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Is Ice Spice Hair Real? Wig or Natural Hair?

Last updated Apr 19, 2024

Ice Spice, the hip-hop singer from the Bronx in New York City, is taking over TikTok and any other place on the Internet with her signature afro and witty, catchy lyrics.

And here is one thing about her: There are a lot of debates going on about Ice Spice's real hair. Some people are convinced that she wears a wig. Because almost every time you see her, her hair presents a different color, length, and texture.

On February 8, 2023, a photo of the Ice Spice that seems to be a high school yearbook went viral online. This pic shows that she had straight black hair instead of ginger red hair, which makes fans shocked that she wasn't a natural ginger. Despite being shocked by her straight black hair, she looks cute in this picture with a big smile and black hair.

What Does Ice Spice's Natural Hair Looks?

She confirmed that in person, she has naturally curly hair and she got her hair straightened during the time in Junior year.

In the interview with Erykah Badu, she said: "When I started putting music out, I was wearing wigs a lot. I didn't show my natural hair until I put out “No Clarity” in November 2021. I noticed it was doing so much better than all my previous work. I don't think my fan base was ready for me to be in heels and a lace front. I think they like that I'm being myself."

Is Ice Spice Hair Naturally Red?

According to the pic of her high-school yearbook, Ice Spice' natural hair is to be believed a natural black. Her cute red ginger hair seems to be a dyed hair result or a wig someone might think.

Is Ice Spice Hair a Wig?

We believe she sometimes wears a wig for a photo shoot. And the style for DAZED Magazine most likely is a look with a wig.

And her latest sleek long hair look in BET Awards seems to be a hair transformation with a wig install. According to VOGUE, "I was able to achieve a very sleek, straight, and flowing look," says hairstylist Kadijah Balde, who prepped Spice's natural hair, wig, and edges with glues, sprays, and styling gels from got2b, blasting the final look with a coat of göt2b Blasting Freeze Spray for a hold that would last from carpet to performance. Paired with cat-eye liner, a diamond-encrusted cross, and a sheer corseted gown from Dolce & Gabbana, the moment gave off individualized siren vibes, aesthetics converging to make a statement that was entirely 2023.

How to Get the Iconic Ice Spice Ginger Short Curly Hair?

ginger curly wig


Ice Spice is well-known for her signature ginger-red curly hair. If you are looking for a try, here is a wig that we think might be perfect for you to mimic the style.

Ice Spice Hairstyles

Ice Spice Orange Long Hair at Coachella

ice spice coachella

On the Coachella stage, Ice Spice, with her iconic long orange hair, ignited the entire scene with her songs and charm. This time, ice spice's long orange hair is no longer straight, but has pretty small waves with a side swoop.

Ice Spice Curly Hair

Ice Spice Betty Boop Bob

Ice Spice Straight Hair With Bangs

Ice Spice Long Straight Hair

Ice Spice Red Hair

Ice Spice Brown Hair

Ice Spice Straight Buss Down

ice spice straight buss down

Ice Spice Pink Hair

ice spice pink hair

Ice Spice Ginger Blonde Hair

ice spice ginger blonde hair

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