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Everything You Need To Know About Root Smudge

Last updated Mar 1, 2024

Whether you want a high-contrast color or prefer seamless blending, how you treat your hair roots can significantly affect your overall look. If you're looking for a technique that can naturally transition tones as your roots grow out, consider root smudge, it's a popular method of incorporating natural styles into highlights and subtly softening parting lines. In today's article, we'll tell you everything you need about root smudge.

What Is Root Smudge?


Root smudge, also known as root melt or root stretch, is a foil-free restoration that refreshes your hair color by incorporating your natural color into new highlights so that the demarcation line where your roots end and highlights begin can blend better together. To seamlessly blend the transition between dark and light hair, the root application will not only use a shade or two lighter than your natural tone but overlap your roots by about an inch, as this will allow your highlighted hair to stay brighter whilst producing a more natural, dimensional look.

How Much Does A Root Smudge Cost?

The price of root smudge depends on the location and size of the salon, the expertise of the hair colorist, etc., and is usually $150-$250. If your colorist works in more detail by combining root smudges with custom color blends or highlights, you may have to pay $300 to $500 and up.

How Long Does A Root Smudge Last?

On average, a root smudge usually lasts 2-3 months. The duration may vary for each individual, depending on your initial hair color and how well you follow the post-care recommendations. Of course, if you want it to last longer, then you need to maintain it accordingly.

What's The Difference Between A Shadow Root And A Root Smudge?

When it comes to root smudge and shadow roots, most people think they are the same and often confuse them. However, there is a difference between them.

Root smudge and shadow roots are essentially the same technique utilized in different ways to achieve different results. Both techniques involve blending your roots with the hair shaft to soften the line of demarcation. The biggest difference between them is that the color difference between the root and shaft of the shadow root is usually more pronounced than root staining.

What Are The Advantages Of Root Smudge?

After learning what root smudge is, are you particularly interested in knowing why it is worth trying for you? Below, we will provide you with some of the advantages of root smudge, so let's take a look at it.

1. Soften color demarcation lines


Softening the line of demarcation between the root and the shaft is one of the benefits of root smudge. Root smudge will soften and blend the demarcation line between the darker natural color and the new lighter shades, creating a beautiful natural, long-lasting look for you. It can be used with balayage for the cleanest, blended color transitions at the roots.

2. Reduce maintenance

Root smudge can help you reduce hair color maintenance. Usually, you may need root touch-ups every 6-8 weeks as your hair grows naturally, otherwise dark roots contrast with light blondes, reds, etc., which can be embarrassing. But if you choose to root smudge, then you can wait 12 weeks before you need a touch-up, as it will help you soften the stark contrast of dark roots against highlights or light colors.

3. Give you a more natural look


Applying to the roots can make lighter hair colors look more natural. For people with naturally dark hair, when their natural hair color grows, they may feel that it doesn't match up with their lighter hair color, and the appearance will be particularly unnatural. But a root smudge can take care of that worry and make your hair color look a little more natural.

4. Add dimension and depth to colors

Root smudge will add dimension and depth to your new hair color. Lack of natural shade, dimension, and depth can be one of the reasons why lighter shades can look a little unnatural on women with darker natural hair color. And by using a color that is slightly lighter than your natural root shade but a little darker than your new color, root smudge can add depth and dimension to your hair color and make the transition between them a little more natural.

The Beautiful Root Smudge For You

1. Platinum root smudge


If you want your gorgeous platinum blonde strands to stay flawless even after your natural hair grows out, then you can choose some light brown to smudge your roots, which will allow you to blur the line of demarcation between your roots and shafts and make your hair color look a little more natural.

2. Blonde balayage with chestnut root smudges


If you're using shades with blonde or reddish undertones in your balayage, like honey, caramel, or strawberry gold, then you'll really like chestnut brown root smudge because it softens the dividing line between root and shaft, making the transition between them particularly natural. Plus, it adds dimension and depth to your hair color for an extra-good look.

3. Gray hair root smudge


If you want an edgier hair color, then a light gray or smoky blonde root application would be perfect for your light brown or blonde hair. Not only will it help you transition your hair color naturally, but it will look chic and stylish, blending in perfectly with your overall style. If you are interested in it then you can be bold and try it out.


After reading this article, do you have a good understanding of root smudge? Have you been fascinated by it? If so, then give it a try quickly. Besides, if you know other good-looking root smudges, we welcome you to share them with us in the comment section. What's more, if you want to know more about wigs, hair care, hair color, etc., you can click on the UNice blog.

FAQs About Root Smudge

Is A Root Smudge Low Maintenance?

Root smudge is a low-maintenance hair coloring technique that applies darker shades directly to the roots, creating a soft, seamless contrast. It's a wonderful method to refresh your appearance and bring depth and dimension to your hair color.

Is Root Smudge Beneficial For Gray Hair?

Root smudge is one of the most effective approaches to covering gray hair with highlights. It not only ensures full and even coverage but also gives a more natural look to the entire highlighting display.

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