UNice Hair Lace Closure Sew In, Sew In With Closure Collections

UNice Hair offers a full collection of bundles and closures. Here is a detailed tutorial for how to install a closure:

Where To Buy The Best Hair Brand For A Sew-in Weave?

The lace closure sew-in weave is the best protective hairstyle for women Who need to create an environment for natural hair growth. The best thing about the UNice Hair closure sew-in is that all the hair is in and you can still wash your hair because the hair is attached to lace that is hand-tied tightly and the net is breathable. If you want to grow your hair long while wearing a closure sew-in, this is a MUST-read!

Why Choose UNice Hair Closure Sew-In?

The sew-in with closure is the best protective hairstyle for natural hair or one of the best options to change hair colors and hairstyles without applying heat and dyes onto your natural hair.

UNice Hair has 4x4 lace closure, 5x5 hd lace closure, and 13x4 frontal with 3 bundles. Investing UNice sew in hair with closure is a great choice because you'll be able to use it any time and have your full sew-in with lace closure look flawless while your hair is protected.

There are so many kinds of lace front closure sew in out there: three-part, four-part, middle part sew in with closure, side part closure sew in, flip over method.

Hair weaves offer protection and plenty of styling options. UNice Peruvian Body Wave and Brazilian curly weave hairstyles are the best sellers.

Looking for a safer way to get your hair updated? UNice provides the best full sew-in with closure in different styles and lengths for your needs. All our sew-in human hair extensions can be colored and styled.

How To Take Care Of A Closure Sew-In?

Care tip: Proper care will make your extensions last longer and look better. By washing, conditioning, styling, and gentle handling, your sew-in lace closure will last six to eight weeks.

Warm-up: No Install Should Last Than 2-3 Months! Wearing a closure sew-in can serve as a protective hairstyle for your hair but if you leave your weave or extensions in for longer than 2 to 3 months, it's possible to have tangled hair or worst, matted hair, and chances to damage your natural hair under the sew-ins.

Sew-In Weave VS Glue In Hair Method, Which Can Last Longer?

Compared to the glue in the hair method, the sew-in weave lasts longer. And it is a fast process to give you the volume and length you long for. What costs you is that you have to give extra care to make sure they do not break or pull your hair out. Any woman can wear long, beautiful, and lustrous sew-in lace closure with bundles and still have healthy hair.

How To Install A Closure Sew-In?

Tutorial Blog: How To Do A Sew-in Closure?