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Do Wigs Cause Headaches?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

There are some people who say they sometimes get a slight headache after a long day with a wig on. But they don’t know if it has any kind of connection. In order to make you feel comfortable while wearing a wig, we especially do a detailed explanation about whether wigs really cause headaches or not, why wearing a wig leads to headache, how to avoid this problem.

Do Wigs Cause Headaches?


Wearing a wig can certainly cause headaches, if a human hair wig doesn’t fit properly or is not worn correctly. That is because the wig can also place pressure on the head so it leads to frequent headaches.

It is worth mentioning that the headache has nothing to do with the wig. Even though you wear a scarf or a headband for a long time, you still feel a headache. However, if you loosen the wig cap slightly or accessories, you can solve the problem in most cases.

Why Wearing A Wig Will Cause Headache?

1.Wig is poor-quality and uncomfortable.

2.The wig is too tight.

Tight wigs add extra pressure on the scalp and result in tension headaches.

3.Your wig is too heavy.

Almost all people dream of fuller and thicker hair. But the thicker the hair is, the heavier the wig will be. Naturally, the heavy wig places too much pressure on your head and makes you feel pain.

How To Avoid headache When Putting On A Wig?

Luckily, wearing a wig doesn’t mean you always get a headache. There are some ways to reduce the possibility of getting headaches more or less.

Choose A Comfortable Wig

The most important factor in avoiding headaches caused by wearing wigs is to choose a comfortable wig. As we all know, different types of lace wigs have different characteristics. While high-quality wigs are made with comfort in mind, thus minimizing the possibility of wig headaches. However, some lower-price wigs sometimes cut corners on the comfort aspects.

For instance, although the lace front wig is the most affordable, its comfort is not as good as a full lace wig. Of course, you need to buy the most comfortable wig according to your financial ability.

In UNice Hair, you will find the best quality human hair wigs, hair extensions, lace closures at an affordable price. 

Opt For Right Size

We all know tight wigs will add unnecessary pressure to your scalp, thus causing headaches in the process of wearing a wig. It is extremely important to measure your head correctly and choose the right wig size for your head before purchasing a wig.


If you are not sure which wig is best for you or need help measuring and choosing a wig size, please read How To Measure Your Head For A Wig for more knowledge.

Give Your Natural Hair A Break


Of course, wearing a wig for a long time can also cause headaches. Therefore, you need to take a rest from your wig. Then follow the following tips to reduce the time of wearing a wig.

1. Take Off Your Lace front wig human hair every night.

Nowadays, most of the wigs we buy are glueless lace wigs that are very convenient and quick to wear and remove. So we recommend that you take off your wigs every night, which will help relax your scalp and reduce damage to your lace wig.

2. Don’t sleep in your lace wig.

Because it not only prolong the time of wearing a wig, but also cause tangles, and so on.

3. Try to not wear a wig one day in the week.

Or you can choose some fashionable accessories instead, such as hats, scarves, headbands.

Invest In A Comfortable Wig Grip


Instead of investing in a new wig, you may want to try a wig Grip. It is a therapeutic headband that can be placed under your wig or wig cap. More importantly, it can secure your wig tightly and distribute its weight and pressure evenly on your head, and avoid the build-up of strain or tension in one area, thus helping to relieve headaches for wig wearers. Plus, it is a cheaper solution too, compared to purchasing a new wig!

It has two sides, one is smooth and the other gives you a massage-pebbled feel, especially fit for people who are suffering from hair loss or bald spots. This versatile product can be used by wig wearers with hair and without. The smooth side hugs to the scalp where hair is lost, making it perfect for chemotherapy patients and those with alopecia. Whereas the pebbled side grips to hair and stays put.

Give Yourself A Scalp Message


Even if less specialized massages, like the type you do at home, may help you relieve stress and reduce tension, condition the scalp, and improve blood circulation in your head and neck area. Therefore, when time is enough, please massage your forehead, neck, and temples gently for a few minutes to relax.

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