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Can You Swim With A Wig?

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As we all know, swimming is a kind of good sport, which can meet the health needs of modern people. For wigs lovers, there is a most frequently asked problem- Can I Swim With A Wig? Different people have different opinions. Today we will give you the most professional guide about if you can swim with a wig and how to swim with a wig.

Can You Swim With A Lace Front Wig?


Of course, the answer is “Yes, you can.” But we suggest you had better swim with a lace front wig as little as possible. The reasons are as follows:

1. The wig is easy to fall off.

There is no doubt that the most popular way to wear a lace wig is by gluing the front lace trim along the hairline and pressing it to make the lace melt into the skin to get an undetectable natural looking. But the stability and viscosity of lace will be bad if the lace wig stays in the water for a long time. Therefore, the lace wig is easy to fall off when you are swimming in a swimming pool.

2. The wig will suffer from much damage due to the salt and chlorine of the swimming pool.

On the one hand, almost all swimming pools contain chlorine. We know chlorine is a chemical used to clean the pool, but it is harmful to both natural and synthetic hair. Of course, your human hair wigs or synthetic wigs are no exception.

On the other hand, salt water will dry up your shiny, strong hair and make it dull, brittle, and vulnerable to damage. You may experience this case: when you go out of the swimming pool, you find your wigs become curly and frizzy.

How To Swim With A Wig On


For these people who want to swim in a wig, there are some hacks you need to notice.

One: Test Wig Glue You Used

In order to avoid the lace wig falling off your head, you must choose a waterproof and water-based adhesive to make sure the trim of the lace will not flip out in the water. Therefore, the first thing before jumping into the water is to test your glue.

If possible, it would be better to test your glue first in your bathtub, or in a pool where no one is around, or just take a longer time shower to figure out whether the glue you use is waterproof or not. Once you find the human lace front wigs with baby hair have a little loose, then you should pay attention to re-install it or not go to swimming with the ginger lace front wig directly.

In addition, keep in mind that allows the adhesive to completely dry before swimming.

Only high-quality adhesive for the lace wig won’t loosen when rinse in water for a long time. Here are some of the preferred and best waterproof lace wig adhesives for swimming.


1. Walker Tape Ultra Hold;

It is a liquid acrylic adhesive and can hold up to four weeks. When you want to remove this adhesive, please use C-22 or 99% medical alcohol.

2. Walker Great White;

It is a liquid latex adhesive and can also keep up to four weeks. More importantly, just need soap and water, you can completely remove them.

3. Walker Extreme Hold;

It is liquid silicone adhesive and can last up to four weeks. You must use lace release walker signature remover to remove it.

In the end, don’t forget to always use wig glue remover to remove the wig glue as normally the waterproof glues are more stick and harder to remove.

At the same time, don’t rudely pull your lace front wig human hair, which will harm your hairline and damage the lace of the human hair lace frontal wig.

Two: Style Your Lace Wig


Generally speaking, short bob wigs are more suitable for swimming since you can hide all short hair in the swimming caps easier. If your human hair wigs are long hair wigs, nothing is better to do braids or ponytails to avoid the hair from becoming tangled or matted.

Three: Try To Use Swim Cap

If you still have doubts about the effectiveness of your adhesives, why not consider trying a swim cap to swim with a lace wig?


Compared to wig glue, a swimming cap is safer. And there are some hazardous substances in the swimming pool that are bad for the health of the Brazilian lace front wigs, such as chlorine, salt water, sunlight, and so on. So wearing a bath wig cap to cover the 13 by 4 lace front wig is a good idea to protect your human hair lace front wigs with baby hair. Besides, it can also help escape the lace front wigs with baby hair from the dirty water, then perfectly protecting your best lace front wig.

In a word, wear a swimming cap to enjoy the fun of swimming. Certainly, you can choose other accessories according to the type of water activity you take part in, for instance, headbands, headscarves, turbans, and so on.

Four: Invest A Synthetic Wig Rather Than A Human Hair Wig

It doesn’t mean you can’t swim with a human hair wig. As we have mentioned above, overexposure to chlorine and salt will damage both synthetic hair and human hair. So if you want to wear a wig when you go swimming, we recommend using synthetic lace hair wigs instead of human hair lace wigs.

After all, compared to human hair, synthetic hair is lighter and holds its style and shape better when it gets wet. Second, they are much cheaper to replace.

Or you can consider installing an old lace front wig human hair rather than a new one.

Five: Use Elastic Band To Hold Your Wig In Place

To better secure the wig, the elastic band method has been used so popularly, which means sewing an elastic band from ear to ear inside your wig cap, and wear across your nape to fasten the wig.


And if necessary, you can use clips or bobby pins in addition to the elastic band. If you want to learn more ways to secure your wig, welcome to read

Six: Wash And Condition Your Wig After Swimming

If your wig has been exposed to chlorine, salty water, or sand, it’s very important that you wash and condition it with the right hair products to prevent damage. Even if your wig has a cap, be sure to wash that thoroughly too, so no leftover residue irritates your scalp.

There are some points you must pay attention to:

1. Rinse the wig in fresh water to get rid of chlorine or salt.

2. Use a wide-toothed comb to brush through the wig slowly and gently to get rid of all knots.


3. Apply a hydrating conditioner to your wig to prevent your wig from drying out after swimming.

4. After rinsing, hang the wig on a wig stand and let it air dry completely, then store it safely.

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