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The Complete Guide to Bardot Bangs in 2024, a Must-Try!

Last updated Mar 6, 2024

In recent years, Bardot bangs have become wildly popular on social media. The first popular trend was curtain bangs, but with the rise of the retro craze, Bardot bangs became a trend that more people followed. If you are not familiar with Brigitte Bardot bangs, you must have been impressed by Lana Del Rey's gothic look at the Grammys a while ago. In addition, Selena Gomez also tried a new Bardot bang haircut at the event not long ago. If you're into low-maintenance and flattering bangs to your face, don't miss this trend.

bardot bangs

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What Is Brigitte Bardot Bangs?

This bangs hairstyle is inspired by the hairstyle of Brigitte Bardot, a French actress in the 1960s who people loved for her charming and sexy screen image. Brigitte Bardot hair bangs are also called curtain bangs, but they are slightly different (the specific differences will be explained in detail below). Bardot bangs are fluffy and parted in the middle, the length of the bangs can be close to the eyes, and then the curvature of the bangs on both sides gently caresses the face to modify it.

Bardot bangs

Who Are Bardot Bangs Suitable For?

An important reason for the popularity of Bardot bangs is that they are suitable for various face shapes and hair types. Because its fluffy and sexy style can modify the contours of the face, this hairstyle can be well adapted to any face shape. Secondly, whether it is straight hair, wavy hair, or curly hair, it can be managed well and does not require too much maintenance.

Bardot Bangs Round Face Look

Bardot Bangs Round Face Look

Round faces are great at Bardot bangs, Chloe Moretz and Selena Gomez are great examples. If you have a round face, you can use fluffy Bardot bangs to lengthen the outline of your face visually, and you can also part it in the middle with bangs to enhance the structure.

Bardot Bangs With Bob Look

Bardot Bangs With Bob

In addition to the classic and versatile long hair, Bridget Bardot bangs are also very suitable for bob hairstyles. The hairstyle matched in this way has the outstanding feminine temperament of the 1960s and looks charming.

How to Cut Bardot Bangs?

You can get this kind of fluffy and natural bangs at home, as long as you master the details of hair cutting. The video below, viewed by tens of thousands of people, explains in great detail how to design your own brigitte bardot curtain bangs.

Step 1: part your hair in the center.

Step 2: separate the hair into a V-shaped area above the eyebrow arch, and then tie the other hair up with rubber bands or claw clips.

Step 3: pull the bangs separated on the right side toward the left eye, trim the bangs along an upward diagonal arc, and then trim the ends of the hair with scissors. The same steps are followed for the bangs on the left.

Step 4: compare the length of the bangs on both sides and further trim them to make them symmetrical.

Key Elements About Bardot Bangs

If you are a girl who loves French style, Bridgette Bardot bangs are not to be missed. Why do I recommend this bangs hairstyle so much? Because it really has too many advantages.

① Because brigitte bardot bangs are relatively long, they are versatile to style and can be made into a middle part or full bangs.

Timeless and romantic hairstyle, its soft curvature shows women's femininity.

Does not require excessive maintenance. All you need to do every day is to roll it into a fluffy arc with a straight iron, which is easier if you have curly hair.

④ Depending on the growth rate of each person's hair, it needs to be trimmed every three to four weeks.

Bardot Bangs vs Curtain Bangs, What Are the Differences?

Bardot Bangs vs Curtain Bangs

Although they look similar, there are some differences. As its name suggests, after the curtain bangs are separated from the middle, there is a more obvious partition, and the length distribution is also an obvious transition from short in the middle to long on the edge. Brigitte Bardot bangs are separated from the middle, but there is no obvious left and right distribution, and the bangs are longer and will reach the eye position, making the shape more fluffy and full.


Compared with traditional bangs, fully arched bangs like Bardot bangs can soften the face and make it more sexy and interesting. With spring here, come try out new hairstyles!

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