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Here's Everything You Need To Know About Butterscotch Hair Color

Last updated Sep 27, 2023

Now there is a new hair color with a warm brown and blonde base that looks close to caramel but is more shiny and colorful than caramel. This is the "star" of the show today, butterscotch hair color, a sweet candy color that melts between the lips and teeth, looks rich, three-dimensional and features a golden cream candy ribbon, and is now This sweet candy color, like melting between the lips and teeth, looks very rich, three-dimensional and features a golden cream candy ribbon, is now quietly popular. If you're considering a new hair color, congratulations on another perfect option. This article will take you through everything you need to know about butterscotch hair color.

1. what color is butterscotch hair color?

butterscotch hair color

In terms of shades, butterscotch hair color is a mix of cream, blonde, red, and brown shades, it has a base of warm blonde, caramel, and a small part of brown. And butterscotch hair presents a perfect overall look, it looks very three-dimensional with gradient highlights that glisten in the sunlight.

butterscotch hair color

In order to retain the color of the truest candy, butterscotch hair mixes the colors of the food well into the hair color, combining the warm brown sugar color with the golden hue of butter. Trying to achieve this hair color is not an easy task, as it is somewhere between a rich caramel color and a lighter blonde, requiring a blend of warm colors to create the perfect look.

2. what does butterscotch hair color look like?

butterscotch color hair looks very unique, with caramel blonde and golden brown interspersed between warm shades that look as rich and sweet as candy. The rich caramel blonde has a shimmering brightness and very good color articulation. This warm color makes a refreshing change from the cooler shades like platinum blonde and taupe that are popular this year.

butterscotch hair color

butterscotch hair color can be used in a variety of ways, so you can adjust and change the base shade to suit your needs. you can choose a shade that suits you, such as light variegated or strawberry blonde as the base color, or make it stunning You can choose the right shade for you, such as light variegated or strawberry blonde as the base color, or make a stunning peekaboo hair color to give your butterscotch hair a new look.

3. how to get butterscotch hair color?

Step 1 Bleach your hair

Bleach your hair

First, determine if your hair color needs bleaching, only very light blonde does not need bleaching and can be dyed directly, other colors that are darker than light blonde need to be bleached before they can be dyed. Before bleaching your hair, be sure to put an old shirt or newspaper around your neck to prevent the bleach from hurting your skin. You should also wear gloves while brushing with a brush. After bleaching, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then wash the bleach off your hair with water.

Step 2 Dye your hair to a light brown color

Dye your hair to a light brown color

To make your own butterscotch hair color at home, you need to dye your hair brown so that you can add butterscotch highlights and end up with a rich color to achieve the look of butterscotch hair. Before coloring, divide your hair into equal parts, you can start with the hair at the back of your head and brush it evenly with brown hair dye, then rub it with your hands to make your hair better absorb the color of the dye.

Step 3 Add cream highlights

Add cream highlights

After you have colored the base shade of brown, start adding highlights to your hair. You can choose a medium brown highlighter, which will give your hair color just the right amount of richness to complement the butterscotch hair color highlighter. But you can likewise choose highlights that are either strawberry blonde or dark golden brown, depending on your preference. They will both give your hair color a very warm look. Choose a small section of hair and brush on the highlights, then wrap the section in tin foil and let it sit for half an hour before rinsing it with water and blow drying.

4. how to maintain butterscotch hair color?

In point 3, we learned how to create the perfect butterscotch hair dye by ourselves, so let's take a look at how to care for the perfect butterscotch hair color.

4.1 Color conditioning shampoo is essential

Color conditioning shampoo is essential

After bleaching and coloring, the cuticle of your hair has been completely opened, and at this point, it is important to focus on moisturizing and nourishing your hair. So it's time to switch to a color-care shampoo and use a suitable color-care shampoo, usually a purple shampoo. This is because the purple component of purple shampoo can counteract the yellow pigmentation that occurs in dyed hair. Hair coloring causes one's hair to receive damage and you need a more moisturizing shampoo to strengthen the resilience of your hair.

4.2 Heat protectants

Heat protectants

When you have to use heat styling tools, don't forget to add a heat protection spray to your own hair to prime your hair with a layer first to keep it safe from heat styling treatments. The best practice is to use your heat tools at the lowest temperature possible, going through each section of hair only once if possible.

4.3 Deep Conditioning

Deep Conditioning

Once the coloring is complete, deep condition every week to allow the hair to draw in nutrients from the conditioner and become more moisturized.

5. Conclusion

Are you ready to try such a warm and lovely butterscotch hair color before spring and summer? I'm sure it won't let you down!

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