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How to Make Curtain Bangs at Home

Last updated Jul 5, 2024

We introduced curtain bangs in our previous article, so I believe you have some understanding of curtain bangs now. And many people want to know how to do curtain bangs at home, so today, we will help you to answer this question in detail.

How to cut curtain bangs at home?

Firstly, you need to cut your bangs before you can do the curtain bangs look. Here are the instructions for cutting curtain bangs, from simple to more complex styles.

1. How to cut long curtain bangs?

Cutting and trying long curtain bangs is the most basic and easiest way to do curtain bangs. Once you learn how to cut long curtain bangs and how to design long curtain bangs, it means you will be able to cut all kinds of curtain bangs! All you have to do is to follow 4 steps below.

1. How to cut long curtain bangs?

Step 1: Wash your hair and let it dry.

Styling on clean, dry hair, or wet hair that is not dripping, will give you the best-cut bangs. This is because very wet hair or greasy hair can make your estimate of the length of your bangs inaccurate.

Step 2: Section your hair.

You should make sure that you take enough hair in front of your forehead to cut curtain bangs. You can take all the hair along the line to your ears.

Step 3: Start cutting the bangs.

For the shortest part of the bangs, you can cut the middle 1/4 of the hair up to the length of your mouth. For the remaining 2 parts, you can find an angle or trim it vertically. You have to be careful not to trim horizontally. Keep trimming and adjusting until you think the two parts are symmetrical.

Step 4: Style the curtain bangs.

You can use a roller, hair dryer or a special brush to curl the bangs backward for a few minutes. Then, put the bangs down so that it blends well with your hair.

2. How to cut curtain bangs for short hair?

For short hair, all the steps to cut curtain bangs are exactly the same as those for long bangs. You just need to pay attention to these differences.

The length of the shortest part in the center is a little above or below the tip of the nose. Since the bangs are short, you can cut them a little longer than the intended length and fix them gradually.

3. How to cut curtain bangs with layers?

3. How to cut curtain bangs with layers?

To design layers for curtain bangs, the steps are similar to the ones mentioned above. However, instead of dividing the hair into 3 sections, you should divide it into at least 5 sections: the shortest central section, 2 sections near the center, and 2 side sections. Then, you just need to trim the mixed hair equally to get the most natural layered bangs.

How to style curtain bangs?

Do you want to say goodbye to messy bangs every morning? The most important thing is that you have good bangs. Go to a hair salon or ask someone who has good experience in cutting hair to cut your curtain bangs for you.

If you're still new to cutting your own hair, you don't want to be cutting your own hair with scissors that will make you want to wear a hat when you go out all week. Now let's see how you can style your window bangs.

1. Use a hair dryer to style your curtain bangs

1. Use a hair dryer to style your curtain bangs

Styling curtain bangs with a hair dryer are the most common way to style them. Prepare a hair dryer and a round brush. If you want to make your curtain bangs more flexible, use a 1-inch round brush. The rest is easy.

First, part your hair down the middle. Then blow your bangs away from your face and wrap them around the round brush. Roll the brush all the way from the end of your bangs to the outside so it becomes feathered, and then make the rest of your hair look the way you like it.

2. Styling curtain bangs with a straightener

2. Styling curtain bangs with a straightener

Another way you can style your curtain bangs is with a straightener. Straighteners can give your curtain bangs some extra style. Using textured, flat ironed waves can give your bangs a fuller look. So, how do you use a straightener to style your curtain bangs?

First, place the straightener about an inch away from your face. Hold your bangs between the straighteners and slowly twist your flat iron away from your face, running it a few times until you are happy with the look.

3. Use a curling iron to style your curtain bangs

3. Use a curling iron to style your curtain bangs

You can also use a curling iron to style your curtain bangs. A 1-inch or 1.25-inch curling iron will give about the same look as a round brush blowout. But you will need to use a hair spray and hairspray with a better hold to keep your curtain bangs in place. Then just follow the method we mentioned above for styling curtain bangs with a straightener.

4. Styling curtain bangs with a flat iron

Styling curtain bangs with a flat iron

Styling curtain bangs with a flat iron is also similar to styling with a straightener. First, you need to part the curtain bangs into two sides, separating them from the rest of your hair. Then, for each side of the curtain bangs, you will have to flip them backward with the flat iron. After doing this a few times, your bangs will be finished styling

5. Styling curtain bangs with rollers

5. Styling curtain bangs with rollers

Styling curtain bangs with rollers is the best way to style curtain bangs without heat. By flipping the bangs backward, you can achieve the styling purpose. However, using rollers for curtain bangs is a heat-free and damage-free method, so it does not give the same immediate effect as a hair dryer, straightener, curling iron or flat iron.

If you want better results, you need to use curtain bang rollers while you sleep or style your bangs at least 20 minutes before you go out. It's a bit time-consuming, but the paper is definitely well worth it for the health of your hair.


Heated and unheated, we've got you covered with these 5 best ways to style curtain bangs. Curtain bangs may be easy to maintain, but they do need a little styling to make them look better.

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