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How to Get Super Popular Copper Hair Color

Last updated Jan 11, 2024

Right now, copper hair color is super trendy. And you know why - copper is really beautiful, and it can be done in so many different ways! There's more than one version of copper hair - it can be blonde, it can be brown, and it even comes in shades that lean toward monochromatic.

cooper hair color

If you're considering a warmer hair color, take a look at these gorgeous copper tresses. Whether you're a natural redhead looking for a way to enhance your look or a newbie to sun-kissed hair color, copper hair is definitely an option you should try this year because it's on trend! We've gathered some copper hair ideas that can help you choose the best version of this warm shade to complement your skin tone and suit your preferences.

How to Get Coppery Red Hair?

First of all, as we mentioned, copper can come in many different shades. So, before we put our fingers in your hair, it's best to have a vision of what you want the result to be.

How Dark or Light Do You Want Your Copper Color to Be?

How dark or light do you want your copper color to be?

Do you want a full color or do you want a professional service such as balayage? These are probably questions you haven't even thought about, so we definitely recommend finding some reference images online to show your stylist.

Ready to commit? If not, try a less permanent solution. Copper red hair can be a big commitment, especially if you start with dark brown hair (don't worry, we'll discuss this later). While your color will naturally fade some over time, it is permanent. However, you don't have to take this approach if you're not ready for it.

As promised, here's what we talked about earlier. When it comes to getting coppery red hair, we first need to look at your starting point. It's all about the base!

For Blonde or Light Brown Hair

If you already have blonde or light brown hair

If you already have blonde or very light brown hair, you're in luck. We can apply the hair color directly to your foundation without further lightening your hair. If your hair is already bleached, we just need to check the situation before we get to the fun part.

For Darker Hair

Unfortunately for our dark-haired friends, there are a few extra steps to take before we can start coloring your hair. you color your hair, you can color directly on light or bleached hair because lighter hair has less existing pigment.

However, darker hair already has a very high amount of pigment. Therefore, before adding other colors, we need to remove these pigments, otherwise, they will not show up.

To remove the pigment from dark hair, the hair is lightened with bleach. This gives us the perfect base to create a vibrant color that will be very long-lasting.

Creating Your Copper Red Color

Creating Your Copper Red Color

Finally, this is different for everyone and each person may have a different color to create some serious dimension. Or, use a darker color and a lighter color to create a seamless ombre effect. Apply the color to your hair and let it develop slowly. In the meantime, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the coppery red color of your dreams.

Add extra shine and nourishment with a hair treatment. If your hair is suffering from the effects of hair dye, or you just like to have healthy hair, we recommend adding a hair treatment to your hair color service. Or, if you want your hair to be smooth and more lustrous, a nano keratin treatment is definitely the way to go.

Rinse, blow dry, and voilà! Once your color has developed, it's time to rinse. After shampooing and conditioning, blow dry your hair to perfection to show off your new hair in all its glory. You can choose whether to blow dry your hair straight or to have bouncy curls. As you can see, it's easy to dye your hair copper red.

Copper Hair Color You Can Choose

Glossy Pumpkin Spice Copper Lob

Glossy Pumpkin Spice Copper Lob

If you like vibrant hair, try a pumpkin spice copper long bob. While dying your hair a vibrant copper color is fun, it will necessitate a lot of upkeep on your part as well as more frequent trips to the hair salon. Invest in quality hair products and shampoo only 1-2 times per week in cold water. To give your hair a glossy finish, style it with loose curls and a shine spray.

Amazing Copper Peach

Amazing Copper Peach

Make your locks stand out with an amazing copper peach color. When you wear your hair in warm tones, it will appear rich and shiny. If you've never tried copper tones before, remember to start small. Before coloring your entire head of hair, try out copper highlights.

All-Over Dark Copper

 All Over Dark Copper

Color transitions from light blondes to rich deep copper reds take time and skill. The key to achieving this look is a two-step process that begins with a hair fill.

This is when you add the underlying warmth at the desired level to help with color tone and longevity. If you don't fill your color, it will wash out and leave your hair completely flat! Following this process, you will apply your final color over the copper filled hair and rinse.

Dimensional Red-Copperish Short Hair

Dimensional Red-Copperish Short Hair

Combining red and copper is one of the best ways to spice up your color. Request an all-over dark red copper with light copper highlights during your consultation with your stylist. Pumpkin spice is written all over this! If you're looking for a new fall look, this is the one.

Bold Medium-Length Copper Hair Color

Bold Medium-Length Copper Hair Color

Looking for the ideal autumn hue? Request a copper color from your stylist! This shade is ideal for women with warm or neutral skin tones. If you have light-colored eyes, particularly blue or green, this color will make them stand out! Anything in the red or orange family fades more quickly than other colors. Your hairstylist may advise you to wash your hair in cool water or to use a colored conditioner.

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