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How to Choose a Wig for a Small Head?

Last updated Apr 26, 2024

Are you having a lot of trouble finding a wig for a small head? Most people want to buy the right wig for a small head, and for many, finding the perfect wig is not an easy thing. Those with small faces and heads will always find a lack of the perfect wig for their head size when selecting a wig.

Wigs that don't fit the circumference of the head are a problem that many people with small heads are trying to solve. If handled properly, this is not a complicated matter. A small head is not a bad feature. But in most cases, people don't realize that their heads are smaller than the average head size.

Here's how to measure your head circumference and know if you have a small head. And we list some wigs that you will find it perfect for small heads.

How Do You Measure Your Head Size?

how to measure wig cap size

Wigs come in a variety of sizes. From small wigs to regular wigs and large wigs, how do you know which one is best for you? Follow our simple step-by-step guide below to learn how to measure your head for a new wig.

Step 1: Start by pulling your hair up and away from your face, then secure it with a hairband or bobby pin. If your hair is short, try using a cloth headband to secure your hair in the back.

Step 2: Using a soft ruler, wrap the tape around the end of the wig at the back of your head where it touches the base of your skull, and pull it forward above your ears. Place the end of the tape at the midpoint of the front hairline. This will measure the circumference of your head. Write down your measurements.

Step 3: Place the end of the tape measure above one ear. Pull it over the top of your head and stop at the top of the other ear. Hold the tape measure firmly in position above your ear and check the measurement. This will measure the distance from your ear to your ear. Write down your measurements.

Step 4: Using a tape measure, place the end of the tape measure in the center of your forehead. Gently pull the tape measure down the center of your head until it reaches the back of your neck. Hold the tape measure firmly against the back of your neck and check the measurement. This will measure your anterior-posterior distance. Write down your measurements.

Step 5: Once you have completed your head measurements, refer to the numbers in the size chart to find the right size wig cap for you.

unice bye bye knots wig

It is important to consider your body shape and natural hair volume to ensure accurate size selection.

● If you are petite and have medium-length hair, your head circumference may be "petite". If your hair is thick and long, go up a size.

● If you have an average build and medium-length hair, you're probably "average. If your hair is thick and long, go up a size. If you have thin, sparse, or no hair, size down.

● If you are large, with a head circumference of over 22", and you have medium-length hair, you are probably "large". If you have thinning, sparse, or no hair, please size down.

The way your wig fits your head is very important. A good, comfortable fit is essential, especially when wearing a wig for extended periods of time. Wearing a wig that is too large or too small can lead to problems such as the following:

If the wig is too small, the wearer will feel uncomfortable because the wig feels too tight and the wig may buckle at the back of the head. If the wig is too large, the wig will slip and will not give the wearer the most realistic look.

An ill-fitting wig will not fit properly and may result in the wig not lasting. This makes wearing a wig quite expensive. A wig that does not fit properly will not look as good as a wig that fits properly.

UNice Bye-bye Knots Wigs for People with Small Heads

wig cap for small head

UNice Bye-bye Knots Wig with smart manageable cap (all heads size friendly, fits all head shapes, newly put on and go):

(1) Pre-shaped ear tab: Designed to match the contours of the ears. More comfortable and secure fit. And especially friendly to the Eyeglass-Wearing Group.

(2) Adjustable/movable elastic belt: enhances stability and security.

(3) 8 hook straps: Instantly tightens the entire head circumference for ultimate snugness, especially accommodating smaller sizes. The bare-feel material ensures comfort during extended wear.

(4) Salon quality pre-style:

· Pre-curled: more bouncy, straight out of the box as a salon-prepped look.

· Proven Invisible Knots

· Pre-Cut Upgrade 'S' Zigzag Lace

· Pre-pluck hairline

4 Key Points for Choosing a Human Hair Wig for Small Heads:

1. Always choose a wig that matches the size of your head

2. Check if the wig you want exists in the type of hair you are looking for. For example, if you want versatility in styling, and a more natural look and feel, choose a human hair wig.

3. Other features must be considered as well. For example, 100% hand-tied, front lace, basic caps, etc.

4. Color. Among the wide variety of shades with slight differences, it is best to decide in advance what suits you or what you want to make a breakthrough because hair color plays a crucial role in your appearance.

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