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9 Best Ginger Brown Hair To Try This Winter

Last updated Jun 21, 2024

The warm hair color trend brought about by ginger hair has been very popular, and ginger brown hair is quickly becoming a new hair color that girls are trying out. The next 9 ginger brown hair are recommended and introduced for you to try and feel the charm of warm hair color.

1. What color is ginger brown?

ginger brown

Ginger brown belongs to the yellow family, with high brightness and medium saturation. In terms of professional color classification, ginger brown corresponds to the hex code #C9BE62. ginger brown is composed of 79% red, 75% green, and 38% blue components. In the alternative HSV representation, it is associated with a hue angle of 53° (outside of 360°), a saturation of 51%, and a value of 79%. It is a combination of two colors, a mixture of ginger and brown, brighter than brown and a little dark than ginger.

2. 9 Ginger brown hair for pretty girls to try

2.1 Straight ginger brown hair

Straight ginger brown hair

Straight hair is the best way to test whether a hair color looks good and whether it suits your skin tone. Straight hair is also the most versatile, and you can create a variety of looks based on straight hair. When ginger brown hair meets straight hair like a waterfall, the two are like a piece of caramel melted in a strong coffee, incredibly silky. In the sunlight, straight ginger brown hair will show a bright, vivid color, with a ginger tone mixed with a little pink gold. It's also special enough!

2.2 Ginger brown hair with loose wave

Ginger brown hair with loose wave

The loose wave is a very romantic and sexy-looking curly hair, suitable for those girls with more hair to try. Comb the hair into a side parting, a third of the hair on one side of the shoulder, the hair will naturally rest on the shoulder, this third of the hair can cover half of your face, and look sexy and mysterious. Zendaya tried ginger brown hair with a loose wave when attending the red carpet to make people unanimously feel that ginger brown also so matching with dark skin tone it is also perfect for people with fair skin.

2.3 Light brown ginger hair

Light brown ginger hair

If you like hair colors that are too flashy and exaggerated, light brown ginger hair might be the one that meets your expectations. The application of ginger in the hair is greatly reduced, leaving only a little bit of turmeric color. More of a light brown tone is blended in and the coloring comes out as a brown that looks pinkish blonde. This is a more everyday-looking color, more suitable for people who want to try it on the low side.

2.4 Ginger brown bob hair

Ginger brown bob hair

As early as four years ago in an Alexander Wang fashion show, Teyana Taylor tried ginger brown hair and she is also cool with this hair color. The length of the bob hair was taken to perfectly wrap the facial contour inside the hair, and the color of ginger brown hair can well reflect the shiny feeling of the skin.

2.5 Ginger brown kinky curly hair

Ginger brown kinky curly hair

Kinky curly hair is the most voluminous hairstyle, a hairstyle that protects the hair and scalp, it looks tight and has a dense texture and natural volume. It has the most curl and the most volume. Combined with the ginger brown color, kinky curly looks uniquely beautiful and satisfies those who want both full volume and a beautiful look.

2.6 Ginger brown bixie haircut

 Ginger brown bixie haircut

The bixie haircut is a shorter type of hair than the bob haircut, and it looks dry and more streamlined. bixie haircut combined with kinky curly is a very new combination but looks great on darker skin tones. With the baroque earrings, the overall look is very simple yet premium.

2.7 Body wave ginger brown hair with highlight

Body wave ginger brown hair with highlight

If you are tired of seeing a single ginger brown hair, you might want to look at some more creative and innovative hair colors. ginger hair with brown highlights is a ginger brown hair color with some golden brown highlights on top of it. You can choose to add the highlights next to the contours of the face or in the middle of the hair. The highlights will take away some of the dullness and will give you a fresh look.

2.8 Ginger Brown Highlighted Water Wave wig

Ginger Brown Highlighted Water Wave wig

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After seeing so many new hair colors, if you are still hesitant to dye your hair in a color like ginger brown, you may want to look at wigs. A good wig can solve many of the negative effects of dyeing your hair. Having pre-cut lace saves you the time of cutting lace, and the lace texture allows your scalp to breathe more easily. Brown is the main color, with ginger color highlights, and water waves like a river sparkling river, if you consider ginger brown hair then do not miss this wig.

2.9 Loose wave chestnut ginger brown hair

Loose wave chestnut ginger brown hair

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This is the best color for autumn and winter, warm chestnut and bright ginger together, will let you feel a touch of brightness in the fall consistent fallen leaves color.

3. Conclusion

If you prefer darker shades, you'll be happy to know that ginger brown hair is at the top of the list. As you might have guessed, ginger brown hair color maintains the perfect balance between brown and red, making it the perfect choice for your fall and winter hair color.

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