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How To Do Peekaboo Hair At Home? Here Is Your Complete Tutorial!

Last updated Apr 19, 2024

The new hair color will also make you feel subtle and refreshed. The unique peekaboo hair will color the bottom and top layers of your hair differently, making it a more individual but still very striking rocker hair color. Do you want to try this eye-catching new hair color? Here is your comprehensive guide to making peekaboo hair at home.

1. What Is Peekaboo Hair?

peekaboo hair

peekaboo hair refers to the application of a different color from the top layer of hair to the bottom layer of hair, where the shade of the bottom layer of hair is revealed when you poke your hand through it, revealing a splash of bright color. peekaboo hair color is a very sought-after and new hair coloring concept today, where you can choose a block color, streaks, or highlights on the bottom layer of hair, or you can choose to pick up the color. When you dye half of your hair underneath, the bottom color is only visible when you look through the top layer of hair. It works on short hair, long hair, with or without bangs, and even curly hair. peekaboo hair color has vibrant colors and amazing contrasts!

2. How to Do Peekaboo Hair at Home?

After a basic understanding of peekaboo hair, let's see how to DIY peekaboo hair dye!

Step 1 Choose the coloring area and part your hair

Choose the coloring area and part your hair

The most important feature of peekaboo hair is the contrast of colors, so you need to choose the coloring area according to your desired effect. Generally, people choose to do peekaboo hair at the back of the hair, so you can just split the hair into two parts, front and back. Here we show you how to do a side peekaboo hair color, dividing the hair into four sections: left, right, top, and bottom. This parting will not only cover the color but also expose it when you want to show your new hair color.

Step 2 Apply bleach

Apply bleach

Apply bleach evenly with a brush to the area where you want to create peekaboo hair dye. You can choose not to apply bleach at the roots. The dark roots look will give the peekaboo hair a more natural look. When choosing bleach, you can refer to the ingredients more often. As much as possible, choose a bleach with mild ingredients. Bleach with natural ingredients such as aloe vera can be your choice. After all, bleaching does bring immeasurable damage to your hair.

Step 3 Apply hair dye

Apply hair dye

After applying the bleach, leave the hair for thirty minutes before washing off the bleach. Remove the dye and mix it evenly in a bowl, take a brush and brush your choice of hair dye evenly on your hair. During this step, make sure that the dye is applied evenly to the hair. After application, put a plastic hair cap over your hair to allow the dye to soak into your hair better. Wash your hair after half an hour.

Step 4 Blow-drying and styling

Blow-drying and styling

After the coloring is done, blow dry your hair to make adjustments to it. You can choose to make a one-off style by a blow dry or you can choose a heat styling device.

3. How Much Does Peekaboo Hair Cost?

 peekaboo hair cost

There are two ways to look at it. If you choose to color your own hair at home, all you have to spend is on bleach and dye, which can be done for a few dozen dollars. If you choose to go to a barber store, depending on the color you choose, a professional colorist will let you know how much peekaboo hair costs, but it does cost less than a regular highlight.

4. How to Maintain Peekaboo Hair?

maintain peekaboo hair

Here are some tips on how to maintain peekaboo hair for a longer period of time and how to keep your hair hydrated and not dry.

4.1 Apply essential oils twice a week

Apply some essential oils to your hands and massage them on your scalp and hair to nourish them. This will not only prevent hair damage but also add shine to your hair.

4.2 Use color-safe shampoos

Use color-safe shampoos and conditioners to prevent your hair color from fading for as long as possible. These products will also nourish your hair that has become dry and damaged due to bleaching.

4.3 Mild shampoos and hair masks

Hair coloring can dry and damage your hair, which can lead to hair loss and breakage. Use a moisturizing hair mask to add protein and moisture to your hair to get rejuvenated and healthy hair.

5. New Peekaboo Hair Ideas

5.1 green under black peekaboo hair

green under black peekaboo hair

If plain green feels too bold for you, why not try green under black hair? Black and green with peekaboo hair is a combination that can really make you stand out.

5.2 black and blonde peekaboo hair

 black and blonde peekaboo hair

Black and blonde has always been the most classic combination and has never gone out of style. The classic combination can make a person look chic and stylish. If you want to catch up with the fashion trend, try the latest gold colors, such as platinum sandy gold, or strawberry gold.

5.3 peekaboo hair blonde and brown

peekaboo hair blonde and brown

If you feel that black and blonde are too different, perhaps a few shades lower would be better. The peekaboo hair blonde and brown is suitable for people of all skin tones.

6. Conclusion

peekaboo hair is such an amazing hair color that feels glamorous in a subtle way. We have introduced you to what peekaboo hair is how to make this hair color by yourself and how to take care of it. So, put aside your doubts and try peekaboo hair color.

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