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Faq about Malaysian Body Wave Hair Bundles

Body wave Malaysian hair is among the most beautiful hair weaves and extensions of the market, it is a lush hair texture with a body S-shaped wave pattern, essentially, a body wave perm works by chemically altering straight Malaysian hair to create natural-looking curls.

Benefits of Malaysian Body Wave hair extensions

1. If you're looking to add texture, volume, and waves to your hair, a Malaysian body wave may be just what you're looking for.

2. Virgin Malaysian Body Wave hair has natural, defined beach waves. Malaysian hair bundles have an extremely luxurious feel. Its luster is low to medium-similar to Brazilian hair.

3. The Malaysian body wave hairstyle is popular because of its natural-looking wavy pattern and low maintenance. You can wear a Malaysian body wave.

4. With high-quality Malaysian weaving, you will certainly take advantage of these advantages: flash, long life, natural shine, great softness, and no tangles. The body wave hair in Malaysia is very durable.

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Description of UNice Malaysian Body Wave Weave

1. Unprocessed Virgin Malaysian Body Wave Hair

UNice Malaysian body wave hair is a virgin (un-dyed and free of chemical treatments) and has the cuticles aligned in the same direction (which minimizes tangling and shedding). So our Malaysian body wave sew in can be bleached, dyed, straightened, and curled like your natural hair.

2. Length/Weight Of Malaysian Body Wave Hair

We offer Brazilian Body Wave hair bundles in lengths from 8 inches to 30 inches. Each Body Wave bundle weighs 3.3 ounces, comes in a deep brown, and has machine-reinforced wafting.

3 bundls of Malaysian body wave hair is recommended but this can range from 3 to 5 depending on your desired fullness.

In general,8” to 16” needs 2 bundles for a full head, 18” to 26” needs 3-4 bundles for a full head, and 28”-30” need 3-5 bundles for a full head. weave blends well with any type of natural hair, it can be easy to curl and restyle as you desire.

How to take care of Malaysian body wave hair?

1. Wait at least two to three days before washing your body wave sew in hair and use shampoo—the curls need time to set, and you don't want to wash them out before they do.

2. Use the paddle brush to smooth body wave hair, and style as desired.

3. Never sleep with wet or damp hair.

4. We recommend air drying your hair. If you use a blow dryer, always use a medium heat setting.

5. Spray leave-in conditioner and brush gently.

6. The best way to maintain the health of your Malaysian hair extensions is to treat it like your own hair.

How long does a Malaysian body wave last?

Good virgin hair can last at least 1-2 years. With proper care, body waves and human hair can last longer. But It really depends on the texture and your care of the hair. Your hair can last up to 1-2 years with proper care. 

Can Malaysian body wave weave be straightened?

The answer is yes. You can straighten Malaysian virgin hair body waves as you like.

But straightening the hair at the base of the hair is 100% real human hair. Also, it would damage your virgin body wave hair weave. So, Deep condition of the hair regularly to maintain its optimal condition is recommended.

Does Malaysian hair body wave hold curls?

Yes, Malaysian hair bundles also hold curls well and need no assistance to do so as well. The colors of Malaysian hair are limited and can usually only be found in black and dark brown. Malaysian hair is very very soft, so its curls may not hold as long as other types of extensions and is styled as simple and natural soft curls.

Where to buy the best cheap Malaysian body wave hair bundles?

If you intend to try a body wave hairstyle for a new look, here is the right place.UNice sells various Malaysian Body Wave hair bundles, including Malaysian Body Wave 3 bundles with lace closure, and 4 bundles of Malaysian body Wave human hair.

UNice Body Wave Malaysian hair gives your hair a natural pattern to create the soft and natural-looking wave. It changes the texture of your hair in a long-lasting way and frees you from daily hair styling. Shop UNice Malaysian body wave hair bundles now!

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