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Shadow Root Hair Is the Coolest Low-Maintenance Trend

Last updated Feb 29, 2024

If you're a fan of the beauty, it's time to stop dying your roots. The shadow root hairstyle is one of the hair trends for 2023, and it is beginning to overshadow the popular gradient hairstyle. Darker roots and lighter ends characterize the shadow root technique, but there is no stark contrast between the two.

Furthermore, shadow hair roots are suitable for everyone! There are so many different shadow root hair color options that the only limit is your imagination! Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the shadow root technique.

What Exactly Is Shadow Root?

What exactly is shadow root?

When your stylist adds a color closer to your natural tone to your highlights or a new color, this is known as shadow rooting. Shadow roots are much easier to keep up with than regular hair color. This not only gives your hair a more "lived-in" appearance, but it also extends the life of your color by blending into your natural roots rather than leaving a harsh line of demarcation.

Shadow root hair has a very smooth transition from one tone or color to another, giving the appearance of a subtle shade. It is accomplished primarily by stretching the dye from the root to the tip, resulting in a gradation of darker to lighter tones.

The Advantages of Shadow Root Hair

The Advantages of shadow root hair

- Increases hair brightness and volume.

- Offers low-maintenance hairstyles that do not require regular coloring for up to three months.

- Enables girls to grow their natural hair color to the length desired.

- Applies to any length of hair.

- Gives your image a new and natural appearance.

- Promotes healthier hair by reducing the frequency with which the roots must be colored.

- Keeping time and money to a minimum for a neat and tidy appearance.

- Make your hairstyle look dashing because it has become a symbol of trendsetters, celebrities, and stylish vibes.

- Encourage experimentation with different colors and styles (think purple, blue, even rainbow roots).

Shadow Root vs. Root Smudge

Shadow Root vs. Root Smudge

Root smudge and shadow root are similar techniques with different purposes. Both methods produce a color blend that is seamless and blurs the transition from the root to the rest of the hair. The shadow root technique, on the other hand, is used in more contrasting colors. Shadow Root is your go-to style if you want a dramatic gradient from the roots to the ends.

Shadow Root vs. Balayage

Shadow Root and Balayage may appear similar on shoulder-length hair. These two techniques, however, are diametrically opposed. Balayage highlights the lower part of the hair or a portion of it (think face-framing highlights), whereas shadow roots darken the roots.

How to Do Homemade Shadow Root?

You can do the shadow root technique on your own hair. There are numerous tutorials available online that show how to properly part your hair and apply hair dye. The most difficult part of the process is determining the shade that best suits your goals and blends in with the rest of your hair. So, if you have some experience coloring your own hair, you can experiment with root shades. It is best to find a good hair colorist if you are a beginner in this area.

How Much Do Shadow Roots Cost?

Shadow root styles require very little upkeep. As a result, depending on which dark-to-light color ratio you prefer, seeing a stylist once every three months or so is about the right cost. This may cost an extra $50 over other salon procedures, or it may cost around $100-200 if done alone, depending on the location of the service and the skills of the hairstylist.

Inspiration for the Shadow Root Trend

Do you like bright colors? Then you should experiment with shadow roots this year. To add variety, use different shades. You can, for example, color your roots in pastel shades or try something fun and unusual with bright colors.

You'll be edgy and fashionable in any color scheme! Here are some of the most inventive and one-of-a-kind approaches! Choose the one that best suits you and wow everyone with your stunning new hairstyle. 

Blonde With Dark Roots

Blonde with dark roots

A blonde with dark roots is one of the most practical coloring options. This color scheme is similar to a gradient, but with a focus on the roots. You won't need to brighten them as frequently as you would if they were longer - they'll look neat and sleek. This coloring technique visually adds volume to the hair and makes the light more visible, which is why many girls prefer a combination of multiple shades of hair color over a single solid color. Furthermore, braided hairstyles on shadow root hair look fantastic, don't they?

Soft Pink Roots for Blonde Hair

Soft Pink Roots for Blonde Hair

Do you want to make heads turn? The pastel pink and shadow root combination is a sure way to succeed! For a sleek, chic look, add brightness around the face and leave darker blonde hair with pink tones at the roots.

Shadow Roots for Gray Hair

Shadow roots for gray hair

Shade the gray by darkening the roots. This technique enables the colorist to create a darker undertone while highlighting the beautiful glow of silver hair.

Purple Shadow Roots

Purple shadow roots

Purple at the ends of our hair is something we've all seen, and it looks pretty ordinary. However, try dying your roots this color and see how unique and shiny your hair becomes. Soft lavender, violet, mauve, lavender, and other beautiful purple shades will complement blonde hair perfectly and make the overall look more gentle and feminine.

Balayage and Shadow Roots

Balayage and Shadow Roots

This technique combination looks fantastic on the hair. This option is ideal for brown-haired girls as well as blondes because it features a subtle transition from dark roots to luxuriously natural burnt hair on the ends, which is very popular right now.

Red Hair With Shadow Roots

Red hair with shadow roots

Red hair with darkened roots looks fantastic and is reminiscent of warm autumn days! The tonal contrast fluffs up the hair and adds some vibrancy to the image.

Rainbow Shadow Roots

Rainbow shadow roots

Rainbow roots are a more visually appealing alternative to natural root colors. This eye-catching detail looks great on hair of any length or color. It's a great way to transport yourself during the summer!

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