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Does Reba Wear a Wig? Hair Secrets About the Queen of Country

Last updated Mar 26, 2024

Nationally recognized as "the Queen of Country," Reba McEntire's songs have accompanied generations of people. Since Reba McEntire performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Super Bowl in February, she has recently returned to the public eye again as the coach of "The Voice". This time she still appeared with her iconic hairstyle, which made people wonder: Does Reba McEntire wear a wig? Now please follow my steps to explore the secrets of Reba’s hair.

Reba McEntire wig

Is Reba McEntire Hair Real?

Yes. Why so sure, because Reba McEntire told this interesting story in her memoir "Not That Fancy". During her big hair era in the '90s (more on that below), she wanted to cut her hair short before the release of her new album, What If It's You. However, considering the screen image and audience preferences, the team does not recommend it.

As a compromise, Reba wore a wig, and the memoir mentioned that she wore it for five months. It wasn't until she prepared a new look that she appeared at the CMA performance with her real hair.

What Is Reba McEntire Natural Hair Color?

Reba McEntire Natural Hair Color

Reba McEntire's signature look is her dazzling red hair. Is Reba a natural red head? We got the answer after reviewing Reba's interview with Dallasvoice in 2015. Reba said her mother was a redhead and she was proud and loved having the same red hair.

Does Reba Wear a Wig on the Voice?

Does Reba Wear a Wig on the Voice

Source: @reba

We have no idea. The most classic hairstyle of Reba McEntire is red curly hair. Perhaps only she and her makeup artist know whether she wears a wig on The Voice. For those who love and imitate Reba, her red hair will always be the most beautiful and perfect.

How to Get the Iconic Reba McEntire Wig?

You can imitate Reba McEntire's classic hairstyle with this ginger red body wave wig from UNice. Please choose the wig length according to your own needs. Our wigs are all made of high-quality human hair, which is not easy to tangle and fall off. With multiple secure fits such as clips and anti-slip straps, they are stable and natural to wear.

How Does Reba McEntire Feel About Wearing Wigs?

In a 2015 interview with Dallas Voice she mentioned, "I did wear wigs when I did Annie Get Your Gun, and then on one tour where we went from Reba in 1974 to present Reba, I did wear the big wigs and had my short hair at the end." Then why did she choose to wear wigs?

Why Does Reba Wear Wigs?

Cover up Original Hair

Much like the mystery Reba maintained before the release of If It Was You, wearing a wig did a good job of hiding her naturally short hair. And for celebrities, for activities such as filming or performances, with a wig, there is no need to frequently style their natural hair.

Convenient and Time-Saving

This is absolutely true! Reba's personal experience said, "You go from the swimming pool to getting ready for dinner in 30 minutes when you're wearing wigs! They're great!" Wigs can save us time and effort when dating.

Flexibility to Change Hairstyles

Reba's hairstyle changes are not particularly common, but wigs are still her specialty props that make people shine. For example, Reba's distinctive straight bob hairstyle when performing at the Opry Theater in 2021. She once again used a wig to interpret a new personal image.

Check Reba McEntire Big Hair Era

Reba McEntire Big Hair

Reba McEntire was a national hit back in the 1980s and 1990s. During this period, she tried the popular big hairstyle. In multiple photos, we see her with big, fluffy curly hair and cute curly bangs. Dolly Parton, the spokesperson for big hair, said "The Higher The Hair, The Closer to God". You can imagine how crazy people were about big hair at that time.

Other Reba McEntire Hairstyles

Reba McEntire Short Hairstyles

Reba McEntire Short Hairstyles

Reba McEntire Long Hairstyles

Reba McEntire Long Hairstyles


Many celebrities spend time creating their own memories, and hairstyle is one of them. Whether she's performing on stage or making a red carpet appearance, Reba's hair always looks flawless. While the debate over whether or not she wears a wig will likely continue, one thing is for sure: No matter which style she chooses, Reba's confidence and talent will shine through. And her gorgeous red hair certainly cemented her status as the Queen of Country.

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