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How to Pluck a Frontal/Wig By Yourself?

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Plucked human hair wigs are increasingly popular lately and even have become the leading choices of wigs and widely used by masses. After all,  most pre-plucked lace wigs have thin hairlines, giving people a natural look. Do you know how to pluck a wig by yourself? Here is a very detailed step on how to pluck and customize the lace wig, which also can be used for lace frontal/ lace front, 360 lace frontal, etc. Please check out.

In fact, there are many lace wigs and full lace wigs that are pre-made will usually feature pre-plucked hairlines on the market. If you are looking to buy a lace wig human hair, there’s a good chance that you wiil stumbleupon many pre-plucked hair wigs and you’re wondering what does it mean?

First of all, let us learn what a pre-plucked wig is. 

What Is A Pre-Plucked Wig? 

Pre-Plucked Wig

A pre-plucked wig means that your wig will have a natural hairline and the baby's hair has been plucked.

If the hair on the hair is not plucked, then the exact color of the wig can perfectly replace and imitate your hair-from the hair itself, the hairline, texture, color, and style. This is the standard everyone should follow. 

When a wig is plucked, the density on the top is much lower, which is exactly the case with real hair. If you look at your strands, you will notice hairs of unequal length and some short baby hairs around your hairline. That is because new hairs grow constantly, and they can’t all be the same length. 

Why Do You Need to pluck a wig?

Why need to pluck wig

Many girls don't understand why we need to pluck the hairline of wigs. Here is a simple explanation: 

As the above mention, pre-plucked wigs allow you achieve a natural-looking hairline. In a pre-lucked wig, the density on the top is lower, which is exactly the case with real hair. If you look at your natural hair strands, you will notice hairs of unequal length and some short baby hairs around your hairline. That is because new hairs grow constantly, and they can’t all be the same length. Hair of unequal length always tends to grow around a person’s hairline, which is a sign of natural hair growth.

Thus, in order to get those perfect baby hair and a completely realistic look, you should pluck the wig to create a flawless hairline.

If you have bought a wig that is not pre-plucked, do not despair. The good news is that you can perform plucking on the wig manually to save some money. 

How To Pluck A Wig By Yourself?

Actually, plucking a lace wig is a process of using a tweezer to pluck out excess hairs around the frontal to make it less bulky. If you are a beginner, please keep reading.

Next, we will show you how to pluck a lace front wig perfectly and some other useful tips and tricks to customize your wig, thus helping you achieve your desired natural look.

What you will need:

A lace wig;

A styrofoam wig stand;

Some pins;

A rattail comb;

A pair of tweezers;

A pair of scissors.

So how do you pluck a wig step by step?

Step 1: Secure The Wig On A Wig Stand on the wig stand

First, you need to place the lace wig on a Styrofoam stand and pin the lace wig on the Styrofoam stand securely with soem pins, which can make sure that your lace frontal wig doesn’t slide all over when you’re using tweezers to pluck your hairline.

Step 2: Brush Your Hair With Rattail Comb

Use a rattail comb to smooth back your hairline to make sure there aren’t any knots or tangles. Then pull the hair back away from the hairline with your hand.

Take a good look at the wig hairline, you will notice that it is pretty dense and that’s what you want to avoid. Start plucking some hairs from one side and work your way to the other.

Step by step of how to pluck your wig

Step 3: Slowly Pluck The Hairline

Take a good look at the wig hairline, you will notice that it is pretty dense. Start plucking some hairs from one side and work your way to the other. Next, take a pair of tweezers to pluck hair strands straight back, away from the face.

It would be better to start at your hairline, right above your ear, and work your way to the middle. We also recommend being careful not to pluck too many hairs one time and had better pluck a little bit at first and see how it looks. After all, if you over-pluck, there’s no going back and even occurred bald spots.

If you think that the hairline is still too dense, go back and repeat these steps.

Step 4:  Repeat The Above Steps To Pluck Layered Hair

Once you’re done with step three, comb out the excess hair you’ve plucked. Then, going from ear to ear, part a thin section of hair and flip it forward (over the head of the wig stand). Then pluck that layer and repeat this step about three to four more times to help get rid of the bulkiness.

Remember, when you pluck your hair, you do not just need to pluck the front of your hairline near your forehead, also need to pluck several layers of hair to make the entire front of the wig look less dense.

Step 5: Create Your Own Part

Take your favorite comb to create a middle part or a side part according to your preference. It will help you create a fun hairstyle or a more sophisticated and trendy look.

Step 6: Create Natural Edges

In the end, don't forget the baby hair! Use a brush to brush forward a few traces of the wig hair at the hairline, cut desired length, and then se edge control gel. 

For more details, you can refer to the tutorial video below. 

Video of How to Pluck a Wig By Yourself

And that’s it, now you have a perfectly realistic plucked wig that looks flawless!

Tips About How To Pluck A Wig For Beginner

  • How well you install the wig also makes a big difference in how realistic it looks. Make sure to do it properly or have it done professionally if you’re not sure how.
  • Some girls also bleach the lace slightly so that its color matches their scalp more naturally. Some lace wigs are made out of very dark mesh material which can look unrealistic.
  • Customizing your wig by cutting it is also a good idea. Although most wigs come pre-styled and you should definitely choose the one that you like best, it still might not be perfect for you. Place the wig on a wig stand and cut slightly to create the perfect hairstyle. You can also apply the wig and go to a salon to have it cut.
  • Color is another important aspect you should think about. If you want a wig that looks exactly like your hair, you need to match the color and shade exactly. If the color looks off, you can dye it, but only if the wig is made of real human hair

Faq About Pre-plucked Wigs

1. Is pre-plucked better than other wigs?

Yes, pre-plucked lace wigs offer a more realistic and natural look as they imitate the same hairline with baby hairs in a natural hairstyle. 

Hair strands are plucked carefully in the wig near the hairline region, which is exactly the way baby hair comes out, such pre-plucked lace wigs are available with UNice and they are one of the most preferred hairpiece choices by women.

2. Cons of a Pre-Plucked Lace Wig 

  • 1) Since the hairline is thinner the hair will fall out faster in that area and will not last long.
  • 2) The lace will be more visible. 
  • 3) A pre-plucked hairline will not work if you plan to wear your lace wig behind your own natural hairline. 

3. Does everyone need to pluck their wig?

Of course not. Pre-plucked lace wigs are really a matter of personal preference there is by no means a one way to wear a lace wig or a one size fits all option that will make your lace front more natural in appearance. 

Some people like more density at the hairline of their lace wig, especially if they like to wear their lace wig behind their natural hairline. In this instance, you may not want a pre-plucked hairline. 

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