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Why Do So Many Girls Love Bob Wigs? Review From UNice

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The bob wig is known as a classic timeless hairstyle that can provide you with a clean and neat look. Even those who love long hairstyles will want to try short hair to create a fresh look for themselves in the hot season. Nowadays bob wigs come in a wide variety of styles that will change your look to a great extent, have you ever thought of making yourself more beautiful and competent by having short hair? Come see everything you need to know about bob wigs and what customers are saying about these wigs.

1. What kind of hairstyle is a bob wig?

1. What kind of hairstyle is a bob wig?

A bob wig typically measures between 8-14 inches in length above the neck, and it can give you a crisp look. bob wigs can have a variety of textures, either straight or curly, or smooth.

Bob wigs include a realistic hairline and baby hair that is the same density as real hair. Short Bob wigs are made entirely of real hair, without any foreign fibers woven in. Lace wigs with 4x4 and 5x5 lace closures are available, as well as 13 x 4, 13 x 6, or full lace wigs, and 360 frontal lace wigs, with most of the lace located inside the wig cap of the real hair wig.

2. why choose a bob wig?

2.1 Suitable for many face shapes

Many people want to use hairstyles to modify their face shape, especially those girls whose facial contours are not particularly perfect, bob wig will be the best hairstyle to provide you with soft facial curves. Whether your bone structure is too wide or there is too much fat on your face, bob hairstyles can cover up the excess for you and leave what you want. If you like a cute look, a bob with bangs will be more attractive, especially for those who have a bigger brain.

2.2 Affordable price

Short hair wigs have a very big advantage in terms of price because the raw materials needed are less, and the cost price will be lower. In the process of wig making, especially human hair wig production is required to go through many kinds of procedures, want to wig quality, you need to choose better raw hair materials. bob wig requires fewer raw materials so the price is also lower.

why choose a bob wig?

2.3 Easy to style

Human hair bob wigs can provide you with a wide variety of different styles, they are easy to wash, comb, and style, so you can also get a wider variety of styles. You can try weaving braids in the wig, or curling your hair into your favorite texture, in short, bob wigs offer a wide range of styling options.

2.4 Easy to maintain

All bob wigs from UNice are selected from healthy human hair, are lustrous, and very smooth, in the usual process of wearing you can choose different hair cap structures of the wig, place the front bob wig can provide you with a natural hairline, and hair seam, t/u/v part of the wig cap is very easy to wear. In the process of maintenance, only need to regularly clean the wig, and timely removal of grease and dirt on the hair can be, done does not need too complicated maintenance.

2.5 Haircut

Using this feature, you can save money on haircuts. In the long run, long-term wearers of Bob wigs will certainly save a lot of money in the salon's regular haircut and styling sessions.

3. UNice Top 3 bob wigs

3.1 V part straight bob wig

3.1 V part straight bob wig

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This hot bob wig is the choice of many internet celebrities and has a very smooth texture that does not easily get tangled and frizzy. The most important thing is that the wig's cap structure takes a very natural v-shaped opening of the cap, allowing you to wear the wig without any glue and gel, and less damage to the hair and scalp.

3.2 Blonde bob lace front wig

3.2 Blonde bob wig with 13*4 lace front

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Blonde bob wig has a very new color, it is very special, and very suitable for those dark-skinned girls. The overall hair color is not a single blonde color, but the ombre hair coloring technique, where the root of the hair is brown root and gradually lightens the color of the hair downward. This gradual color is not only in line with the current trend but also can make the face shinier.

3.3 Loose wave bob lace wigs

3.3 Loose wave bob lace wigs

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Have you ever thought that your bob lace wig can also make you very feminine, this is a very sexy wig, the texture is taken by the loose wave texture. The length is above the shoulders and below the neck, so you can feel feminine while still making your look fresh and dry.

4. Bob wigs review from UNice beauties

This unit is super easy to wear. Very beginner friendly! No gross smell and very soft. I washed it right out of the box just bc I knew I was going to dye it to match my natural hair color. I did cut it to make it blunt but other than that it’s perfect. It’s my everyday hair!

bob review1

I love this hair …it’s painless and easy to put on and take off its VERY COMFORTABLE. I did cut the hair shorter and because I have a small head I did alter make my wig to fit a little more snug…the hair barely sheds…I will be ordering more VPart wigs as they are my new fave !!
The hair is very soft and doesnt shed,the length is true,the density is true.Like the hair is beautiful and full and thick and I’m definitely coming back for more hair.


I love this hair …it’s painless and easy to put on and take off its VERY COMFORTABLE. I did cut the hair shorter and because I have a small head I did alter make my wig to fit a little more snug…the hair barely sheds…I will be ordering more VPart wigs as they are my new fave !!

bob review2

This wig was absolutely perfect. It looked amazing out of the bag and soooo soft. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on how natural it looks as well. It’s not super thick, but it’s not thin either like a lot of wigs are. A good in between. It was longer than this and I cut it a few inches shorter, but the original length was really nice as well. Definitely recommend this wig !!
Very pleased with the wig, which came in very fast, the hair is very soft also came with a wig cap and I will be ordering again

One of the nicest wigs I've gotten. Beautiful hair not to thick or thin, lace was thin enough and hairline preplucked. Holds a good curl and straightens very nice. I highly recommend.

bob review3

This wig is the best. It doesn’t shed and u don’t need to used nothing but water and the curl pattern will snap right back. I really love doing business with this vendor. they are really nice and attend to customers needs. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them any other time, This wig is everything. I love it so much. I got so many compliments about the wig.


After reading this article, I’m sure you must be attracted by bob wigs. Don’t waste time waiting, just come UNice wigs and buy your favorite wig!

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