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Beginners Lace Frontal Series: How to Install and Remove my Frontal Wig

Last updated Apr 26, 2024

As is well known lace front wigs look natural and firm after being worn. But the basic is you should wear your lace frontal wigs with baby hair and remove the cheap lace frontal wigs in the right way. So this blog will introduce how to install and remove the lace frontal wig with baby hair properly.

What you will learn:

1. What Are The Benefits Of Human Hair Wigs?

2. How To Make A Lace Frontal Wig?

3. How To Install Lace Frontal Wig?

4. How To Remove Frontal Human Hair Wig?

What Are The Benefits Of Human Hair Wigs?

It's no secret that celebrities use wigs, weaves, and different hair systems to make their hair look fuller, thicker, and glossier for their film, TV, and red carpet appearances.  

And wigs have ditched their old-fashioned connotations, you can get a very on-trend look nowadays by getting it cut at your hairdresser's.

A wig for women would be ideal for everyone who wants to cover up her hair while her hair grows back.

In summary, the benefits of wearing a wig:

1. Wigs can conceal natural hair issues.

2. Wigs are convenient.

3. You can try different styles. Wigs can provide you with the option to get a brand-new style whenever you want! The styles are virtually limitless with wigs available in a vast variety of colors, lengths, and textures.

4. Wigs can protect your natural hair. Wearing a wig means you don't need to use heat styling tools on your natural hair. After all, it will cause damage more or less. Our human hair wigs can be dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, straightened, or styled as your own hair according to your need, so you can freely use flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers on the human hair wig to style it as you wish and get that polished look.

5. Wigs give you a natural look that will give you more confidence. If your own hair is thin or you are suffering from hair loss, wearing a wig automatically gives you a full head of gorgeous-looking hair. 

6. Wearing wigs regularly can save you a lot of money in the long run.

human hair wig

The disadvantages of wearing a wig:

There are a few disadvantages to a wig and those are listed below:

◆ Wigs need a little more care as compared to natural hair.

◆ Frequent use of the wig can cause the natural hair to be suffocated or damaged.

◆ It takes a long time to wear as compared to your natural hair.

Even though the price of a human hair wig is slightly higher than a synthetic hair wig, it is a better option when putting into question the durability, realistic look, and flexibility of styling. Now that you have the advantages and disadvantages before you, the choice is all yours. 

How To Make A Lace Frontal Wig?

The price of a good lace frontal wig is quite expensive for many people. However, it is not difficult for us to make a lace frontal wig by ourselves, if you're interested, you can do so as long as you have the right tools and plenty of patience. Here's how to make a lace frontal wig by yourself

What you need

Wig Shampoo And Conditioner;

Curved Needles

Black Thread

Straight Needles

An Elastic Headband

A Mannequin Head

Needle And Thread/ Hair Glue

Hair Extensions (weaveS)

A Fitted Dome Cap

Lace Hair Closure


T Pins;

What To Do

how to make a wig

Step 1

Turn the dome cap inside out and place it on the mannequin. Make sure it fits well.

Step 2

Use the needle and thread to sew the elastic band to the rim of the dome cap.

Step 3

Turn the dome cap back to the original side and place it on the mannequin’s head.

Step 4

Decide what kind of parting style you want and line up where you want the parting with the dome cap.

Step 5

Take out your extension and sew the base to the head.

Step 6

Do this row by row until you get to the middle of the head.

Step 7

Then start to sew the sides of the head by the ears.

Step 8

Keep sewing until you have covered the dome cap.

Step 9

Tweeze the hairs in the lace closure to make it look like your real hair. 

If you would like to see how to make a wig with closure, here is a video tutorial.

How To Install Lace Frontal Wig?

how to install your wig

You can attach your lace front wig using either a liquid adhesive or a tape adhesive. You can achieve a secure hold using either method...which option to choose is simply a matter of personal preference. Now let us see how to install a lace frontal wig for beginners

Step 1:  Prep Your Hairline

First, cut the lace back to the hairline. Be careful not to cut any of the hair. Place the wig on your head to ensure a natural appearance.

Step 2: Clean

Clean your face and next ensure that you get all areas around the perimeter of your hairline. Allow the Scalp Protector to dry completely before applying the adhesive. 

Step 3: Using Glue or Liquid Adhesive

One very important thing to remember is to apply the glue thinly and evenly; it should be spread one inch beneath your hairline. After the glue is applied, carefully put the lace base of the wig on top of it. Let the glue dry for 15-20 minutes and your lace front wig should be firmly attached. You can also use a blower to hasten the drying process.

If you would like to see how to install a lace frontal wig, here is a video tutorial.

How To Remove Lace Frontal Human Hair Wig?

how to remove wig

Step 1

If you are wearing a long human hair lace wig, pack your wig into a ponytail so you can see your edges. For short wigs, use bobby pins or clips to hold the sides of the wig up away from your face and secure it on top of your head.

Step 2

Douse a washcloth with adhesive remover liquid or a lace wig remover and rub gently into your lace seams to soften the glue around the edges of your human hair wig. For lace wig remover, highly recommend C-22 citrus solvent remover or Lace Off wig remover.

Step 3

Let the lace wig remover dissolve into the lace and hair for about a minute so the lace seam can adequately absorb it or until you see the lace peeling off from the sides.

Step 4

Slowly peel off the lace from the edges by moving around the sides to release the lace from the scalp. Apply more adhesive as you remove to avoid damaging areas with hardened glue.

Step 5

Tug gently at the wig taking small parts at a time to remove the human lace wig entirely from your head.

Step 6

Remove and dispose of your wig cap once you have successfully taken off the wig to reveal your hairline.

Step 7

Wet the edge of the wig to prepare it for cleaning. Then squeeze a little human hair wig shampoo in your hands and apply it to the lace edges. Rinse thoroughly to remove any additional glue.

Step 8

Spray some more adhesive remover liquid on your edges to remove excess glue from your hairline.

Step 9

Wash and condition your wig and leave it on a wig stand to air dry.

The glue is now removed and your lace front wig is ready for application. 

Then you also can look at the following video for reference. 

Lace front wigs have become so valuable in both hair styling and addressing hair loss problems. As long as it is attached properly, the lace front wig will look so natural on the head that it would be almost impossible to distinguish it from the wearer's real hair.

They are also available in a wide array of shades, styles, and qualities that would fit with any hairstyle requirements a user might need.

More significantly, these wigs have helped individuals who are suffering from hair loss by providing them with an easy way to bring back beautiful crowning glory.

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