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How To Melt Your Lace On A Wig Like A Pro

Last updated Jun 24, 2024

Have you ever been faced with a question about how to get the lace to blend in perfectly with your hairline so that it’s invisible, especially when you are learning how to install a lace front wig? If you have, then rush to read the following content. In this blog, we will teach you how to melt your lace on a wig like a pro.

What You Will Need:

A Rat Tail Comb;

A Pair Of Eyebrow Razor;

Eyebrow Brush; Alcohol;

Cotton Pegs;

A Blow Dryer;

Got 2B Glue;

Got 2 B freeze spray;

A Nude Wig Cap;

Powder Or Foundation That Match Your Skin Tone Perfectly;

A Wrap Strip;

Wet Towel;

Hot Comb;

A Lace Front Wig, HD Lace Wig, Or Lace Closure Wig;

Step 1 Lay Flat Your Natural Hair

First of all, you should pull your freshly shampooed natural hair down into a bun or braid it up and then take some gel to lay your own edges down so that they won’t be in the way. If possible, use some cotton pegs that are wiped with some rubbing alcohol to clean the area around the hairline, thus removing the excess oil and dirt.

Notice: If you have a lot of natural hair that needs to go under the wig cap, try to braid it into cornrows to make it as close to your scalp as possible.

Step 2 Put On A Wig Cap 

Next, you can put on a nude wig cap or a wig cap that closely matches your skin color to make it a little forward past your hairline and cut holes in the ears so that the wig cap can lay flat on the sides of your head. Only in this way, you can ensure the wig looks as natural as possible.


Step 3 Use A Freeze Spray To Hold The Wig Cap

Continue to apply some Got 2B freeze spray along your hairline and use a blow dryer to dry the wig cap completely. Once the wig cap is holding down and completely dried, rush to cut the excess part of the wig cap along your hairline.

Step 4 Blend Wig Cap With Your Skin

Pat some foundation that can blend with your skin around the middle parting of the wig cap and your hairline. Then use a cotton ball that is wiped with alcohol to clean up your hairline by removing any excess foundation.

Step 5 Put On Wig

Put on your wig, pull the lace down over your forehead to get the hairline in place, and check its position from all angles to make sure it looks natural.

Some lace front wigs also come with adjustable straps and combs on the inside. You can adjust these to make sure the wig is neither too tight nor too loose.

Step 6 Spray A Freeze Spray To Hold The Wig 

While the lace front wig is held in place, lift the lace front and apply a freeze spray under the lace along the hairline to hold the wig. It would be better to try to spray the freeze spray as close to your scalp as possible so it doesn’t get all over your forehead.


Step 7 Blow-dry Your Hairline To Secure The Wig 

Use a blow dryer to blow dry your hairline and move it slowly back and forth over your wig’s hairline. to secure the wig to the spray. Then press the lace down onto the freeze spray as you dry it so they adhere together. Don’t forget to use low heat to avoid burning your scalp.

Step 8 Put A Wrapping Strip Around Your Hairline

Put a wrapping strip on around your hairline, line it up, and then tie it off at the nape of your neck to ensure the center of the wrap covers your hairline around your scalp for at least 10 minutes, which is used to protect your hair and hold your wig in place while the lace is melting into your hairline.

Step 9 Take Off The Wrapping Strip

Remove the wrapping strip to reveal the hairline and lace. Check whether the lace front human hair wig’s hairline is starting to stick to your scalp or not by gently pulling the lace upward.

Once it doesn’t stick to your scalp, repeat to apply more freeze spray and above steps right away.

Step 10 Trim Away The Excess Lace

Use an eyebrow razor to cut away the excess lace as close to your hairline as possible until all is cut.

If you are not certain how to cut the lace properly, you can read How To Cut The Lace On A Wig For Beginners Step By Step(With Video And Picture)


Step 11 Apply gel along the edges of the lace

Put a very small amount of hair gel on the end of a rat tail comb and press the gel down along the edges of the lace to make the remaining small bits of lace are pressed flat against your scalp.

Step 12 Dry The Gel With A Hairdryer

Dry the gel with a blow dryer and run it back and forth over your hairline to melt the rest of the lace.

Remember to test the tackiness of the gel with your finger. If it is still wet or sticky, keep drying it until your finger comes away dry to the touch.

Then use a corner of a clean and wet towel to gently rub away any visible dried gel in front of your hairline. Or you could apply a wrapping strip for 15-20 more minutes instead of using the blow dryer.

Step 13 Create Baby Hairs To Mimic A Natural Hairline

Use a rat tail comb to pull out a few hairs from the wig all along your hairline. Take your eyebrows razor and shave the hairs and then use gel and an eyebrow brush to mold them into curls along your forehead.

In fact, you can choose to create baby hair or not according to your reference. If you are interested in how to create baby hair, you can read How To Create Baby Hairs To Get A Real Hairline Step By Step? for more details.


Step 14 Match The Lace Color With Your Skin Tone

Apply a little bit of powder or a small amount of foundation along your hairline to make the lace blend in with your skin tone. If the color of the lace perfectly matches your skin tone, it may not be necessary.

Step 15 Use A Hot Comb To Lay Down Your Wig

Use a hot comb to lay down your wig for a flat, sleek style when your wig doesn’t lay as close to your scalp as you like. In the process, you must keep moving the hot comb to push your hair down toward your scalp rather than holding it down in one place.


There is also a video about how to melt your lace wig for reference.

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