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Do I Need A Wig Stand?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

We all know it is very important to take some actions to maintain it after purchasing a wig you desire. However, there are many inevitable problems for wig wears, for example, incorrectly storing wigs will cause tangles and deformations. When it comes to how to store a wig correctly, there is a common doubt among people, especially for beginners who haven’t tried before: do I need a wig stand for styling? In order to help you make the wisest decision, we have gathered all information about the wig stand and the benefits of a professional wig stand offers. Now let us keep reading!

What Is A Wig Stand?


In fact, a wig head stand is a stand to store your favorite wig when it isn’t worn. Of course, there are many types for people to choose from, such as collapsible wig stand, portable wig stand, Mannequin Head, and so on. After simply learning the wig stand, we will discuss the advantages of the wig stand head together.

What Are The Advantages Of The Wig Stand?

Save Space

If your dressing table doesn’t have enough space, you can consider a hanging wig stand to keep your human hair wigs out of the way but still easily accessible. Besides, it also can hold wig bands, hats, scarves, and so on. What more organized it is!

Keep Wig From Tangling

There is doubt that tangles are difficult and complicated to remove. More importantly, if you are careless, you may cause some hair to shed. In order to avoid this problem, you could place your wig on a cheap wig stand, thus making all hair hold its original place to avoid tangles or knots.

Keep Shape

We know if you don’t store a wig properly, it may lose its shape and become messy and unnatural. While the best wig stand will help the wig fall as it would naturally, thus allowing for accurate styling.

Keep Wig Clean And Safe

Not only are wigs a beautiful accessory, but also a vacuum cleaner that will suck up dander, dirt, and debris on contact. In this case, if you place a wig on a flat surface, it will no doubt pick up dust. The wig stand can allow you to carefully hang your wig in your closest away from the sun and dust. Like the hanging wig stand can prevent dust from accumulating at the bottom of the wig as it would on a shelf on a dressing table. Therefore, storing your wig on a wig styling stand can make you not have to wash your wig too often.

Easy To Style

Styling a wig is a great way to quickly change your appearance. Using a wooden wig stand will keep your wig steady when you try to style it. After all, it is nearly impossible to hold the wig and styling tools at the same time.

Promote Air Flow And Effectively Dry Hair

When you wear your lace front wig, it will absorb the natural oils that your scalp produces and trap sweat and humidity in your wig cap over time. If the wig is not completely dried between two washes, it can become itchy and even moldy. So please let your wig stand on a proper wig stand before wearing it again can prevent it from giving off a musty, damp smell.

What Kind Of Wig Stands Should I Use?

There are many different and sturdy wigs stands in the market. Of course, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. The following are our recommend wig stands to help you decide what kind of wig stand you should choose.

Collapsible Wig Stand


For people who wear wigs every day, the collapsible wig stand is an excellent option to display, store, and dry your wig. You just need to assemble it and place it on a flat surface, such as a dressing table, closet shelf, and so on.

When you don’t use the collapsible wig stand, you can easily fold and store it to save space. Compared to a bulky mannequin head, the collapsible constructions make them light lees so that they are very portable and travel-friendly. It is also a great function for ladies who want to take a wig stand on a trip. It means you just need to simply collapse the wig and pop it into your hand luggage or suitcase, thus safely storing your wig wherever you go!

What is more importantly, the open frame allows surrounding air to freely flow so that the wig can dry quickly and evenly.

Mannequin Head


Mannequin head, also called wig head, is a good option to store your wigs because it perfectly mimics the shape of a human head. Although it is not fit for drying hair, it is one of the best tools for styling and string wigs for a long time. That is because its natural and realistic appearance makes you display your wigs and it allows you to see how the wig looks on a human head.

Styrofoam Head


As well as mannequin head, headband wigs can be placed on a Styrofoam head, too. And the Styrofoam wig stand will be more affordable, more portable, and lightweight than the mannequin wig head stand.

Block Wig Stand


If you want a more traditional wig stand, you should consider a block wig stand for sale. Block stands are usually made out of wood and fabric so they are more secure than other wig storage stands, and can keep your wig from sliding off the frame. In addition, since block wig stands are heavier than other stands, they won’t topple over as easily. In a word, these stands are great for styling and storing.

Except for this blog, we also provide some tips about how to store a wig. If you are interested in it, you can read How To Store Wigs? for more information.

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