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How To Wear Wig With Glasses

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Do you wear a wig with glasses? Do you experience that either the arms of your glasses get stretched or you get headaches since they are pressed too tightly to your head? For many people, the combination of glasses and wigs makes them feel uncomfortable and insecure. Thus, we specially gathered up some tips and advice on how to wear wigs with glasses comfortably and effortlessly.

How To Wear Wig With Glasses

Method One

Step One Measure Your Head For Wig

When it comes to wearing wigs with glasses, there is a key factor you should take into account for a comfy and fabulous result - make sure that your wig is the correct fit for your head. It means you need to measure your head thoroughly and get a suitable wig. After all, if your lace front wig is too large, it won’t sit properly on your head and the ear tabs may come down too far or too low and interfere with your glasses.

Step Two Tuck The Arms Of Your Glasses Underneath The Wig’s Ear Tabs

As we all know, most human hair wigs have ear tabs that are a feature sewn into the underside of a wig for comfort and placement assistance. And most ear tabs contain metal stays that are worn flush against the temple to achieve a natural look, like the pieces found in shirt collars to keep them straight.


One of the most common ways to wear HD lace wigs with glasses is to tuck the arms of your glasses underneath your ear tabs. Open ear tabs include a small opening in the lining, which is the perfect size to thread your glasses’ arms in. By neatly tucking your glasses underneath the ear tabs, your glasses won’t be pushing up against your wig and you are likely to feel snug and secure, and vice versa. More importantly, doing this will also keep your glasses securely on your face.

Step Three Place Your Glasses On Top Of Your Wig’s Ear Tabs

If tucking the arms of your glasses underneath the wig’s ear tabs makes you feel odd or uncomfortable, it is an excellent option for you to wear your glasses on top of the ear tabs.

Step Four Adjust Metal Wig Stays

If your ear tabs have metal stays, you can push them up slightly and create more space for your glasses to sit comfortably.

Method Two

If your frames are thin, or your wig doesn’t have open ear tabs, don't worry. An open weft cap can also do the job. The wigs with open weft constructions are an affordable wig option and can keep your head cool all day.


You just need to choose a wig that has an open weft construction that allows your glasses to slide through and rest on your ears. You can gently tuck your glasses through the wefts for security to keeps their lenses from slipping and sliding. What easy it is!

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for how to wear glasses and wigs together. Please experiment again and again, we firmly believe you will find a method that makes you look natural and feel comfortable.

Some Tips About How To Wear Glasses With Wigs

1. You can take your glasses to an optician to ask for being adjusted after wearing them with your wig, which can improve the fit when you wear wigs with glasses. Furthermore, it is often a complimentary service.

2. If possible, consider opting for a thin frame that will offer you more room to work with. But it could be more susceptible to damage.

3. For those people who often wear their glasses on top of their head, it would be better to consider choosing an arm’s length that’s a millimeter or two longer than your usual glasses. It will help their glasses to cope with the added volume from the wig, without even stretching and potentially damaging them.


4. When you try a new way to wear a wig with glasses, don't abandon it right away and consist it for a period to allow yourself to get used to it. 

5. You can also try glasses straps that are designed for running have additional fastening at the back and can really help when worn over a wig.

6. You can use a pair of scissors to snip some loose hanging hair to make them hang well around the arms on your glasses, thus looking more natural.

7. If you don’t have any hair underneath or worry about cutting off the ear tabs, you could always use wig tape to secure some of the hair on the underside of your wig against your temples. Then slide your glasses over the top.

We hope our tips on how to wear wigs with glasses can be helpful for you! If you have any doubt, welcome to contact us or comment below.

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