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7 Must-Try Butterscotch Hair Colors To Prepare For 2023

Last updated Dec 6, 2023

Butterscotch Hair Color is an impressive hair color and one that is currently on trend. With warm brown undertones and distinct blonde tones, this hair color has a caramel look and feel, so if you're looking for a new hair color for the new year, a warm tone is the way to go. For a different but natural-looking hair color, Butterscotch Hair Color might be a good choice. Here's a look at 7 must-try butterscotch hair colors for you.

What Color is Butterscotch Hair Color?

butterscotch hair colors

To better restore the most realistic candy color, butterscotch color hair fully applied the original color of the food, so that the warm brown sugar color and sweet butter blond perfectly together. Visually, butterscotch hair color gives the first impression of caramel cream color, but it mixes gold, brown, and cream colors into one. It is like the color of melted caramel and gives a very perfect shine under the eyes, making it a warm hair color perfect for spring.

butterscotch hair colors

Who is suitable for Butterscotch Hair?

We have to distinguish whether it is suitable for Butterscotch hair color your skin. If you have a warm skin tone, mixing some light brown highlights with butterscotch hair color will look better. Although it is said that butterscotch hair color is suitable for most girls, and anyone who wants their hair to be shiny and beautiful can try this hair color, you still need to adjust the highlights of different colors on your hair according to your skin tone to make your hair more personalized. If your skin tone is relatively fair or even a little pale, you can adjust the overall tone of your hair to a light blonde, which is suitable for girls with lighter skin tones. Neutral skin tones are more suited to blondes that are a little darker.

Butterscotch Hair

7 Must try butterscotch hair for 2023

After knowing some basic information about this hair color, you must be eager to browse some photos about this hair color, here are 7 must-try butterscotch hair colors for you to have more choices.

1. Butterscotch ombre hair with brown roots

Butterscotch ombre hair with brown roots

The root part of the hair is chosen to be dark brown, and the gradient effect is chosen to gradually adjust the color of the hair to be lighter so that the hair color will show a perfect gradient effect and look very natural. ombre hair with body wave is the perfect match, Butterscotch hair is like silky chocolate draped on both sides of your shoulders. More importantly, this look is low-maintenance because the dark roots are treated without making you feel annoyed by the new hair growth.

2. Light Blonde and Butterscotch Balayage

Light Blonde and Butterscotch Balayage

To give your overall look a more natural look, mixing the butterscotch color with the light blonde in your hair will give you a natural-looking hair color. The chosen highlighting technique is balayage picking, adding golden highlights on both sides of the face to give a face-framing highlight, which can reflect your face with more color.

3. strawberry blonde butterscotch hair

strawberry blonde butterscotch hair

Strawberry blonde is a very cute color that young girls can try. The ingenious thing about this hairstyle is that the perfect highlighting is done at the waves of the hair so that the hair reflects beautifully under any light. In daily care, you just need to wash your hair a little smoother and maintain the original shine.

4. Natural Black Blonde Brown Hair

Natural Black Blonde Brown Hair

If you have naturally black hair, creamy candy-colored hair is a way to brighten them up without making them look too messy. Consider using a creamy candy color as one of two or three colors to highlight. If you think it's too monochromatic, consider adding some more light blonde highlights to your hair.

5. Honey blonde butterscotch hair color

honey blonde butterscotch hair color

I never thought straight butterscotch hair could look so good! If you have a beautiful head of hair and want to change the color to make your hair look more original, the butterscotch color might be a good choice. Butterscotch hair color can make your hair look more textured and silky.

6. Dark creamy candy gradient color

Dark creamy candy gradient color

The creamy candy hair color is perfect for a gradient color. Browns and blacks mix with the creamy candy tones at the top and blend in with the blonde tones at the bottom. This is the perfect combination and hair colors that can give you a variety of styling possibilities. You can tie a half-up, half-down hairstyle or a high ponytail like Bella to be a sophisticated and cute girl.

7. Butter Toast Hair Color

Butter Toast Hair Color

Butter toast shade is some kind of mix between creamy candy and honey-blonde hair. Just the right balance between the two colors will create a shade that will take your breath away. It's like the golden color of buttered toast, baked in a toaster, and you can imagine how beautiful it is when this alluring color appears on your hair.

How to Maintain Butterscotch Hair Color?

maintain butterscotch hair color

* Wash your hair with a color-care shampoo to keep your butterscotch hair from turning yellow. Generally, hairdressers will recommend you buy purple shampoo. Purple and yellow can neutralize well, and purple can remove the yellow from your hair and bring your hair back to its original color

*Give yourself a deep conditioning treatment regularly, so that your colored hair gets sufficient nutrients from products such as hair masks, to compensate for the damage done to the cuticle by coloring and perming.

* When you have to use heat setting tools, don't forget to spray a heat protection spray on your own hair and apply a layer on your hair first to prevent heat setting treatment.


Butterscotch is a hair color that has many ways to be styled and you can make different changes to it. Are you ready to make butterscotch hair color your new hair color for next year? I hope it will make you more and more beautiful.

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