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How To Get Mushroom Brown Hair in Summer

Last updated Jun 28, 2024

Mushroom brown hair is a trendy hair color that is inspired by the natural hues found in mushroom caps. Stop matching the weather with warm tones like blonde, honey, caramel and maroon for summer and try the cool hair color trend: mushroom brown hair. This color is a beautiful blend of brown and gray tones, with hints of taupe and ashy undertones. It is a great option for those who want a more subdued and natural look than traditional brunette shades.

What is mushroom brown hair color?

What is mushroom brown hair color?

Mushroom brown hair color is a hair shade that combines different shades of brown and gray to create a multi-dimensional, earthy hair color that resembles the tones found in mushroom caps. The color is achieved by mixing warm and cool tones to create a balanced, neutral shade that is not too warm or cool. It typically features ashy or taupe undertones that can help to brighten up the complexion and create a natural-looking hair color. Mushroom brown hair is a popular trend for those who want a low-maintenance yet stylish look that can work well for any season.

Is mushroom brown hot or cold?

While other trendy dark trends, such as chocolate or blonde, are extremely warm, mushroom brown can be neutral or even cold if you choose a shade with gray, unpredictable undertones.

How can I get mushroom brown hair?

To achieve the mushroom brown hair color, we always recommend scheduling an appointment with a professional to ensure you get the proper shade. Save some inspiration photographs on your phone before you go to the salon, so you can show your colorist how you want it to appear. While your colorist can easily create the traditional mushroom brown hair color, there are other techniques to achieve mushroom brown tones. Here are some general steps your stylist may take to achieve the look:

● Consultation: Your stylist will likely start by discussing your desired hair color and assessing your hair type, texture, and current hair color to determine the best approach.

If you prefer a lighter shade of mushroom brown, have your stylist create a light brown foundation with lots hair blonde highlights for you. If you prefer a darker mushroom color, ask your stylist to include chocolate brown lowlights into your smoky gray base color.

Your stylist will begin generating a taupe undertone once you've decided on a style. Based on your inspiration image, he or she will then overlay highlights and lowlights to create a multi-dimensional effect.

● Color formulation: Your stylist will then formulate a custom hair color that incorporates various shades of brown and gray to create the mushroom brown shade. They may also use techniques like balayage or highlights to add dimension to the hair.

● Application: Once the color has been formulated, your stylist will apply it to your hair using a brush or other application method.

● Processing: The color will be left to process for a certain amount of time, depending on the desired result and the condition of your hair.

● Rinse and conditioning: After the processing time, your stylist will rinse out the hair color and apply a conditioning treatment to restore moisture to the hair.

● Styling: Finally, your stylist will blow-dry and style your hair to finish the look.

Remember that maintenance is key to keeping your mushroom brown hair looking its best. Your stylist can recommend color-safe hair care products and schedule regular touch-ups to maintain the color and keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant.

What kind of care is required for mushroom brown hair?

mushroom brown hair

● Mushroom brown hair, like other dark hair colors, is a low-maintenance hair color. However, just because it's low maintenance doesn't mean you can't make some changes to your hair care routine.

● If your natural hair color is extremely near to mushroom brown, you should be able to go weeks or even months without touch-ups. Mushroom brown is also an excellent color for concealing salt and pepper tones, since the gray undertones can help gray hair blend in.

● If your natural hair color isn't close to mushroom brown, or if you want to keep your hair color appearing fresh, schedule a touch-up appointment every six to eight weeks. You should also schedule a hair shine appointment for quick touch-ups in between color treatments.

Mushroom brown hair fast fact

Mushroom brown hair fast fact

Choose the shade: Skin tone and eye color will help you and your colorist decide which mushroom brown base color will go with your natural color.

Maintenance level: High. If you've been overly concerned about it being super gray, this color can be very easy to maintain and after a few weeks of shine treatment, this shade can easily stand out from your hair.

Great with: earthy or bronze makeup; balance

Similar shades: gray, taupe, fuchsia

Price: Coloring starts at an average of about $300. In-home touch-ups range from $5 to $30. Using a color shampoo or conditioner at home, over pre-lit hair, can make hair look more affordable, more temporary and lower maintenance.

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The best mushroom brown hair color to try

1. Mushroom Brown Hair with Sleek Babylights

Mushroom Brown Hair with Sleek Babylights

This immaculate finish is achieved by highlighting and low lighting throughout a medium ash brown foundation. If you have straight hair, we believe this sleek appearance is the way to go.

2. Classic Mushroom Brown Hair Color.

Classic Mushroom Brown Hair Color

This earthy hair color has an incomparable calm and refreshing attractiveness. The placement of the light cool brown highlights modestly coming from the roots and flourishing midshaft to ends enhances the depth of her mushroom brown hair color.

3. Mushroom Brunette Hair.

Mushroom Brunette Hair

Mushroom highlights on brunette hair are quite eye-catching. The faint mushroom brown highlights on the deep brunette hair provide a complex look. Her brunette hair has a lot of gloss thanks to the lighter-colored ends.

4. Ash Chocolate Mushroom Brown Hair.

Ash Chocolate Mushroom Brown Hair

This ashy mushroom brown hair has incredible allure. The ashy highlights on the rich chocolate-brown base provide complexity and brilliance to the flow of her wavy hair. What a lovely way to show off your wavy hair.

5. Mushroom Brown Hair with Full Highlights.

Mushroom Brown Hair with Full Highlights

This rich dark mushroom brown hair appearance can be achieved by blending chocolate brown with golden brown or blonde hair. On dark brunette hair, balayage with ash-brown highlights will produce similar effects.

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