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Partial VS Full Highlights, Which One Is Better?

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Partial and full highlights are fantastic methods of creating a splash of color in your hair. Adding highlights can not only completely change your style but can give any hairstyle a fresh new look. You would like to use highlights to add color to your hair, but aren't sure if partial or full highlights are for you, right? Then you're not alone. In today's article, we'll respectively explain what partial and full highlights are and the difference between them, respectively.

1. What Are Partial Highlights?

2. What Are Full Highlights?

3. What Are The Differences Between Partial Highlights And Full Highlights?

4. The Most Popular Partial Highlights And Full Highlights For You

5. Partial VS Full Highlights, Which One Is Better?

What Are Partial Highlights?


In short, partial highlighting refers to partially highlighting your hair. This highlighting technique focuses on a portion of the hair, not all of it. They can be used to create subtle or bold looks, and where they are placed depends on exactly how much contrast you want.

What Are Full Highlights?


As the name implies, full highlights cover all the hair. The full highlighting process involves highlighting every part of your head, and it gets something more dramatic and bold by slightly fading or deepening your hair.

What Are The Differences Between Partial Highlights And Full Highlights?

After learning what partial highlights and full highlights are, are you wondering what is the difference between them? Now, here are a number of distinctions between partial highlights and full highlights, let’s take a look.

1. Cost

One of the biggest differences between partial highlights and full highlights is the cost. Compared to full highlights, partial highlighting is a little cheaper as it requires a little less work and materials. Therefore, if you are on a budget, try partial highlighting. Of course, you can try all highlights to your heart's content if you have a big enough budget.

2. Final effects

In comparison to partial highlights, full highlights can be used to provide a more dramatic effect on the hair. Full highlights can dramatically shift the overall color of the hair and contribute to giving it texture. Partial highlights, on the other hand, can still see a lot of the base hair color, so the effect tends to be a little more subtle.

3. Maintenance

Full highlights require more maintenance than partial highlights. Partial highlights have less noticeable new growth, so it doesn't require as much maintenance, while full highlights are easily noticeable by others as the strands grow, so you'll need to keep adding highlights to touch-ups to make the difference less noticeable.

4. Hair damage

Causing different levels of hair damage is also the difference between partial highlights and full highlights. Because partial highlights only involve a portion of the hair, it does not cause as much damage to the hair. However, full highlights target the entire hair and more hair will be bleached, thus causing more visible damage to the hair.

5. Processing time

Another difference between partial highlights and full highlights is their different processing times. Partial highlights involve only part of the hair, so it takes a shorter time, usually about an hour. Full highlights, on the other hand, relate to the entire hair, so it takes longer, about 2-4 hours, depending on the length of your hair, hair texture, how much hair you have, etc.

The Most Popular Partial Highlights And Full Highlights For You

After understanding the distinctions between partial highlights and full highlights, do you want to know what are some good-looking and popular partial highlights and full highlights hairstyles? Below, we will provide you with some good-looking hairstyles. You can choose the one that suits you according to your preference and style.

The Trendy Partial Highlight Hairstyles For You

1. Golden beachy waves


If you're looking for a partial highlight that will work perfectly with a long bob, then try this golden beachy wave. Add some partial gold highlights to your waves to give them a little more character. These beachy waves are highlighted only at the top and are evenly distributed throughout the area, leaving darkness at the roots and below for a great look and style.

2. Face frame highlight


Face frame highlighting is a type of partial highlighting that strategically places color around the hairline for an instant highlighting and framing effect. The color around the hairline is usually a little brighter than your natural tone. It's perfect for salon color novices and anyone looking for a quick and subtle way to change the look. If you're interested, give it a try.

3. Purple highlights


You love vibrant colors, don't you? Then try this purple highlight. First of all, purple can make you look elegant and classy, and it can set off your face shape. What's more, they look especially lovely against chocolate-colored hair. If you haven't chosen your favorite part of the highlights, then you can't miss it, it will give you an unexpected effect.

The Stylish Full Highlight Hairstyles For You

Now, let's see some beautiful and trendy full-highlight hairstyles.

1. Honey blonde hair


If you don't like super blonde hair, you can go for a honey or light brown color that is a little lighter than your natural hair. This full highlight makes your hair look extra nice as well as shiny. It also makes you look extra beautiful and elegant. If you have long hair, you can make your hair curly, which will make your hair look extra textured as well as bouncy.

2. Icy blonde highlights


Looking for a full highlight hairstyle that suits you? Then these icy blonde highlights are the perfect choice for you. This icy blonde highlights style adds more color to your face, slims your facial lines, and gives a touch of elegance to your look. These highlights are perfect for all occasions, they go with different outfits and are easy to stand out.

3. Red auburn highlights


If you are looking for full highlights for fall and winter, then these red auburn highlights will become your favorite. These full body highlights are chic, romantic, and suitable for all skin tones and can complement your skin tone. In addition, these full highlights are perfect for fall and winter and make you feel extra warm.

Partial VS Full Highlights, Which One Is Better?

Whether partial highlights or full highlights, they all have their advantages and disadvantages, and it's hard for us to tell which one is better. You can choose the one that suits you according to your needs and preferences. What suits you is the best.

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