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4 Steps To Make Perfect Butterfly Locs With Color

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Butterfly locs have become a more popular hairstyle trend because of their unique style and ease of maintenance. butterfly locs are also popular for their unique style and ease of maintenance, and people are designing more colorful hairstyles based on this, butterfly locs with color are a perfect example. Below I will take you through how to make butterfly locs with color and some recommended looks.

1. what are butterfly locs with color?

Butterfly locs with color are long, loosely textured locs made of colored waves or curls that are crocheted through a hidden box braid. Braids have always been seen as sexy, ethnic and feminine, and good for the hair. By crocheting through wrapped around the braid so you don't have a way to see it.

Generally speaking, those with wavy and curly hair will be better suited to butterfly locs, a low-maintenance, native hair-friendly hairstyle. This is because it can provide you with a fuller look to your hair and can also make you look more alive. And when you are choosing a colored wig or using colored filler hair, you will get more innovative butterfly locs we call butterfly locs with color.

In terms of appearance, butterfly locs with color are not like the traditional weave hair that has a neat, compact look. It has a wavy or curly base, and these curls are woven together to create a loose and dynamic look like butterfly wings. butterfly locs with color is unique in that it has a wide variety of style variations, and you can choose different colors depending on the overall look or your preference. You can choose a single color, a mix of two colors, or even multiple colors.

butterfly locs dark blonde

In terms of practicality, butterfly locs with color are very close to everyday life. It gives full texture to the hair while also making it manageable. Who wouldn't love a look that's dynamic, vibrant, and helpful to hair growth?

2. How to make perfect butterfly locs with color?

After introducing what butterfly locs with color are, let's see how to make perfect butterfly locs with color.

Step 1:Start by arranging your hair and weaving your hair into tiny braids. Make sure your hair is divided into equal parts before you weave it, and that they are arranged together in a regular and organized manner.

After the braid is done, spray a moisturizing spray on your scalp, because when the hair is braided into tiny braids, the scalp will be stretched and will cause dryness and dehydration.

butterfly locs step 1

Step 2: Take out the crochet hook with the braided hair, put the crochet hook through the middle of the tied braid, and then gently tie a knot in the hair with the braided hair. Take the top to bottom method to weave butterfly locs in the hair.

butterfly locs step 2

Step 3: After weaving part of the hair, take out the colored braid you want, hook it with a crochet hook and embed it into the hair. Once embedded, wrap the colored hair and butterfly locs together.

Make sure they are wrapped securely enough, and in the middle section, you can pull the hair loose to make the butterfly locs with color look more natural. At the end of the hair, you can choose to seal the butterfly locs with color with a nail glue type of product.

butterfly locs step 3

Step 4: In the process of weaving you can choose several different colors to weave in your hair depending on your preference or color matching. Dark and light colors match each other and are usually the hair colors that can quickly catch the eye, making sure that butterfly locs with color is full enough and also making sure that each braid is sealed.

The last thing you can do is design a different look, and if you like to be more active and cute, you can choose to tie a space bun on the top of your head, but no matter how you style it, butterfly locs with color will look great when you simply wear it.

butterfly locs step 4

3. gorgeous butterfly locs with color for you

3.1 reddish brown butterfly locs with color

butterfly locs reddish brown

Reddish brown is a color that is very inclusive and sexy in a calm way. With black as the main weave color, reddish brown on top of black hair is the perfect hairstyle and hair color choice for you for fall and winter. reddish brown butterfly locs with color are also suitable for creating more and more innovative hairstyles, you can tie it up for a half up and half down look or tie a pillow.

3.2 black mix burgundy butterfly locs with color

butterfly locs burgundy

If you don't like overly flashy colors and prefer a more understated and subdued style. Red with black should be your best choice. But you never need to worry that it will be too monotonous, here you can teach yourself a little trick, take some small charm set in your hair, which will greatly increase the butterfly locs with color charm.

3.3 platinum blonde butterfly locs with color

butterfly locs blonde

Platinum butterfly locs are a novelty to try! Most girls love the feminine look. They love the way this feminine style is paired with cold platinum roots. In addition, it works well for wrapping unbleached natural hair and synthetic platinum water curls. It's a striking look, and if you're interested in bright blonde hair, you won't be bored!

4. conclusion

Above we have taken a closer look at the process of making butterfly locs with color and suggested a few hairstyles for you to try. butterfly locs with color is a rich and varied look that can be adapted to different hair lengths, so no matter your length and texture of hair, you will be able to find the right look for you. butterfly locs with color styling.

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