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How To Put A Wig Stand Together

Last updated Jun 28, 2024

As a key component of any wig care k, wig stands are super practical, affordable, and help to maintain the condition of your wig for longer. And there are some of the most common types of wig stands, such as collapsible metal and plastic wig stands, and so on. However, they can look confusing to assemble. So, we’re here to teach you how to put together a wig stand properly.

Before we are aware of how to assemble a wig stand, let us learn what a wig stand is and some advantages of a wig stand.

What Is A Wig Stand?

Just as its name implies, the wig stand is a stand for your lovely lace front wig to store when it isn’t being worn.

Is A Wig Stand Necessary?

Of course, a wig stand is very necessary for wig wear. In our opinion, using a wig stand is an important step when it comes to wig care. The following is why it’s helpful to understand how to put together a wig stand properly, keep reading.

1. A wig stand can provide a place for your wig to air dry and help your wig dry more quickly after carefully washing and brushing your wig using proper wig care products;

2. It can help prevent your HD lace wig from tangling whilst it’s dry and losing its original shape;

3. It can allow the wig to fall as it would naturally, allowing for accurate styling and achieving a brilliant outcome;

4. The wig stand has an open space that can allow for better air circulation under the wig cap. Thus, it can help your wig breathe, prevent mildew from forming when it isn’t being used, and help your lace part wig look and feel fresh;

5. Like collapsible wig stands, they are foldable and portable. Not only do they easier to store, but it also makes traveling with wigs easier.

How To Put Together A Metal Wig Stand


Metal wig stands usually come with plastic tips which stop the feet of the stand from sliding about. And collapsible metal wig stands are typically composed of two separate pieces, both of which have notches on top. The first piece has a notch facing downward, and the second piece has a notch facing upward. Compared to plastic counterparts, these metal wig stands tend to be more sturdy and slightly pricier.

Step One

To assemble, you will firstly need to determine which part is the top and which is the bottom. Look at the notches at the top of the pieces. The piece with the notch pointing downward is the top, while the bottom will have a notch that is facing upward.

Step Two

Take the first piece of the stand and slide it through the second piece, securing the bottom sections of the pieces together.


Step Three

Push the top through the bottom and slot the two notches together securely. If you want to collapse the wig stand, simply unhook the pieces from one another and slide them apart.

How To Put A Plastic Wig Stand Together


Like metal stands, plastic wig stands also come in two pieces. Both parts have notches at the bottom of the stand. Compared to metal wig stands, these plastic wig stands will be more affordable.

Step One

Like the metal stand, you need to determine which piece goes on top and which goes on the bottom. The top has an upward-facing notch which is located further down than the bottom downward-facing notch.

Step Two

Take the first piece of the stand and slide it through the second piece, slotting the notches together at the bottom.

slotting the notches together

Step Three

Slide the second piece until the smaller notches at the top are fixed together, too.

Step Four

Slide your circular lock into the corresponding notches at the top of the stand for stability.

When you collapse the plastic wig stand, simply unhook the pieces from one another and slide them apart.

Now, we believe you have already known how to properly assemble and disassemble a wig stand!


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