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Pink Lemon Hair - Is It Really Worth the Try?

Last updated Jun 21, 2024

Pink lemon hair is blowing up in 2023 and everyone seems to be crazy about it. Many African Americans use hair bundles to change their hairstyle, but with so many brands on the market, it can be challenging to find hair bundles with the best quality and cost performance. So, are pink lemon hair bundles a spontaneous customer recommendation or just hype? If you haven't placed an order yet, please take a look at the reviews and frequently asked questions about pink lemon hair that I have compiled for you.

pink lemon hair

Credit: Pink Lemon

What Is Pink Lemon Hair?

Pink Lemon Hair is a brand of hair bundles and wigs commonly found in offline beauty supply stores. Its products offer different textures, packs, and length options, however, the most popular product is hair bundles.

pink lemon hair bundles

Credit: Pink Lemon

What Features Do Pink Lemon Hair Have, According to the Customers

In order to help you further compare and make the right choice, we have collected online pink lemon hair reviews. You can look at these reviews from an objective perspective and make your own choice.

Pros of Pink Lemon Hair

Low Price

Search pink lemon hair reviews on TiK Tok. One of the biggest advantages is the low price. Compared with most hair bundles, pink lemon hair also focuses on 100% human hair, but its price is relatively cheaper.

Multiple Hair Textures

There are many common textures, such as straight, body wave, loose wave, deep wave, natural wave, yaki texture, etc., and there are also some special curls. Besides, you can also choose one bundle, two bundles, or three bundles according to the hair volume you want.

Natural to Wear

The hair bundles of pink lemon hair are all naturally black and blend seamlessly with your natural hair. It is said that the hair used is 100% unprocessed virgin human hair, which makes it appear natural.

Silky Hair

The bundles are very smooth and silky. This feature makes it less likely to get tangled, so you don’t have to worry about messing up your hair when doing a lot of styling.

Cons of Pink Lemon Hair

Along with the good reviews, there are also some negative reviews. After all, reviews vary from person to person. Some customers think that pink lemon hair has changed since it became popular, and its quality is not as satisfactory as before.

Can't Hold Curls Well

Some people agree with this view and say that the curls do not last all day, but some people think that pink lemon hair can maintain curls well. This kind of differential evaluation is not a good thing, because it makes every purchase a "gamble".

Get Oily Quickly

Many people have this experience - Pink lemon hair becomes oily too quickly and must be taken care of frequently to maintain a fresh state. Some people recommend using dry shampoo to get volume.

Shed a Lot

Hair bundles and wig products inevitably shed like our own hair. However, many people reported that pink lemon hair sheds a lot. Because of this, some customers now suspect that Pink Lemon Hair mixes synthetic hair with virgin human hair for sale.

Smell Bad

A few customers reported that pink lemon hair's bundles had a burnt smell after being worn on their heads, but they did not undergo heat treatment.

Thin Hair

In recent months, there have been many comments stating that pink lemon hair's hair bundles are too thin. Even if you buy 3 or 4 bundles, you still can't create fluffy hair volume, especially for straight hair.

Why Do Its Reviews Vary So Much?

Because of the mixed reviews from customers, some people believe that pink lemon hair is being hyped. We have no way of knowing whether it is really because of the hype, but from the perspective of the brand itself, there are three main reasons for the difference in reviews:

No official self-operated stores. Pink.lemon hair adopts a distributor sales model, and its products are mostly sold in offline beauty supply stores and online beauty-integrated websites. Without a dedicated self-operated website, it is difficult to guarantee product quality and after-sales service.

Large price difference. Because policies vary from state to state, the price of pink lemon hair sold in various regions is also different. Therefore, it is difficult for some customers to buy hair bundles at good prices.

Authenticity is not guaranteed. Some people think that the pink lemon hair they buy is of poor quality because it is fake. After gaining popularity without any official sales channels, it became difficult to distinguish between genuine and imitation products.

Where to Buy Superb Hair Bundles?

UNice is a company that produces and sells 100% human virgin hair products. We have an online official website and offline brand stores, which can provide customers with considerate and professional services.

UNice's hair bundles use double weft, which ensures thickness from top to end. They can be bleached and dyed at will, and are available in a variety of textures and lengths. After establishing UNice, we have received love and praise from both new and existing customers. Below are some of our popular hair bundles.

FAQs About Pink Lemon Hair

What Type of Hair Is Pink Lemon?

It said is 100% Unprocessed 13A virgin human hair.

How Long Does Pink Lemon Hair Last?

Approximately 3-4 weeks, maybe 6 weeks with proper care.

Can You Reuse Pink Lemon Hair?

Yes, if you install and remove it carefully, plus proper care.

Does Pink Lemon Hair Hold Curls?

As I mentioned above, some think that it can hold curls pretty well, while some have the opposite opinion. Maybe the key is what kind of surprise the hair bundles you buy can give you.


In short, many people reported that before pink lemon hair got viral, its hair bundles were of good quality and full, but after that, the quality dropped. If you want to buy, be sure to keep your eyes peeled.

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