UNice 12 Inch Wigs: Body Wave | Curly | Straight | Deep Wave

UNice has many types of 12-inch wigs to choose from like 12-inch curly wigs, body waves, deep waves, water waves, and straight bob wigs in various colors and styles. To find out more UNice 12-inch wigs, you can click here.

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UNice 12 Inch Wig Review

UNice 12-inch human hair wigs are made with real human hair that is ethically sourced from donors.

The 12 Inch wig is easy to wear. Unisex, suits most kinds of head, easy to wear.

A 12 inch wig is shorter than a 14 inch wig compared to a 12 inch wig, but it can still be close to your shoulders.

What is a 12 inch wig?

12 inch wig, as what it is called, A 12-inch hair wig is a wig that has a length of 12 inches (it is about 30.48 centimeters).

How long should my wig be?

12 inches of hair will fall right in the middle in terms of length. And it's the ideal pick for any girl who prefers a unique medium-length style.

How to measure the wig length?

Wigs are measured from the root of the hair around the crown to the ends.

What is a popular wig length?

Short wigs (8-12 inch wigs)are usually a go-to for a polished, professional style, but can also be fun and edgy. If you want your hair just a bit longer, medium wigs (14-22 inches) are a great middle ground.

Hair Length Guide

12 Inch. Perfect for thickening your hair or shoulder-length hair.

14 Inch. For length and volume just below the shoulder area.

16 Inches. If you're looking for longer hair, this is a good starter length.

18 Inches. The most popular option for length and volume.

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