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Pink Ombre Hair-Things You Can't Miss

Last updated Apr 1, 2024

Tired of the same old brown hair and blonde hair color? Try pink ombre hair! We've seen a lot of use when it comes to pink ombre hair. Dark roots and their contrasting, often brighter ends are already common. To further illustrate the versatility of gradient-colored hair, we're taking you down the path of cotton candy pink and rose gold streaks. Plus, pink ombre hair is super trendy right now, so you're sure to turn heads when you walk into a room.

What Is Pink Ombre Hair?

What is pink ombre hair?

It's a gradient color that combines dark and light colors, with shades of pink in the middle of dark hair. Pink is more versatile than you might think and can be added to a natural hair color base of brown, blonde, black, or even ginger!
From flamingo to candy pink and strawberry blonde, there's a perfect shade of pink. We love pink by no means only because of its dreaminess, but also because of its versatility. You can also mix pink into dyed blonde, brown, or black hair bases, or mix it with other bright colors. For example, orange, purple, or even green, and the results will surely amaze you.

Can I Get Pink Ombre Hair At Home?

Do you want to try pink ombre hair too? Don't worry, it's actually easier than you think. You can get this effect at home by following our method. If you dye your hair regularly for yourself, then you can totally do it yourself; but if it's your first time, we suggest you have a helper.

If you have brunette hair undertones, that's great, the great thing about brunette hair is that it suits any hair color and style. So whether you want to keep your natural undertones or go for a whole new look, ombre is the perfect way to go.

Pink ombre hair features a pink shade that transitions into another vibrant or natural hair color, or vice versa. For those who are bold and want to feel pink hair, going for pink ombre hair should be your first step!

Is Pink Ombre Hair Right For Me?

The beauty of pink ombre hair is that it can be adapted to any hair color and style. Whether you have warm or cool skin tones, as long as you choose the right pink for you, you're sure to look amazing.

Warm And Cool Shades Of Pink

Warm and cool shades of pink

Warm pink hair colors

Strawberry, candy colors, pale pink, bubblegum, flamingo

Cool pink hair color

Ultra Violet, lilac, mauve, rose, raspberry

If you're not sure if pink ombre hair is right for you, look at photos of other people with similar styles, skin tones, and body types to you as a reference. If you're worried about being too flashy, you can opt for a more subtle shade of light pink that will also make your hair look pretty.

Now that you know a little about pink gradient hair, are you ready to try it on? We've got some pink gradient hairstyles for you that we hope will give you some inspiration.

01 Rose Gold Lob

Rose Gold Lob

If you are looking for a lovely change for your blonde hair, try lob rose blonde hair, this style is popular and you can enjoy this color any time of the year. Whether you have straight or wavy hair, you'll love your new look.

02 Cotton Candy Pink

Cotton Candy Pink

Kaia Gerber's cotton candy pink gradient is not to be missed. If this is your color inspiration, be sure to use the right products to make your hair feel less like cotton candy while still maintaining the playful pink hue.

03 Flamingo Gradient Pink Hair

Flamingo Gradient Pink Hair

Pink comes in a variety of its own shades, from magenta to millennial. If fuchsia is too bright for you, opt for a lighter shade of pink, like these flamingo-painted hair ends seen here.

04 Soft Pink Bob with Bangs

Soft Pink Bob with Bangs

Your hair will be the subject of conversation when you choose a soft pink bob with bangs. Fashion is always fun, but it requires a lot of maintenance. You have to pre-dye your hair blonde to get the light pink color.

05 Icy pink hair

Icy pink hair

Like all shades of pink hair, it is very popular right now. This color is combined with a hint of magenta to create a cool tone. For home maintenance, use dry shampoo, hairspray, and styling powder to lock in the icy pink color and protect your hair.

How long will pink ombre hair last?

Typically, this hairstyle lasts 4 to 6 weeks, depending on how often you shampoo and style your hair. Because the pink color is only at the ends of your hair, it will grow out naturally over time.
If you also use a base color, this will require touch-ups as your hair roots grow. About 6-8 weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows!

How to care for pink ombre hair?

How to care for pink ombre hair?

To help keep your look fresh, follow these simple tips.

- Use a quality shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for color-treated hair.
- Use a UV protectant spray to help protect your hair from the sun's harmful rays.
- Try not to wash your hair too often; every other day is ideal.
- Use a good deep conditioner once a week to keep your hair soft and your color locked in.


Now you have advice on how to get and care for pink ombre hair. With so many different options, there is sure to be a look that works for you, so go ahead and be bold!

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