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How To Do A Sew In With Closure?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

As we discussed before how to do a sew in with leave out. That sewing needs no closure involved, it allows your natural hair out and creates a natural look. But one of the downsides of the style is that your natural hair can be harm by some chemical shampoo products, high temperature bought by heat tools, etc.

So another alternative and traditional way to have a protective style is to use a lace closure.

To begin with we need to clear out What is lace closure for some beginners.

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The lace closure, to put it simply, is a small patch of lace with hair, usually human hair. And the lace size is usually 5×5 closure, 4×4 closure. The closure can be sewed onto your braiding hair to create a protective style and mimic the natural look of real hair.

Today we show you guys some tips about how to sew in with a closure.

Create A Cornrow


Before sewing, you need to create a cornrow with your natural hair. And the first step is to give your natural hair and scalp a full cleaning and conditioning. You can design your cornrow according to your desired style to be parted. And the braids are suggested to be small and flat to help the closure sew in look more natural.

Details About The Installing

1. bleach the knots for the lace closure, and you can use, for example, 40 volume developer to do the trick. And make the combination thick instead of runny until the texture is similar to the toothpaste. Then apply the mix on the top of the lace.

2. Install the hair bundles. Continue the sewing process to make sure the hair is secure, and you can sew in the hair in a looping method. The stylist suggests that using loops to create a more secure foundation. Then you can do flip over to the top method to avoid bulky tracks and a natural flat.

3. Curving the hair bundles upwards so that hair can fall into her face naturally instead of falling straight down. You can use blowdryers to dry the closure for the installing.

4. Deal with the edge, brush the edges back, and make sure that the hair is brushed back.

5. Use a cap to protect the natural hair and give a more realistic look. And secure the cap onto the braiding hair. And create an area that is used to apply the closure.

6. You can observe your hairline, then you can mimic your own hairline when you pluck the hair on closure.

7. Cut the cap along the line you just create, and you can protect the hairline and scalp by leaving some area of cap on the forehead. Do a little makeup to create a more natural look. And you can use 2-3 tapes on the cap, not on the skin. Though applying the glue on the skin is more secure, it will harm your skin and hairline.

8. Apply the lace glue on the tape to make it more secure.

9. And install the lace by stretching the lace is lined up to the proper diameter that you left out.

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After Care For Hair Bundles And Closure

After installing the hair bundles and closure, you need to make sure that your hair weaves stay healthy. Check out How To Keep Your Hair Healthy Under Weaves to get more tips.

And there are a lot of people who get an itchy scalp and even dandruff, that is because most people ignore that scalp also needs your attention. So we have especially share Why Is Scalp Care So Important to help you have a healthy scalp.

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