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Can I Shower With A Lace Wig On?

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Lace wigs are getting more and more popular among black girls nowadays. As they can bring people the most natural look and bring charm and beauty to people, especially for those people who are suffering from hair loss. Naturally, there are many questions about lace wigs, for example, can I shower with a lace wig on? Today we will give you a detailed explanation about this doubt.

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1. Can I Shower With A Lace Wig On?

2. How To Wash A Lace Wig With A Lace Wig On?

3. Where To Buy The Best Lace Wig?

Can I Shower With A Lace Wig On?

In fact, you can shower with a lace wig. Although we can take shower with a lace wig on, cheap lace wigs can’t be washed and lace wigs can’t be washed every day. That is because the lace wig is not the same as your natural hair that can absorb the moisture and oils from your scalp. While washing lace wigs too often will cause more or less damage to wigs, even thus leading to hair tangling and shedding.


If you wash a lace wig when wearing it, you must be more careful than washing your natural hair in order to protect your lace wig. Then let us look at how to wash a lace wig with a lace wig on together.

How To Wash A Lace Wig With A Lace Wig On?

1. Check In Advance

When you prepare to wash the lace wig while wearing it, we sincerely recommend you check the temperature of water in advance. You had better use cool water or warm water to wash lace wig human hair rather than hot water. After all, hot water will make lace wig lose elasticity and even cause lace wig to deform. Besides, you had better to check the status of glue or adhesive. Before washing the lace wig when wearing it, you must make sure the lace wig is completely secured to your head and there is no looseness, especially around the edges.

2. Use Finger Or A Wide-toothed Comb To Brush Hair

Keep in mind to use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to brush hair, which can effectively avoid and remove the knots. At the same time, you must be aware that you can’t brush hair when the lace wig is wet. After all, wet hair is the most fragile.

3. Tip Your Head Back And Wet It

There is no doubt that the water directly pats your hair, which will cause the pressure of the water will loosen the glue or adhesive. Therefore, it would be better to turn down the water gage and tip your head back to let water wet hair softly, which would be better for the glue or adhesive on the lace wig.


4. Apply Some Shampoo To Hair

Apply some shampoo to your hand, lather it, and then use your fingers to massage it to the lace wig. In this process, please make sure to try some shampoo that is designed for human hair wigs or some sulfate-free shampoo without no any chemicals. Finally don’t forget to rinse it with cool or warm water.

5. Use Conditioner To deep-condition Hair

You could apply conditioner to your hair softly and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes, which will moisturize hair and keep it healthy. Then rinse it with cool or warm water and ensure there is no excess product on the lace wig. If you don’t have enough time, you can try a leave-in conditioner.

6. Dry Hair

Place hair into a towel and softly squeeze the excess water. At this moment, you had better not rub your lace wig, which is easy to lead to tangles. Next, you can choose to let it freely air dry or use a blow dryer to dry hair.

Having said that, it’s certainly worth mentioning that you should definitely take shower with a lace wig on as little as possible, and only do this when you absolutely necessary to prolong the lifespan of your lace wig.

Something You Need To Notice

1. When you wash the lace wig when wearing it, don’t rub the roots or stick your fingers deep into the hair. Unlike natural hair, the lace frontal wig may come loose.

2. In the process of drying hair, do not squeeze, rub or tighten a human hair lace wig. If you have only one or two-inch-long hair under the lace wig, you can use a towel to make it dry. While if your natural hair is very long, it means it can take a long time to dry properly under the lace wig. It would be better to use a blow dryer to blow the hair from the middle to the ends.

3. After you wash the lace wig, don’t forget to check whether the lace wig is still attached or not. If you find it is a little loose, you can reattach the lace to make sure whether it is firm or not again. And the glue or adhesive may turn white in the shower, but it will become clear again after it is dry.

4. If you have long natural hair under the lace wig, we advise you not to wash the lace wig when you wearing it. That is because your natural hair is fully covered, it may not dry quickly or even completely, Which may cause your hair to leave a damp smell that will surely seep out of your lace wig. In addition, it can also lead to fungal and yeast infections on the scalp and finally cause major damage to the scalp and natural hair.

5. When you brush the lace wig, nothing is better than to slowly brush the hair from the ends of your lace wig to the ends.

Where To Buy The Best Lace Wig?

As a professional supplier in the 100% virgin human hair field, UNice always offers all kinds of human hair extensions, wigs, closures, and so on. The lace wig is no exception. There are many HD lace wigs, lace frontal wigs, lace part wigs, full lace wigs in any color, length, texture.




In a word, that is all about taking a shower with a lace wig on. Do you have any questions about lace wigs? If you have, please comment below.

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