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What Is The Best Wig Glue?

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What is the best glue for lace wig” is a frequently asked question. Do you know the right answer? If not, please follow us to find out what wig glue is, the advantages and disadvantages of wig glue, and what is the best wig glue for lace front wigs. First of all, let us learn what wig glue is together.

What Is Wig Glue?


Wig glue is also a lace wig adhesive and is a type of adhesive used for synthetic wigs or human hair wigs. As a magical item, wig glue can help you get desired and natural hair look. But not all lace front wig glue will work so well.

The Pros And Cons Of Wig Glue


1. It is especially helpful with securing lace frontals for a long time while keeping a natural look. Don’t be afraid that the gust of wind blows your wig off.

2. It is easy to wash off and remove.

3. It can provide a stronghold, especially for those with complete hair loss.


1. It may block your pores and can lead to damaged skin and hair follicles when it isn’t removed completely.

2. It may lead to allergies, such as red, raised skin around your hairline and on your scalp, hives, swelling. It even may cause trouble swallowing and breathing.

3. The wig glue can cause scalp itchiness and irritation.

4. It is bad for the health of your natural hair and might lead to thinning hair loss, and bald patches.

5. It requires more time and patience. Often, you need to apply several glue layers to make sure the hairpiece stays in the right place. After applying the first layer, you can use a hairdryer to make the gluing layer dries quickly, become clear and sticky. Then wait until it dries then apply the next one.

Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Wig Glue

There are some key problems you should consider before purchasing the best wig glues.

Water-Based Or Solvent-Based?

As we all know, wig glue is available in water-based and solvent-based formulas. Water-based glues are gentle on your skin and easily washable with soap and water. While they are not long-lasting, they are easy to apply, do not clump, or turn stringy compared to solvent-based adhesives. Plus, they are also an ideal option for sensitive skin and scalp.

While solvent-based adhesives are waterproof and long-lasting. They can withstand sweat, showering, and swimming. However, solvent-based adhesives may contain harsh chemicals that irritate your skin so they require a special solvent for removal.

Tape Or Liquid Glue?

Nowadays, you can find wig glues either in the form of tape or liquid glue on the market. But how to choose, tape or liquid glue?

Keep in mind that the wig tape is easier and less messy to apply than glue. Liquid glue forms a stronger bond with your scalp and offers a more long-lasting, secured hold.


Cost-effective Or Expensive?

The cost of a wig glue varies according to its type. For example, tape adhesives usually cost between $4 and $15. However, they may not last long and generally lasts one to two weeks. While glue adhesive lasts for two to three weeks but costs between $9 and $20. Some high-end water- and sweat-resistant formulas are priced as high as $42. You can choose according to your need and budget.

Water-Proof Or Non-Water-Proof?

Before buying a wig glue, it is best for you to decide how long you will be wearing your wig. Unless you are wearing your wig or hair extensions for a very short time, choose a waterproof, solvent-based wig adhesive. After all, sweat, showering, swimming, or even humidity will not provide a secure hold if your adhesive is not water-resistant.

What Is The Best Wig Glue?

There are a variety of different kinds of wig glues for consumers to choose from with varying strengths. Here we have already put together some best lace front wig glues according to customer reviews. Look at these products and opt for your favorite one.

1. Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray


Have you heard of or seen this product before? It may not be a typical lace wig glue, but it is a tested and loved product for many wig wearers. There is a tackiness that is perfect to secure your wig for a short period of time. Besides, it is very friendly for beginners since it doesn’t damage your beloved lace front wigs and your hairline and can be removed easily. More importantly, it is very cheap and everyone raves about how this is the best glue for lace front wigs.

2. Bold Hold Extreme Cream


If you are looking for a wig glue that will secure your wig for a long period of time, this is the best lace front glue for you. That is because the wig glue has the strongest hold and is the safest wig glue of all the gules on the market. It’s known for working well on lace frontals and for not damaging edges with its smooth feel.

For these people who have oily skin, the wig glue is a perfect choice that is odorless and can avoid your wig unexpectedly sliding off your head.

3. Ghost Bond XL With Extra Moisture Control


Ghost Bond XL Adhesive creates an invisible bond after application, which can help hide your hairline and create a natural look for your wig. In addition, the wig glue is waterproof and oil-resistant so that you’re able to have a hot girl summer for as long as you want, without worrying about your lace frontal wig moving or falling off from natural skin oils or wetness. Even though you living in hot places, or you sweat a lot during the five-mile run, the wig glue will not melt away with sweat and high temperature. What is more important, the wig glue is designed for those with sensitive skin and scalp since the formula contains no latex, harsh solvents, or toxic ingredients.

The only con of this product is it has thick and clumpy consistency.

4. Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel


This Got2B ultra glued invincible styling hair gel is the stronger hold of the yellow bottle previously listed here. The non-greasy and non-flaky formula lays your wig onto your hairline with pure ease. Furthermore, it can double as edge control that can solidly hold on to your wigs and your edges.

But no matter what you use to do, make sure to do a skin test of the scalp before use to test sensitivity and to monitor whether you have any allergic reactions or not. Once you feel comfortable, wash it with a little shampoo quickly.

5. Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive Glue


As a water-resistant adhesive, Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive Glue does not contain any irritants and will withstand any kind of moisture. For instance, oily scalps, high humidity, and perspiration will not affect the wig installation. Although it has a firm hold, it is still gentle enough that you don’t have to stress about the glue ripping out your hair.

It is also the best glue for lace front wigs because it can basically tell you when the product is just tacky enough to apply your wig. When the wig glue will go from green to blue, it is clear to indicate that it is dried.

6. BMB Super Lace Glue For Lace Front Wigs


It’s designed for use by salon professionals and will hold your wig into place for up to 4-6 weeks. It is 100 percent waterproof to stay on even in the rain and easy to use. All you need is to take the brush-on applicator to apply a thin coat of glue on your hairline, put on the lace wig, and wait for 15 minutes before you style your hair. What easy and convenient it is!


1. How long does a glued wig last?

While some adhesives are only for short-term uses, long-lasting glues can keep your wig in place for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

2. Does wig glue damage your hair?

No, wig glue does not damage your hair if you use it properly.

3. Can you shower with a glued wig?

No, you cannot shower with a glued wig unless the adhesive is waterproof. But waterproof glue will loosen, too. The wig may fall off if the water directly hits your wig while showering.

4. Does wig glue damage edges?

Yes, the edges tend to become dry, brittle, and prone to breakage if they are not properly cared for before applying a wig.

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