UNice 20 Inch Hair Wig Collections

How Long Is A 20 Inch Wig

20 inch wig is usually considered to be long hair. Depending on the hair texture, the visual length of the 20-inch wig is also different. But not everyone clearly knows what the specific length of 20 inches is. Below, I will explain to you the reference position of the 20 inch wig for different hair textures.

wig hair length

20 Inch Straight Hair

For straight hair, 20 inch hair is probably in the middle of the back.

20 Inch Wavy Hair

The length of wavy hair is slightly shorter than straight hair, about the position of the bra strap.

20 Inch Curly Hair

Because of the curl, the length of 20 inch curly hair is approximately at the upper back.

What Is The Length Of 20 Inch Hair?

When converted into centimeters, the 20 inch hair wig is 50.8 centimeters. Before purchasing a wig, you can measure the desired wig length.

Styling Tips For 20 Inch Wigs

Use Heating Tool

UNice's wigs are made from high-quality human hair and can be curled and dyed. You can use a curling iron or a hair straightening brush to style your hair.

Try Interesting Hairstyles

UNice’s wigs have many lace areas to choose from. If you want more freedom in hairstyle, I recommend 13x4 and 13x6 large lace area wigs. This kind of wig can be made into half up and half down, buns, high ponytails, and other hairstyles.

Use Hair Accessories

The length of the 20 inch wig can suit many styles. With this long hair, you can use headbands, clips, or scarves to add some personality to your look. All in all, the 20 inch hair wig is very flexible and is one of the more popular wig options. Please don't hesitate to place your order now!