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How to Choose Your Length of Hair Bundles?

Last updated Jun 14, 2024

The age-old question: should I have long or short hair? The short answer: your hair can be any length you want. The long answer: We know it's a bit more complicated than that. How many hair bundles you should get, what kind of hair is best, and your face shape are all factors that play a role in deciding what hair length is right for you. If you struggle with deciding how to wear your hair, don't worry, we created a tailored guide for you.

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your Bundle Length

bundle length chart

Once we begin to figure out what's ideal for your lifestyle, from there I look at texture, density, growth patterns, face shape, and even more factors to clarify what length will be best for you.


If you were considering a short straight haircut, 2-3 hair bundles and a closure are more than sufficient. However, if you wanted an extremely thick straight hairstyle, you would need 3-4 bundles but if looking for a long straight perhaps shoulder length with extreme fullness an extra bundle would get the job done.

Size Of Your Head:

Most head circumference is 21"- 24" inches.

Whether your head is bigger or smaller you'll need to adjust the number of bundles you purchase to accommodate that.

Frontal Or Closure:

Before deciding what hair length is right for you, let's break down the basics. Should you get a frontal or a closure?

lace frontal

A lace frontal is larger than a closure. Frontals feature a lace piece that covers the hairline and goes from ear to ear. It typically comes in sizes 13x4 or 13x6. It will cover a large portion of your head and you will generally only need 2 - 3 bundles depending on the style and length. Frontals are often chosen by people who want versatility in their hair styling. Or selected by people who have thinning edges as the hair is used at the hairline.

lace closure

Closures on the other hand, typically feature a horseshoe-shaped hair piece that typically comes in the size of 4x4. Closures often act as hair topper that covers the crown of the head. A minimum of 2 bundles is ideal for closures, depending on the style. Closures are a great cost-effective, low-maintenance option for those who want to maintain a certain style and like to part their hair in the middle.

Let's Talk Hair Length:

For medium-long styles choose either 12”, 14”, or 16” as your length. If you want long hair then 22"+ styles are your best bet. But, the longer the length of your hair, the more hair bundles you'll need. We suggest using more than 3 bundles for a hair over 22". This gives a fuller look from root to tip. This is because while you might get the desired length, it will lack in volume and your hair will look thin and sparse.

With longer-length hair, you will need more than three bundles to achieve the same look a 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch will give you. This is an approximate guide, and it is better to have more hair than not enough. The leftover hair can always be used next time.

The same length of hair will look different on every person. In other words, someone with 22” length hair may look like they have shorter hair than someone who is also wearing 22” length hair. Factors like neck height and torso length contribute to how long the hair “looks”. The same extensions on a taller person will look different than the same length on a petite figure.

The Best Hair Bundles From UNice Hair

How Many Bundles Should I Get?

When getting bundles it's important to keep in mind your head size. The bigger your head, the more bundles you may need. If you were considering a shorter hairstyle, two bundles, and a closure are more than sufficient. However, if you wanted a thick straight hairstyle, you may need 3-4 bundles to achieve that look.

For hair lengths from 10”-18”, two to three bundles with lace frontal will suffice is plenty of hair. For hair that is longer than that, three to four bundles are more than enough.

For a full look, get most of your hair at the same length. For a layered look get different lengths and arrange them in ascending order. If you have 14", 16", and 18" lengths for your hair then they should be arranged in that order.


A shorter straight bundle of 12 inches will obviously have more hair than a longer weft of the 30-inch straight bundle of the same weight.

So, a short hairstyle like a bob will take two hair bundles with lengths ranging from 8 inches to 14 inches, you will also need the same amount of hair bundles for a leave-out or a closure (where you add an extra patch of hair in the front to create a natural hairline).

So by two bundles, we mean you can choose an 8-inch and a 12-inch, a 10-inch, and a 12-inch for your hair. The fact is regardless of your choice of length, you need just two bundles for a short style, a leave-out, or a closure.

However, if you are going for longer-length hair bundles in the range of 14 inches to 22 inches, you will need three hair bundles to make the style pop.

General Guideline

While choosing three hair bundles in the length of 12, 16, and 18 inches or 14, 16, and 18 inches will allow the desired style to pop and even give you some volume, you have to be very mindful when choosing lengths like 20, 22, and higher inches.

This is because while you might get the desired style out of three hair bundles, it will lack in volume and your hair will look scanty. In other words, the longer (longer) the length of your hair bundles, the chances are you will need more than three bundles to achieve the same look a 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch will give you.

FAQ About Hair Bundle Length

Should Your Closure Be Shorter Than Your Bundles?

If you want a very full look of similar lengths you should get most of your hair the same length. To get a layered look all the lengths can be different but should remain in ascending order, for example, 14", 16", and 18".

If you are buying longer than 22" we generally advise the fourth bundle of hair may be required.

What Length Of Hair Bundles Should I Get?

If you are getting 10-18 inches or 16 inches, 2 bundle deals with lace frontal will suffice. For hair length past 16 or 18 inches, I would suggest you get 3 bundles, so from a 16-inch, 18-inch to about 22-inch, 24-inch, 3 bundles will suffice.

A good rule of thumb is to never wear a weave that's more than 4 inches longer than your hair.

Are 3 Bundles Of 26-Inch Hair Enough?

For Hair length past 14 or 18 inches, I would suggest you get 3 bundles, so from 20 inches, 22 inches to about 24 inches, 26 inches, 4 bundles will suffice. ... The BIGGEST tip is to always buy an extra bundle, nothing worse them not enough hair.

How Many Bundles Do I Need For 24 Inch?

From 16 or 18 to about 20 to 24 inches, 3 bundles are good for you. For example, if you are doing a frontal, and you want your longest length to be 24 inches, then you can get a frontal and then 20, 22, and 24, which should suffice. For hair bundles past 24 inches, I would use 4 bundles.

How Many Bundles Are Enough For A Full Head?

Usually, 3 bundles with closure or 4 bundles with lace closure are enough to make a full head weave, shorter-length hair bundles are thicker than longer hair. From the feedback from the Peruvian virgin hair users, with 12" or less, 2 bundles can be more than sufficient.

If you want to know more about wig length, you can read The Ultimate Wig Length Chart: Your Key to a Versatile and Natural Look

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