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UNice Pre-Everything Wig Customer Reviews - 13x4 Lace Frontal Wig No Glue Needed

Last updated Feb 22, 2024

Pre-everything wig is the latest beginner-friendly series of wigs launched by UNice. Taking into account everyone's love for lace frontal wigs, as well as the time-saving and labor-saving wearing steps. UNice launches 13x4 lace frontal pre-everything wigs for the first time on the market. If you are interested in this series, please let me introduce it to you.

Why Do I Recommend UNice Pre-Everything Wig?

I am also a wig lover and like to try different hairstyles and hair colors. Among the wig types, I like lace frontal wigs the most with their natural look and endless hairstyle possibilities. However, it often takes a long time to wear, you know, because I have to trim and melt the lace with glue. I have to go to the hairstylist frequently, but every time it’s a huge expense! I have a love-hate relationship with lace frontal wigs.


When UNice announced the launch of the pre-everything wigs series, I was looking forward to it, because not only is this my favorite 13x4 lace frontal wig, but it also simplifies the wearing steps. Two things surprise me the most. One is s zig zag skin melting hairline, I no longer need to trim the lace myself. The second is to provide peelable invisible ear tab tape. For me, this is really a big savior. The lace frontal can be perfectly fixed without the use of glue or gel, which greatly reduces the wearing time.

UNice Pre-Everything Wig Recommend

UNice 13x4 Pre-Cut Lace Front Body Wave Wig Real Ear To Ear Pre-Everything Wig

◆ Texture: body wave/3D wave

◆ Density: 150%, 180%

◆ Hair length: 16-24 inches

◆ Baby hair optional

What Customers Say


This hair is very soft and the quality is perfect for the price! There’s no shedding and the wig is easy to construct and install. I will definitely get this wig again


I can't believe how good the quality of this wig is for the price! It's so soft and feels just like real hair


Literally the best lace and wig ever!! They were extremely nice and shipping was so fast!!

UNice 13x4 Lace Frontal Honey Blonde Highlights Jerry Curly Pre-Everything Wig

◆ Texture: Jerry curly

◆ Color: honey blonde highlights

◆ Hair length: 16-24 inches

◆ Baby hair optional

What Customers Say


Pre-pluck hairline is so amazing! And the color is my fav! It's my party hair!


The wig was shipped quickly and arrived on time. I’m really enjoying this unit. Accurate length and density. The seller also sent me a text confirming that my unit was due for arrival. An all-around great transaction.


I love the wig! it's full and nice~ super soft and super lovely! the seller did a good job of communicating well. shipping time is very fast and only takes about 6 days! very satisfied with the wig curls and pattern. all of my friends want it.

Video Feedback on UNice Pre-Everything Wig

The first wig above is used in the video below. You can see the wig in detail and the steps to put it on in this video.

“Here is the gorgeous wavy wig and it came protected. They come pre-bleached and pre-plucked, which come precut in a zig zag pattern hairline. It comes with this elastic band that goes on the inside of your wig cap and then you adjust. It is nice and snug on your head. It also comes with this anti-slip wig clip that surrounds the perimeter of the wig. You get combs and adjustable straps. This is a 13by4 transparent lace, it melts into the skin. This is very true ear to ear so here's the ear tape, you can see it fits perfectly over my ear so I don't even have to cut that part.”

Outstanding Features of UNice Pre-Everything Wig

After reading the above wig reviews, please come with me to take a look at the advantages of UNice pre-everything wigs.

13x4 Ear to Ear Lace Frontal

13x4 Ear to Ear Lace Frontal

13by4 lace frontal is very useful because it goes ear to ear and sits across the front of your head. Therefore, you can style a very flat appearance and achieve multiple chic hairstyles, such as side part, half up half down, high ponytails, etc.

With Peelable Invisible Ear Tab Tapes

Peelable Invisible Ear Tab Tapes Unice

Five additional pairs of ear tapes come with the wig, which can help you fix the lace more firmly and invisibly.

Secure Safe Combs and Blet

Secure Safe Combs and Blet

It wears a non-slip silicone strip and a ten-tooth comb, as well as an adjustable silicone belt, to prevent the wig from slipping during wearing.

Customized 3D Dome Cap

Customized 3D Dome Cap

The 3D dome cap is more comfortable, can fit the head size more perfectly, and is suitable for a wider range of head shapes.

S Zig Zag Skin Melting Hairline

S Zig Zag Skin Melting Hairline

The precut hairline has an S zig-zag shape, which fits the skin better and does not need to be fixed with glue, making it easy to wear and take off.

Invisible Bye Bye Knots

Invisible Bye Bye Knots

The wig knots have been artificially bleached and are very natural. There is no need to use any foundation to color the hair part.

The pre-everything wig is a product launched to meet customer needs after extensive research. If you have experienced situations where the lace is not invisible, the wig cap does not fit, the wig falls off easily, etc., then our UNice pre-everything wigs will be your best choice.

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