Mink Hair Weaves Collection

What is Mink Hair Weaves?

Mink hair weave is a type of hair extension or bundle made from high-quality, 100% human hair that is known for its luxurious softness, thickness, and natural shine. Despite the name, mink hair weave is not sourced from minks; the term "mink" refers to the silky texture and high-quality feel of the hair.

Are Mink Hair Weaves 100% Human Hair?

UNice Mink hair weaves are made from 100% human hair. They do not contain synthetic fibers or animal hair. It's crucial to purchase from reputable mink hair retailers or wholesale vendors to ensure the authenticity and quality of the hair.

A Highlight, in Summary, Mink Hair Definition:

★ Virgin human hair

★ From a single donor

★ Stronger, fuller and more lasting

★ Colored mink human hair or black mink hair

★ Double stitch weft

★ Cuticles aligned

Where Does Mink Hair Come From?

UNice Mink hair weaves are sourced from various countries, such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and Malaysian.

What Textures are Available in Mink Hair Weave?

UNice Mink hair weave comes in various textures, including straight, wavy, and curly. Each texture offers a unique look and can be styled to achieve different hairstyles.