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What Can I Use Instead Of Wig Glue?

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We all love trying new hairstyles now and then, and a wig can help you change your look. But for many beauty lovers, one of the biggest concerns when wearing a wig is how to wear it correctly. If you think wig glue or tape is dirty, you'll want to find other easy solutions to hold and wear your wig. So, what can you use instead of wig glue? You have more options than you think! In this article, we'll cover several methods you can use to wear a wig without glue.

1. Handheld Spray

2. Wig Clips

3. elastic headband

4. Conclusion


Handheld Spray

Many wig wearers ditch the hair glue and use a setting spray instead. Why? Like glue, the holding spray provides a long-lasting hold to keep your wig cap or hair shade firmly in place.


Plus, the spray has the great advantage that it's easier to spray on your hairline and can be layered without becoming bulky, making the wig look heavy or bulky. It keeps your wig safe for up to a week.

1. How to fit a wig using a handheld spray

There are a few different ways to apply the spray using a handheld spray. We introduce one of the most popular methods today.

1.1 Preparation

These are the materials you'll need to use for your wig when using a high-volume spray:


Maximum Strength Fixing Spray

Hair Dryer

Silk Scarf

Bottled Alcohol

Cotton Ball

1.2 Step-by-step instructions

(1) Moisten a cotton ball with alcohol and clean along the hairline to remove oil and skin residue.

(2) Put the wig on your head and adjust until you like the placement.

(3) Gently lift the edge of the wig and spray a generous amount of hairspray onto the hairline.

(4) Run the spray with a hair dryer on the "cool" setting until the mist starts to get sticky.

(5) Once the spray is tacky, pull off your wig and press the wig lace into the mist.


(6) Press each part firmly into the skin and blow dry the spray with a hair dryer.

(7) Once you've pinned your entire hairline, wrap a silk scarf around your fringe to allow the lace to cling to your skin as it dries.

(8) Remove the scarf and make sure the hairspray is completely dry.

(9) Use a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to clean up any residual spray on your face.

(10) Adjust the position and appearance of the wig, and that's it!

2. Pros and cons of securing wigs with a handheld spray

To give you a more objective look at this approach, we would like to provide you with a list of pros and cons. You can use this list to determine if holding your wig with a handheld spray is right for you.

2.1 Pros


♦ It's easier to spray on the hairline than regular glue.

♦ This method is easy to modify according to individual needs.

2.2 Cons

♦ Hairspray can drip onto your face and may smear your makeup.

♦ Hairspray doesn't hold as firmly as gel, wigs, or glue.

♦ This method is not very sweatproof.

Wig Clips


If you're not familiar, a hair clip is a type of headband that you wear under your wig. The wig clips are made with a special double-sided material that keeps your wig cap in place and prevents it from slipping. Wig clips are perfect for anyone trying to protect or restore their hairline.

1. How to wear a wig with wig clips

Wig clips are one of the gentlest and safest ways to fit a wig. They can be used alone or in conjunction with other application methods as protective buffers. All you need to install a short human hair wig with this method is a clip and your wig.

Instructions for the use of wig clips


(1) Slide the wig clip over your head and secure the ends with the Velcro on the back.

(2) Slowly pull the wig over your head. Start on the forehead and work your way to the sides.

(3) Finally, gently pull down the back of the wig.

(4) Check the circumference of the head to make sure the wig is fully covered.

(5) Move your head from side to side to secure the wig.

(6) Style your wig as usual!

2. The pros and cons of stalling wigs with wig clips

As with every method, there are pros and cons to using a wig grip. We'll get into what's in the list below.

2.1 Pros


♦ Wig clips are very gentle on your hairline.

♦ Wig clips are much more comfortable and convenient than other installation methods.

♦ The installation process is quick.

2.2 Cons

♦ Wig clips can cause the top of your head to look bulky.

♦ Lace won't cling to your skin the way you would with adhesive.

Elastic Headband


Buy Now Pay Later

The elastic headband is a new type of tool to hold wigs, you can see people wearing them on YouTube or other channels, it's easy to put on and take off, it's just a piece of headband-like material, if you look closely, you'll see sticky Velcro.

1. How to use an elastic headband?

The elastic headband is friendly to wig beginners, with no lace and no glue. You can snap it to your head and be gone in seconds.

Steps to wear a wig with an elastic headband

(1) Comb all your hair back, no part of your hair will look better, you can use a small brush to put some of your real hair on baby hair for a more natural look.


(2) Install the elastic headband directly on your head and brush the front section of your hair upwards.

(3) Take the elastic headband and secure the wig with Velcro while making sure the bottom comb is attached. Once you lock the elastic headband section with Velcro, it doesn't feel like going anywhere, and you don't have to worry about it falling off, either.

2. The pros and cons of using an elastic headband

An elastic headband is a headband used to fasten hair or wigs, particularly long hair, away from areas such as the face.

2.1 Pros

♦ This stunning elastic headband can partly remove the tension and headaches from wearing a traditional wig for long periods in your head.


♦ It can hold your wig and mesh cap securely in place.

2.2 Cons

♦ Elastic headbands can pull on hair strands and cause hairline breakage.


So there you have it! There are many different ways to wear wigs without using wig glue. We hope one of the methods mentioned in this article is just what you are looking for. If one method doesn't work, try a few different techniques and see which one gives you the best results. If you find this article helpful to you, please share it with others around you! Also, please don’t be afraid to comment if you have any questions! If you want more information or hair knowledge, please click here

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