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Will Neck Length Haircut Suit Your Face?

Last updated Jul 19, 2024

Medium-length haircuts offer a wide variety of hairstyles that look feminine. Neck length haircut won't make it difficult to style your hair because it's too short, and you won't feel bored because it's too long. You can choose a very free-flowing, loose, and textured hairstyle. But choosing any kind of hairstyle is based on your preference and face shape, is neck length haircut really for you? We will answer you one by one according to different face shapes.

neck length haircut

1. Tips for Choosing a Neck Length Haircut

The first thing we need to know is that the neck length haircut is only one element of your overall look. Your clothes, jewelry, and makeup will all affect your overall look. But in many cases, the neck length haircut can do wonders for your look. A large percentage of people, just by daring to try cutting their hair short, neck length haircut has also revolutionized their facial features. neck length haircut is a versatile hairstyle that is suitable for almost everyone. Here are a few tips for you to consider for neck length haircut

face shape

● Neck length haircut with or without bangs, color, and shape

● Density and texture. For example, the difference between afro hair, curly hair, and straight hair.

● Bone structure. Facial bone structure needs to be taken very seriously because two different bone types can look very different on the same haircut

2. Different face for neck length haircut

2.1 Oblong Face

Oblong face

If you have an oblong face, whether you have lean cheeks or soft cheeks, your face will be elongated as long as your face type is an oblong face. You should never add volume to the top hair and make the sides smoother on either side of your cheeks, this will only make your hair look thinner. oblong face can choose to extend the length of the neck length haircut below the chin and make the hair shapely and curl it properly.

2.2 Diamond Face

Diamond face

If you have a diamond face, your chin is more pointed, your cheekbones are wider, and your cheekbones are more prominent at the sides. So, it would be better to design the neck-length haircut from below the cheekbones. This creates a fold and twist in your cheekbone area, which will soften your facial features nicely.

2.3 Triangle Face

Triangle face

A triangle face has distinct features at the cheeks and chin, with a wider forehead area and a narrower chin area. On a triangle face, any type of neck-length haircut will look good, after all, this face shape has thin and narrow bones and delicate facial contours. So shorter or longer neck length haircuts are suitable for triangle faces.

2.4 Round Face

Round face

Round faces usually have a facial contour of about the same length and width, and they have a soft chin. Their face shape is suitable for all but very short hair. If the hair is about the same length as the cheekbone, it will give the impression that the flesh of the lower part of the round face is separated. Since the cheeks are wider, it is not recommended to add volume to the hair on both sides, as it will only make the face look wider.

2.5 Heart Shape Face

Heart shape face

A heart-shaped face looks similar to a round face in general, but because of the pointed chin, it makes the whole cheeks look bigger than they are. Therefore, it is suitable to choose the length of neck length haircut below the chin, so that the face can be better modified.

2.6 Rectangular Face

Rectangular face

The rectangular face has a slim face shape and a clear curve at the jawline, which is similar to an oblong face. Therefore, girls who have a rectangular face should not increase the amount of hair on the top of the head and should not make the hair on the sides thinner. What's more, a chin-length hairstyle is not suitable for a rectangular face, it will only make your chin look longer.

2.7 Square Face

Square face

A square face has a jaw as wide as the cheeks. You can try to add volume to your hair at the top of your head to make it look more voluminous, which can be a good solution to the problem of a wide jaw. Or take an asymmetrical neck length haircut, which can balance your face well.

3. Neck Length Haircut for Every Face Shape

3.1 Neck Length Haircut With Short Front and Long Back

If you don't want to cut your hair short, then choose a way that you can't go wrong. A neck length haircut with the length in the middle of the neck is the ideal choice, with long hair in the front and shorter hair in the back. This design can better design the diagonal line of the face and make the silhouette softer.

3.2 Curly Hair Below the Chin

Balancing the face, the best feature of such a hairstyle is that it unites the head and the body through the neck. And it can give a shadow to the neck, making the neck look slimmer and making the face look more proportional. What's more, it can hide your double chin very well.

3.3 Blunt Bob

The Blunt bob is one of the most fashionable hairstyles nowadays. The layering is not particularly obvious, and the elongated design on the haircut will make your features stand out more. Especially for those women who have very curly or wavy hair, a blunt bob is more suitable for them.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, neck length haircut is great for women of all ages and we have recommended different hairstyles for you according to different face shapes. Neck length haircut is suitable for all kinds of hairstyles and face shapes, you just need to adjust it according to your characteristics. If you don't want to cut your own hair, you can try to find short bob wigs in UNice, you can find all types of neck length haircuts here!

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