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Customer Review: UNice V Part Straight Wig Gives A Flawless And Natural Looking

Last updated May 20, 2024

Because of its easy-to-use advantage, V part wigs are very popular among wig lovers. There are many styles of UNice V part wigs, and today I want to summarize the customer reviews of this series of straight hair wigs. If you are interested in this straight hairstyle and are still hesitating about whether to buy it, come and take a look!

2 in 1 unice wig

The Two Most Popular Unice V Part Straight Wigs

The following are two V part straight wigs. Here I list the characteristics of these two V part wigs for you.


UNice Natural Black V Part Straight Human Hair

This V part straight hair wig stands out with its natural black color, offering a timeless classic look. Silk-smooth straight hair adds elegance and versatility. This wig is perfect for those who prefer a traditional and sophisticated look.

◆ Lace part size: V part

◆ Density: 150%

◆ Hair length: 14-24 inches

Real Customer Feedback


I really enjoyed this unit. Bought it three times just so I can style it and keep it in different ways. Minimal shedding easy to style.


This wig is really friendly for beginners. And I don't need spend much time and efforts to install it, which is so great.


Hair very very soft and no smell. Shipping was fast I ordered on Monday evening and received it Thursday morning. I will be ordering more.


UNice Glueless Straight V Part Wig Balayage Highlights

This wig has a balayage style and honey blonde highlights added to the color, providing a fashion-forward option. The combination of different shades creates depth and dimension, adding a touch of modernity to the hairstyle. This wig is perfect for those who want to try bold and modern styles.

◆ Lace part size: V part

◆ Density: 150%

◆ Hair length: 14-24 inches

Real Customer Feedback


Omg! I love this wig!!!! First and foremost the shipping is amazing. It came in 3 days. It took me 7 minutes to install. The color is beautiful and true to length. Plus it holds heat very well.


Order came in 2 days and received many compliments. This has become my go to hairstyle.


Love the wig! Hold curls very well & was easy to blend on my head. Came pre-plucked and was true to length.

What Are The Advantages Of V Part Straight Hair?

Natural and lifelike

The V-shaped area of the UNice V part straight wig can be chosen to create two styling styles: leave out and no leave out. Easily create a natural and lifelike scalp look.

Natural v part wig

Versatile styling

Straight hair can be styled in more styles, whether it is fashionable straight hair, curly hair, or tied into a ponytail or high bun. This versatility ensures you can achieve a variety of looks with ease.

leave out v part hairstyle

Glue-free design

This is a very beginner-friendly glue-free wig that eliminates the need for messy adhesives or glues. This saves application time and avoids possible allergies caused by glue.

unice glueless wig

Easy to install

The UNice V part wig cap is equipped with adjustable straps and clips inside to securely secure and ensure a snug fit. You can easily achieve a perfectly natural look in just 5 minutes.

Comfortable to wear

The wig cap adopts a lightweight structure and has good breathability, providing a comfortable wearing experience even if worn for a long time. You can confidently wear it all day without feeling heavy or irritated.

inside of the v part wig

In short, the UNice V part straight wig is well worth a try. If you are new to wigs, it is highly recommended that you start with a V part wig. This wig does not require any technical operations and can make you confident all day long.

Video Feedback: Detailed Display And Evaluation

Next, you can see the detailed wig-wearing process and the detailed design of our wigs in the two videos below.

Ashley Bedeck - Review Of Natural Black V Part Straight Wig

This is a V part wig, it's all capped with a V section cut out, and it's filled with enough clips underneath to secure your natural hair, a way you can get a natural, like sew-in vibe. You can get this type of wig in all different textures. when you blend it in a comb you can't even tell which part is my hair and which part is the wig. it all blends. This one genuinely blends the most and I love the fact that even though my hair is thin, you can't see the wig at all. But to be honest this is one of my first times doing a bone silky straight look and I like this the most. You guys can see here is my natural hair but whenever I comb it and blend it, it blends so well.

Shaneka E - Review Of Balayage Highlights V Part Straight Wig

This is a traditional V part unit so you'll have clips to either side of the parting, a clip towards the back of your part, two clips on the side, a clip on the base of your neck, and then more adjustable straps. I am obsessed with the nice brownish tint to it, it has a little bit of blonde, I also like that there are chunks of color throughout the unit so the chunks of color are more of highlights towards the bottom, but as you move up, the unit it becomes a little bit more chunky giving it a lot of depth again.

Beauty With Mayra - Straight To Curl V Part Straight Wig

It's a V part wig, this is how it looks on the outside and the inside, it comes with clips on the sides, the center sides of the wig have those you know comb-like clips and it also has one on the back. I'm putting the combs and all the clips on because this is what's gonna ensure and secure the wig in place. This wig is very special because you can wear it two ways, you can wear it straight and you can wear it curly. It's very beautiful, it's very full I love it, I think my hair blends in very well. It's absolutely stunning. when it turns to curls, the curls are so soft and so beautiful.

Unice Considerate Sevices

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If you are attracted to a V part straight hair wig, do not hesitate to experience UNice hair and see why it has become a highly sought-after choice among wig lovers.

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