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Discover the Beauty of Lilac Hair Color: A Comprehensive Guide

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

We're well into spring, so it's time to have lilac hair color! Lilac hair color is a lighter, softer purple, usually with silvery tones, and is a super cute and dreamy hair color trend that is one of the most popular hair colors right now. If you're interested in lilac hair color, then you're in luck. In today's passage, we will tell you everything you need to know about lilac hair color. Keep reading to gain more knowledge about lilac hair color.

What Is Lilac Hair Color?

lilac hair color

Lilac hair color is a slightly cool-toned purple, which resembles the color of lilac flowers. This hair color is created by mixing different shades of purple (sometimes pink) with a hint of blue or gray to produce a delicate, soft hue.

The exact shade of lilac will vary based on the starting color of the hair. For example, lighter hair will create a more vibrant lilac, while darker hair will yield a more pastel color.

Lilac hair color is often associated with a soft, romantic, and feminine aesthetic. It can be paired with a variety of makeup looks, from natural and fresh to bold and dramatic, and complements a wide range of clothing styles.

Is Lilac More Pink Or Purple?

lilac color

Lilac hair color is a mix of pink and purple. Some lilac hair dyes may have a pinkish hue, while others may tend toward a purple hue. However, in general, lilac hair is a muted shade that usually leans more towards the purple side of the spectrum and it may have slightly pink undertones, but the primary color is usually purple.

Does Lilac Hair Color Fade Fast?

Lilac hair is part of a popular pastel color family that usually uses a semi-permanent dye, which means it fades particularly fast, compared to other dark hair colors such as dark brown and black. Typically, lilac hair color lasts about two to four weeks. If you wash your hair frequently or expose it to sunlight, it will fade more quickly.

How Much Does It Cost to Dye Lilac Hair?

If you constantly color your own hair, then you can opt for dyeing your lilac hair color at home, which can be done for just a few dozen dollars. But if you go to a salon, the cost of coloring lilac hair varies based on factors such as the chosen color, coloring technique, salon location, and colorist expertise, which is generally more expensive than DIY coloring at home.

How To Get Lilac Hair Color At Home?

Next, let's take a look at the detailed steps to dye lilac hair at home.

Step 1: Choose the right lilac hair dye

First, choose your favorite lilac hair dye based on your preference and style.

Step 2: Prepare your hair

Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any product buildup or grease from your hair. Afterward, towel dry your hair and ensure it is completely dry before applying the hair dye (to avoid the active ingredients in the dye being broken down by water).

Step 3: Apply hair dye

Wear gloves and mix the hair dye according to the instructions on the package. Divide your hair into sections and apply the lilac hair dye evenly from the roots to the ends, making sure each section is completely saturated.

Tip:  You will need to bleach your hair first if your hair is darker, which will give your hair a better lilac color.

Step 4: Wait a while

Wait 30-45 minutes according to the instructions on the package (this will allow the dye to be fully absorbed and eventually give you the best-looking lilac hair color).

Step 5: Rinse and condition

Once the time is up, rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water until the water is clear (remember to apply some conditioner to nourish your hair). You'll then have your dreamy lilac hair color.

The Stunning And Fantastic Lilac Hair Color Ideas For You

After learning how to dye lilac hair at home, do you want to know what are some nice and attractive lilac hair colors? We have collected some popular lilac hair colors, let's take a look.

1. Lilac gray hair color

lilac gray hair color

Lilac gray hair is a mix of gray and lilac tones that can create a dreamy and ethereal effect on the hair. The cool gray undertones give it a sophisticated and elegant look, while the lilac shades add a touch of playfulness and creativity. It is sure to catch everyone's eye wherever you go.

2. Lilac to platinum ombre hair color

lilac to platinum ombre hair color

The lilac to platinum ombre hair is simply a work of art. The delicate lilac gradually transitions to a striking and luxurious platinum shade, creating a seamless ombre that is both subtle and striking, perfect for those who want to experiment with color while still maintaining a sophisticated and elegant look.

3. Bright lilac hair

bright lilac hair color

Bright lilac hair color can really make a person stand out in the best way possible! This shade is both soft and edgy and can complement a variety of skin tones and styles. If you're thinking about trying a bright lilac hair color, I suggest you give it a try - you won't regret it!

4. Chocolate lilac hair color

chocolate lilac hair color

Chocolate lilac hair color combines rich, warm chocolate tones with delicate, soft lilac to create a gorgeous, multi-dimensional, appealing look that is ideal for those who want to try something new and unique while keeping a sense of elegance and class.


Are you attracted to these dreamy lilac hair colors? Then follow the steps above to start your new hair color journey. In addition, if you know of other beautiful and trendy lilac hair colors, you are more than welcome to share them with us in the comment section. More importantly, you need to take proper care and maintenance of your hair to make your lilac hair last longer.

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