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Is This a Test from Jesus? Sarah Jakes Roberts Just Snatched Her Wig off on TV Show

Last updated Jan 18, 2024

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a powerful preacher, author, and speaker. A devoted follower of Christ Jesus, she serves as co-pastor at The Potter's House at One LA and The Potter's House Denver with her husband, Touré Roberts. According to the latest news, on May 28, the scene when Sarah Jakes Roberts preached at Potter's House Church in Texas caused a heated discussion on the Internet.

sarah jakes roberts wearing wig cap

What Happened at the Sermon?

On May 28, Roberts delivered a sermon. She wore a vibrant, colorful dress and pink jacket with a straight black wig in a high ponytail. The 34-year-old's wig accidentally slipped off when she shared a message about "locking in" with God!

remove wigs off

Instead of avoiding her wig mishap, Roberts removed the wig and used the incident as an opportunity to share with the crowd how obeying God is more valuable than appearances.

when her wig slipped, she dropped it without hesitation. "I don't care. Y'all don't think this is my hair? Do you? I really don't care because none of this is really necessary. Because I recognize what is really necessary if the wigs stay on or not. If the shoes stay on or not. I know what I'm really here for. I understand that I came in to lock in on something," Roberts said.

Sarah Jakes Roberts wig off

Not surprisingly this woman knew what she was getting into, but she didn't care. "You can make the memes and make the videos. One thing I know for sure is being locked in on a word. And if this is a distraction, then let it fall off. Because at the end of the day, I believe that I am called to bring a breakthrough in this room. And if I'm in the way of the breakthrough, then move me out of the way."

Even if her wig fell off, she could not stop her from teaching God's teachings. She considered this a responsibility and a test. "The worst that you can do is make it about you when God is trying to use you. When you make it about you when God is trying to use you, you'll miss the moment when glory can come through you."

Roberts' Response to the News

The day after the wig removal incident occurred, Roberts responded on her Instagram.

She had this to say about wearing a wig: "I've always enjoyed getting dressed up and looking my best. I also have worked really hard to separate my worth and identity from my appearance." But the act of taking off the wig was because she had more important things to do. "My message was more important to me than maintaining my appearance so I took it off, locked in, and kept preaching."

At the sermon, after Roberts took off her wig, she was encouraged and cheered by many women. She mentioned: "What moved me the most was seeing how many women joined me in getting courageously vulnerable, real, and free."

Interesting Follow-up: Sherri Shepherd's Wig Also Slipped Off

A few days later, Sherri Shepherd mentioned Sarah's viral video on her show and expressed her admiration for Sarah. In support of Sarah, she imitated the scene of her wig falling off. When she stood up passionately, her wig slipped dramatically, bringing the atmosphere to a climax. Yes, "The show must go on!" said Sherri.

Sherri Shepherd Wig fell off

Sarah Jakes Roberts' Wig Empowering Journey

Sarah Jakes Roberts' journey has been one of resilience and self-discovery, and her wigs reflect her changing sense of self-expression. Sarah's choice to wear or not wear wigs shatters stereotypes and challenges conventional notions of beauty and femininity. By openly embracing wigs, she redefines what it means to be authentic and confident in one's appearance. Her willingness to share her experiences with removing wigs empowers others to feel comfortable expressing themselves in ways that resonate with their true selves, regardless of societal expectations.

Sarah Jakes Roberts with wig

Sarah's openness about her wig collection has a far-reaching impact beyond the realm of style. It empowers individuals to take ownership of their narratives and redefine their sense of beauty and confidence. Her wigs are a testament to the fact that self-love is not confined to a single appearance, but rather is a celebration of the multifaceted journey we all embark on.

As she said, “The wigs, beat face, clothes, and shoes are just another way of showing that you can love Jesus and still be fly” and “As long as you get the message and God gets the glory, my job is done.”

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