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How To Make A Wig Look Fuller

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As is well known, human hair wigs can be restyled according to your preference, which may mean adding a little more volume to the style of your wig, giving it more body and height. Do you want to get a fuller and thicker hair look? Here we can give you some hacks to help you make your wig look fuller and thicker.

How To Make Thin Wig Look Fuller And Thicker


Backcombing, also known as teasing or ratting, is a way of combing hair that is used to add volume to your natural hair and wigs. It’s easy but extremely effective. But, if the handling goes awry, it can easily look messy and damage your lace front wigs human hair.


In order to get the best results, take roughly a 2-inch thick section of your wig and lift the strands so that the ends are above the roots of the wig. Next, take your comb and pull it from the ends of the wig back towards the root. The denser the comb, the more volume you will achieve!

Tips: 1. Avoid backcombing from the very ends of the wig as it will produce mess rather than added volume. Instead, start the backcombing from around 3-4 inches away from the scalp, and focus on adding volume around this area of the wig.

2. Make sure you backcomb the underneath section of the strands so that the visible parts of the wig appear to be neat.

3. Always be gentle and be sure to use a backcombing brush, which will cause less damage and less friction to your hair.

Try A Layer Haircut


Getting a layered haircut on thin hair is the best way to add volume. Layering sections of hair create a texturized look that makes your hair appear thicker. So visit a hair salon and ask the hairdresser to give you a layered cut for volume and enjoy the volume in your hair. Trust us, they will never let you down.

Change Up The Way You Part Your Hair Once In A While

We find most people usually part their hair in the same place, whether it's out of habit or simply because it’s easier to style it that way each day.

But changing the way of parting your human hair wigs actually allows for a brand new look without a cut or color commitment. In fact, the longer you wear the same part, the more your hair gets weighed down on one side, which will cause the roots to get weaker in that area, leading to breakage. Flipping your hair to part on the reverse will help lift the root and boost the volume of your hair.


For instance, if you always make a middle part before, please try to switch it with a side part now. A deep side parting can help make your thin mane look a little more voluminous and it is also elegant and on-trend. More importantly, it is simple, just need to switch your wig hair to the opposite and spray hairspray before flipping them backward.

Apply Dry Shampoo To Roots


Not only does dry shampoo help refresh your locks, but it can also help add some volume to thin hair. You can backcomb sections of your hair, then be sure to spray a bit of dry shampoo on the roots after backcombing to help add instant volume and lock in the look.

That is because dry shampoos have powders and starches in them that keep the hair separated, so it does give you thicker-looking hair. Happily, it won’t be sticky like hairspray.

Create Some Waves


Although the straight human hair wig styles look classy and glamorous, they are often more sleek than voluminous. For human hair wigs, use curling irons or other tools to style your hair into luscious waves or curls, which will immediately add volume to your thin wig.

However, not all wigs are heat-friendly so that some wigs may lead to some damages. It also means you must check whether your synthetic wigs are heat-friendly or not.

Or you can invest a high-quality human hair wig since it is made of 100% virgin human hair so it can be straightened, dyed, permed, bleached, highlighted, or styled as your own hair according to your need.


Of course, you can look at 10 Easy Ways To Get Curly Hair Without Heat to learn how to get heatless curls.

Switch Your Shampoo And Conditioner

You may have this question: Does volumizing shampoo actually work? The answer is yes. Volumizing shampoo really does help impart body and fullness; plus, when it’s paired with coordinating conditioners, you can achieve new levels of volume and moisture while simultaneously cleansing your strands.


Similarly, a lot of volumizing shampoos may not have ingredients directly related to adding volume; some simply clean the hair without adding weight. Therefore, you should avoid some products with heavier nutrients, like butter and oils, and so on. There are so many great products on the market, and we believe you will be able to find something to work for your hair.

Change Hair Color

You can try highlights and lowlights to add dimension to your hair and thus achieving a fuller look.


And another way to make hair look voluminous is to bleach hair that also causes the strands to expand, making your hair appear thicker. But don’t bleach your hair if it’s already damaged.

Blow Dry Hair With Products

Ready to fake the look of voluminous hair? It’s time to stock your vanity with mousse and upgrade your blow-drying technique. After all, a good blowdrying strategy can go a long way toward enhancing your hair’s fullness; on the other hand, the wrong technique can exacerbate your problem.


To start your at-home blowout, apply the mousse evenly throughout damp hair. Once you’ve applied the mousse, pick up a round brush and your blow-dryer and get to work. Begin by flipping your hair upside-down and dry until most of the dampness is gone. Then flip your hair back over and blow dry the rest of your hair in sections using a round brush. For these people who have wavy or curly hair, it is better to use a diffuser to boost the volume of your hair.

Air Dry Your Hair


Most people believe blow-drying your hair with the product is the only way to achieve thick and flowing hair. But air-drying your hair helps enhance the natural texture of your hair and add natural, bouncy volume, even without the use of heat tools. After you’ve jumped out of the shower, please scrunch some volumizing mousse into the hair or spritz some hairspray evenly through damp hair, and allow it to freely air-dry.

Get Some Hair Extensions

Do you want to make your thin wig look fuller? Hair extensions could be a good option for you. Whether you opt for clip-in extensions, tape extensions, or beaded extensions, they can help add the look of volume and fullness to your thin wigs.


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