bring you a more convenient and healthier wig.

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3.1 Pros of air wig

From a comparative point of view can always be more clear and more intuitive to see the cost of the wig, in the end, the air wig is what to see. Is an air wig really worth buying? And what is the difference with the lace wig then?

Air wig for scalp health protection: who does not want to wear like air wig? air wig is the pursuit of the most comfortable and natural experience. 3D dome cap has a strip of elastic, and mesh hair cap not only increases the breathability and more flexible processing, but fingers can also reach in at will to adjust the wig, more suitable for different positions of elasticity. A change of lace wigs brings baldness, hair loss, and other health problems, air wigs let your scalp breathe freely, ready to take wear, even if wearing it overnight does not affect the health of the scalp. Let your scalp breathe all night long and embrace healthy beauty.

 ●Air wig saves time for a busy life: pre-cut lace directly saves you from wearing a wig and trimming the lace, giving you a clean hairline. this step can save you at least 20 minutes of time.

Air wig is suitable for all types of the head circumference: there is no head size due to the size of the wig can not wear the problem, air wig adjustable elastic hair band in the traditional hair band based on the optimization of the width, allowing you to flexibly adjust the length, but also more comfortable. At the same time, more stable, so you can wear a wig with more confidence.

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3.2 Cons of air wig

Higher price: In order to give every customer who chooses the air wig the best experience, Unice has improved the wearing comfort of the product, with pre-cut lace as well as a 3D Dome cap, these advantages are the most prominent selling points of air wig. Although the price is higher, the user experience is definitely the best

4. Conclusion

I believe that after comparison, to choose what kind of wig you already have the answer in mind. Let Unice air wig accompany you to enjoy a healthy fashion style!

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