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How Can You Tell If Someone Is Wearing A Wig?

Last updated Jan 25, 2024

As the wig-marking industry continued to advance, it became increasingly difficult to tell if someone was wearing a wig, especially when using lighter hair fabrics and a better wig base. But there are still some ways to help you tell if someone is wearing a wig.

1. Look At The Hairline

wig hairline

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Although it can be tricky, the best and easiest way to tell if someone is wearing a wig is by investigating the hairline. If you look at the hairline and there appears to be a discrepancy between hair roots and the hairline, that person might be wearing a wig.

Sometimes, however, a high-quality wig can fool you, even if you have inspected the hairline closely, especially a high-quality lace front wig. The lace front wig usually can mimic hairline and give you an illusion the hair is directly growing out from your scalp.

Of course, if you wear a poor-quality wig or don't put on your human hair wig properly, it is easy for other people to find you are wearing a wig on your head.

In one case, this method can also be entirely insufficient for people who wear hair extensions. After all, hair extensions aren't attached to the hair root.

And if you are looking for a wig that is less likely to be spotted as a wig. We recommend that you choose an invisible HD lace wig. You can find more information about what is an HD lace wig.

2. Keep An Eye Out For Hair Color

No matter how natural and flawless a wig looks, the color has to be an appropriate fit for the specific individual. After all, there are more and more wig colors for people to choose from. But some hair colors are not born, such as orange, blue, burgundy, and so on.

Besides, there are some regular hair colors you cannot tell whether it is born or not, like black, blonde, ginger, and so on.

And you can not simply think that someone who has one color in their roots and a completely different color for the rest of their hair is wearing a wig.

However, when choosing a wig, people should opt for some wigs whose colors match with their natural hair.

colored wig

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But some people may prefer a wig of a different color. In a word, a color mismatch could be a telltale sign of the presence of a wig.

But don't jump to conclusions when using this method and keep an eye out for any differences in hair color. Otherwise, you might make a wrong judgment.

3. Find The Hair Is Too Perfect

In general, synthetic hair may be distinguished by our eyes owing to its wiggy appearance, while some high-quality human hair wigs or extensions are difficult to distinguish. When you find the hair of one person is too flawless, it may be a wig.

For instance, under extremely humid weather, if someone's hair continues to look flawless while everyone else is battling frizz, you can conclude that it is quite likely that the hair is not genuine.

4. Notice Someone Has Awkward Body Language

It may not be ideal for wig wearers with a lot of expertise. However, you will find this situation in some wig beginners. Due to the lack of experience and knowledge, they will become so self-conscious that they will not even move their heads or will maintain a static posture when they are wearing wigs.

Perhaps they are concerned that the wig will come loose and slip off after they make a lot of movement. Alternatively, the wig is too tight or too loose, thus making them feel uncomfortable.

You can easily tell she is wearing a wig from the rigid neck posture, whatever the reason may be. Of course, when they become accustomed to wearing wigs, these actions will fade.

5. Look Out For Any Deviation In Skin Tone

When the wig is attached to a head, it's very hard to perfectly match a skin-colored wig cap to actual skin. That's because our skin is constantly changing colors due to sun exposure and the production of melanin. Even if the difference might be ever so slight and nuanced, it will still be there.

wig cap

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Therefore, look for the change in skin tone around the person's forehead. To make this approach work, you must be in very close proximity to the person you think is wearing a wig.

From the above methods, you can realize we can't tell someone is wearing a wig right away and accurately. Actually, in real life, no one will come that close to examining your hair. Some of them may not even notice that.

Everyone wears a wig for different reasons, maybe because of hair loss, maybe because of the pursuit of beauty. Whatever the reason is, it's not a shame to wear a wig. If you realize someone is wearing a wig, please keep silent and don't directly point out that. Someone is very sensitive and may mind it. Of curse, if someone notices that you are wearing a wig, it's not a big deal.

If you want to learn more tips about how to make a wig look more natural, read How To Make Your Wig Look Real And Natural.

FAQs about Wearing a Wig:

1. Is wearing a wig embarrassing?

As a matter of fact, we don't think there's anything to be ashamed of at all about wearing wigs. Everyone has the right to pursue beauty. And wearing a wig doesn't influence other people at all.

2. Is it rude to ask if someone is wearing a wig?

Of course, it is. It is never polite to put someone on the spot about a potentially sensitive topic. So as a general rule, you shouldn't ask someone if they are wearing a wig.

3. What to say if someone asks if you're wearing a wig?

Most people won't be rude to ask you about whether you are wearing or not, nevertheless, it can appear. We suggest you are sure to respond with confidence. You can be proud of your wig! Answer confidently: Yes, I am wearing a wig, isn't it beautiful?

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