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How Much Are Sew In Extensions?

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The lace front wigs have been welcomed by wig lovers for a long time due to their natural-looking and easy installment. But someone may get tired of lace wigs, returning to sew-ins from time to time.

Sew In Hair Extensions

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And for others who want to have a try on sew-ins for the first time, we understand that you have a lot of questions about sew in hair extensions. One of the factors we need to pay attention to is the price of sew-in hair extensions.

What Are Sew In Hair Extensions?

sew in hair extensions onto cornrow braids

Before we invest our hard-earned money into it, we need to figure out what it is. Sew in hair extensions, commonly called sew-in weaves or sew-in hair bundles, are installed into the braided natural hair. Hairstylists usually use hair weave needles and thread to sew down the hair extensions onto the customers' cornrows braids.

How Much Are Sew In Extensions?

The cost of sew-in extensions, let's take 3 bundles of hair as an example, can vary from $20 to $300. Considering the materials, lengths, colors, and textures, that is why the sew-in hair extensions in the market can sell at $20 and $300 at the same time.

What Decides The Price Of Sew In Extensions?


human hair VS synthetic hair

  • Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair extensions are made of artificial fibers to simulate human hair in look and feel. Synthetic hair is much cheaper than human hair, but it may look less natural. And the hair reacts badly to heat and dyes, which means fewer versatilities with restyling and coloring. The good thing is that this hair requires less maintenance, and some quality synthetic hair can look just as natural as human hair. But the synthetic hair with natural-looking and heat-friendly quality is not budget-friendly.

  • Human hair

Human hair extension, just like its name implies, is made of human hair. The vendors will collect the materials from people's real hair, and the most common types include Brazilian hair, Indian hair, Peruvian hair, and Chinese hair, etc. The sew-in human hair extensions usually cost more than synthetic hair, but it comes with the most natural-looking and last longer And unlike synthetic hair, human hair bundles can be styled with heat and dyed.


Bundles length

The longer the hair is, the higher the price is, especially for human hair extensions.


unice hairbody wave hairstraight haircurly hairloose wave hairwater wave hairdeep wave hair613 hairombre hair

The sew-in hair bundles come in a variety of textures, including straight hair, curly hair, body wave hair, deep wave hair, and water wave hair, etc. The bundles with styles will be more expensive due to the cost of further processing.


UNice Brown Balayage Highlight Human Hair Weave #FB30 Body Wave Hair Bundles

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Natural black sew-in hair is the best option for most people, but changing the colors once for a while is refreshing. The colored bundles usually need to be bleached and dyed before going into the package, so the complicated procedure requires sellers to raise the price to cover their costs.

How Much Does A Sew In Cost?

The price of sew-in depends on your location, salon, and your stylist. And the price will be also various if you choose the different service. Hair salon usually offers partial sew-in, and full sew in including such as shampoo, conditioning, braiding hair, hair net, bundles with closure sew-in, and basic style. The price ranges from $100 to $300 regularly.

And of course, you can do it on your own if you have the skills and someone to help you during sewing. There are tons of sew-in Tutorials on YouTube for you to watch and learn. Our previous blog for beginners How To Do Sew In With Closure. If you want to have a more natural look, we suggest doing a sew in with leave out. But you need to take care of the leave-outs.

Dedicated to offering the best quality human hair products and services, UNice launched UNice hairstylist program to help customers to refresh their look with more convenience.

After getting the sew-in hair extensions done, you need to give your hair weaves and natural hair regular maintenance to keep them fresh and clean. Read our hair care blog How To Wash Hair Weaves

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