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Ultimate Wig Care Routine: How to Take Care of a Wig

Last updated Jun 25, 2024

Many people buy wigs to change their appearance, boost their confidence, or enhance their temperament. A well-groomed wig can even make us stand out from the crowd. Buying a wig is also an investment, and in order to get the most out of this investment, we should keep our wigs in good condition with some care tips. Please continue to browse this blog and let's discuss wig care tips that may inspire and help you in a new way.

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Step 1: Routine Maintenance

Gentle Handling

Handle the wig carefully. Avoid pulling on the hair or lace sections when putting on or removing the wig. We have a dedicated blog detailing how to safely remove a wig, please click on the link to view it.

Brushing Tips

Comb your wig lightly for daily usage with a wide-toothed comb or wig brush. Similar to how we brush our own hair, begin at the ends and work your way down to the roots to avoid yanking on the strands. The best way to maintain the curls in place on curly wigs is to use a comb or your fingers.

Step 2: Cleaning the Wig

Cleaning Frequency

Compared to natural hair, wigs do not require as much washing. Wash synthetic wigs after 15 to 20 wears. Washing human hair wigs only needs to be done seven to ten times. The wig's lifespan may be shortened and the material damaged by frequent washing.

Simple Cleaning Procedure

◆ Prepare a basin: Fill the basin with cool or lukewarm water and add the appropriate shampoo to the water, depending on the material of the wig you are using.

◆ Submerge and spin: Gently submerge the wig and spin it for a few minutes. Avoid scrubbing or wringing the wig fibers.

◆ Rinse thoroughly: Rinse the wig under running cool water until the shampoo is all washed out.

◆ Deep conditioning: Apply wig conditioner, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse and air dry.

Of course, we also have articles that provide detailed step-by-step instructions:

How to clean a human hair wig

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Step 3: Styling Your Wig

Heat Styling

For synthetic wigs, use heat styling tools sparingly and only if the wig is labeled as heat-resistant. For human hair wigs, you can use curling irons and straighteners but always apply a heat protectant spray beforehand.

Heat Styling on wig

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Product Use

Use styling products designed specifically for wigs. Regular hair products can be too harsh and may damage the wig fibers. Light sprays and mousse can help maintain the style without weighing down the wig.

Step 4: Storage and Longevity

Proper Storage

To keep your wig in form, store it on a mannequin head or wig stand. If you don't have a stand, you can store it in its original box as long as you keep it out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry location.

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What Are the Do's and Don'Ts of a Wig?

Along with the previously mentioned wig care regimen, we've interviewed specialists to produce the following list of items you might have overlooked but should keep in mind when wearing your wig.


◆ Choose the right size wig for your head circumference to ensure a comfortable fit.

◆ Choose specialized shampoos and conditioners, especially for synthetic wigs, to maintain the quality of your wig.

◆ To maintain the wig natural and attractive, take it to a competent stylist whenever it has to be groomed or trimmed.

◆ You can keep your wig's sheen and texture intact by giving it a daily coat of conditioning oil.

◆ To reduce tangles and friction while sleeping in your wig, wear a silk or satin hat or pillow.


◆ styling equipment should not be used on synthetic wigs in particular as they may cause harm.

◆ Your wig may become damaged and appear strange if you attempt to arrange it like your actual hair in a tight braid or ponytail.

◆ Refrain from using excessive amounts of hair products as this may cause the wig to appear oily and dirty.


In addition to keeping your wig looking nice, wig care prolongs its life and makes sure it's secure and comfortable to wear. This holds true for all wigs: whether you buy a synthetic or Remy human hair wig, taking good care of it using the regimen mentioned above will make a big difference.

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