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Valentine's Day Hairstyles - UNice Give You a Valentine's Day Gift

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How many days until Valentine's Day? There are only 11 days left! Valentine's Day is approaching, and who says you can't find some cute valentine's day hairstyles to try while you're planning your outfit?

Valentine's Day is a day of romance, both with your significant other and with yourself. No matter how you spend the day, it's always fun to dress up, look your best, and even try a new style.

Cute hairstyles for valentine's day

1. French Braids

French Braids

The classic French braid is the ideal Valentine's Day hairstyle. You can braid a single braid or a double French braid at the back of your head.

Part your hair down the middle and decide where you want to pull out sections to begin a French braid. Begin by dividing your hair into three sections at the crown of your head. Then, braid the three sections together. Once you've wrapped the first braid, wrap the other section of hair in your braid. It will feel as if one section of your hair is being pulled into a braid.

Comb through your face-framing hair after braiding to keep the romantic look. This gives a relaxed look and makes it a great Valentine's Day hairstyle.

2. Heart-shaped hair

Wearing our hearts in our hair on Valentine's Day is a joy to think about isn't it? This unique and creative hairstyle may look complicated, but all it takes is some strategic twisting and securing to achieve the perfect heart shape.

If you have layered hair or shorter hair, the hearts may not be as thick or full as the ones below, so hair extensions will be your friend to add thickness and length to create the perfect look. Clip-in Unice Hair extensions can add a beautiful dimension of color to your hair. Better yet, try using balayage hair to create subtle, sun-kissed highlights to set off the heart shape.

3. Valentine's Day Half Updo

Valentine's Day Half Updo

A cute Valentine's Day hairstyle is a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day. Two three-strand braids twisted into a woven crown with loose waves make this half-curl perfect for a date with your boyfriend. This hairstyle is quick and easy and requires minimal effort. Pair it with a boho sundress if you live in a warm climate, or with boyfriend jeans and an off-the-shoulder sweater for the perfect casual or cute vibe.

Pull the top layer of hair (the line along the back of your head above your ears) to the highest point of your head for a sexy Valentine's Day hairstyle. Tie it tightly with a hair tie.

If you want a less complicated romantic version? Keep the middle section of the hair and gently pull the top layer to the back of your head. Tie your hair underneath the top of your head. If you have layered hair, allow some of your shorter strands to fall to flatter the shape of your face. This is an easy Valentine's Day hairstyle that creates a soft, romantic look.

Want to enhance to make your hair look better? Add some UNice ombre hair to your hair to add length and thickness to the braid. 5.

4.Long Wavy Hair

Do you enjoy large waves as much as we do? Bring out that opulent cocktail gown from your closet; tonight is all about you. We all know that the perfect dress code requires the perfect hairstyle, and we've got you covered. This romantic and feminine look is ideal for a date night.

The key to creating cascading curls with this hairstyle is thickness and volume. You can achieve this look by wearing a UNice air wig. With just a little combing, you'll have a pretty glamorous hairstyle fit for any formal occasion or 5-star restaurant. To draw attention, pair this hairstyle with a bold red lip and eye-catching earrings.

5. Fishtail Bun

Fishtail Bun

While long, layered hair never goes out of style, the romantic bun is timeless and classic for Valentine's Day. If you want to show off some detail on the back of a shirt or dress, try this fishtail bun.

How to Make a Fishtail Braid?

Step 1

Begin by parting your hair into two sections, which we'll call the left and right parts.

To combine the left and right parts, take a super thin section of hair from the outer left part and cross it towards the middle.

Step 2

Take a super thin section of hair from the outer right part of your head and cross it towards the middle to join with the left part.

Step 3

Take another thin section from the left and join it with the right. Combine a thin section from the right with a thin section from the left.

That's all there is to it! Continue combining small sections of hair with the opposite part all the way down.

6. Half up-do bow

Half up-do bow

This bow hairstyle is unique and can be easily achieved with a little more practice. If you're the more playful type, then it's the perfect hairstyle for you. If you have short or layered hair, you may find it difficult to create a bow without flowing strands, so be sure to cut a few wefted strands from your UNice Hair extensions at the back of your head to help. 

7. Ribbon hairstyle

Ribbon hairstyle

Ribbons are a great hair accessory, and they can be used to add a more sophisticated, brighter look to any hairstyle. Ribbons add a romantic French touch to this hairstyle, making it ideal for Valentine's Day.

Begin by running the ribbon through your hair, if you want to tie a ribbon around a half ponytail or a high ponytail. Then, wrap the ribbon around the tied hair several times (depending on the length of the ribbon) to make a bow with a large loop at the top.

If you have braids, you can wrap the surrounding ribbon to add texture. Take a ribbon and weave it in with your braiding skills, whether you have one, two, or more braids - this Valentine's Day hairstyle is also a fun and easy way to add color.

Love can be found in the hair.

Get up, dress up, put on a smile, and remember to share the love wherever you go, whether you're spending the day with a loved one, your family, or your best friend. Hope you have a good Valentine's Day!

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